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September 7, 2013

Ben Carnes on the passing of Wanbli Tate

Ben Carnes

Leonard Peltier's Birthday: In Memory of Wanbli Tate

By Ben Carnes, Choctaw
Censored News

Eaglemanz Blogtalk Radio Thursday at 7:30 pm
I learned Friday evening that Wanbli Tate had walked on. We had both worked with the LPDOC together as co-coordinators for the support groups.  Blogtalk radio was how we educated others about Peltiers case. I feel it is only fitting that this program be dedicated in his memory.

Leonard Peltier was wrongly convicted and imprisoned since 1977 for a crime the government has later admitted it cannot prove. Over the years, many people have advocated for justice for Peltier, September 12th marks Peltier's 69th birthday, 36 of those years observed in prison.

Join us Thursday for a very special evening on September 12th, with David Hill and other important guests to learn more about Leonard Peltier and the passion to free him by Wanbli Tate.

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