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May 4, 2016

Mohawk Nation News 'Fanning the Embers'



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MNN. May 3, 2016. Corporate democracy has many prongs on its pitchfork. Each will stab us. Everybody goes into one group or another in the divide and conquer paradigm. We are not using the kaia’nereh:kowa, the great peace, to help us bring our minds together for solutions that work for all of us. tewatkenion means we are competing against each other to win rather tan cooperating as equals.
rotino'shonni circle of the 49 families,
rotino’shonni circle of the 49 families, to never spill each other’s blood and to live by the kaia’nere:kowa.
That's right, corpo chief!
That’s right, corpo chief!
The people are the fire. At the moment there is no fire, only scattered embers. We cannot exercise our birthright and voice. Our longhouses have been infiltrated and turned into churches. They remove those who question them.
asontawe’kowa has slammed her staff on our fire, scattering logs and embers all about. The dust has gone into the air and into our eyes, ears and throats. We can’t hear, see or say the truth. We have problems rekindling the embers as a people, titsewatsirarorokeh. The logs and sparks have to be brought together to ignite the flame so we can exercise our voice.
If the fire is out, we have no light. It is almost impossible to see. The flame is the power of the people. The fire binds our minds. The light will burn brightly when we are committed to work and help each other as one people. We must gather the knowledge of all the people and make the fire brighter, so we all see the problems and solutions.
Chaos is being created because our minds are being deliberately influenced from outside of the kaia’nere:kowa. Our ancestors figured out the kaia’nere:kowa to help all of humanity to follow the original instructions to survive and coexist with each other and the natural world. UN inc.
Crawling creatures are disrupting our peace and harmony. We have to keep our fire clean by sweeping away foreign objects that obstruct our minds. kaia’nere:kowa provides that we remove the spies, traitors and conspirators that are within our lives outside the kaia’nere:kowa.
We are too comfortable which makes us powerless and pacified. It is like we are always waiting for the messiah to ride in on a war pony and fix all our problems. We have become negligent. Only the truth fans the flame. We onkwe’hon:weh are committed to fulfill our duties to protect the birthright of our children.
Joni Mitchell reflects on the dilemma facing everybody: “We are stardust. We are golden. And we’ve got to get ourselves Back to the garden”. [Woodstock].

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