Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

May 8, 2016

Pacific Islanders Shut Down World's Largest Coal Port

On Sunday in Newcastle, Australia, Pacific Islanders shut down port and rail line of world's largest coal port. Leave it in the ground!
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climate-pacifist said...

brilliant,,the rising of the seas from climate change is devastating fo rthe islands of Kiribati etc. it is -from "euro" perspective almost unimaginable what it must be like to see your graveyard beginnig to submerge..let alone potential to inhabit islands that, ironicaly , th e"west" views as paradise while contiuing to destroyall very best to them-and, utimately-to th eworld,,

Tonga Siana said...

only a few palangi's will listen but they are few and far in between. someone has to voice it! 'ofa moe fk'apa'apa atu kiate kimoutolu hono kotoa 'ihe mou 'ofa kihe 'etau ngaahi fonua tupu'anga!! seuke!!