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Monday, February 20, 2017

Cheyenne River Lakota Chairman -- A Place for Prayer: 'All we have is each other.'

Cheyenne River Sioux Nation Chairman Harold Fraizer at Cheyenne River Camp on the Cannon Ball River, defending the water.
"Water is life."
Watch video below, recorded Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017

Cheyenne River Sioux Chairman Harold Frazier calls on Pipe Carriers and Sun Dancers to Come and Pray

Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Cheyenne River Lakota Chairman Harold Frazier at the Cheyenne River Camp on the Cannon Ball River. Chairman Frazier reflects on the defense of sacred water, his meeting with President Obama, and the need now for a place for prayer.
The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe has been involved since the first camp at Sacred Stone in April. Recently, the motion in court for a temporary restraining order for construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline was denied.
"Through all the travels, I realized that all we have is each other."
Reflecting on the election of President Trump, he says he realizes now, more than ever, that "it is really going to get tough."
"Sometimes all we have is prayer."
He says that the people realize that they need this camp, as a place to pray, to "pray for the future of our children, and our grandchildren."
A hearing is coming up on Feb. 27 for a preliminary injunction to halt the pipeline. He asks for a gathering of prayer, prayers for the judge to make a good decision and stops the pipeline.
"I'm asking for all Pipe Carriers, and Sun Dancers, to come to this camp and pray."
Frazier said if the people pray in unity, whether the prayers are here, or all over the world, miracles can happen.
"Miracles can happen with prayer."
"It has been a pretty hard struggle. The odds are really stacked against us."
The first draft of the environmental assessment showed there were many environmental concerns. The Army Corps of Engineers was asked to slow down, "because of our water rights, our Treaty rights."
When the Army Corps approved the environmental assessment, claiming that the pipeline would not have any environmental impact, the Army Corps did not respond to the concerns of the Interior Department, he said.
Frazier said this shows that "the federal government does not care about Treaty rights."
"We know what is at stake, that this water is life, we have to do what we can to protect it. We need to be here, on the ground, to show them, that we are not going to stand for it."
Frazier said the water protectors have been hurt, scarred for life, and many have felonies.
"We need to thank them. We need to thank them for standing up for us."
Frazier said the water protectors should be honored.
Referring to Oceti Sakowin Camp nearby, Chairman Frazier said, "The camp right over that hill was a symbol of defiance."
"I'm proud of that."
Now, as the snow melts, and water protectors chip away ice and frozen snow, and sort out donated items at Oceti Sakowin to be taken to other locations with needs, Chairman Frazier said he has asked for a two week delay of the Feb. 22 eviction deadline for Oceti Sakowin Camp, so the cleaning can be completed.

Listen to Chairman's Frazier complete statement on the video above.

AIM's Dennis Banks: Raid Imminent in 48 Hours 'Come to Standing Rock'

AIM Co-founder Dennis Banks (center) urges water protectors to come to Standing Rock Camp on the evening of Feb. 21, 2017, to prepare for the forced eviction now threatened for camps on Feb. 22, 2017. The BIA served trespass notices last week, with the intent of eviction, last week to all camps for Feb. 22, including Sacred Stone Camp on the private land of LaDonna Allard.
Video below by Last Real Indians

Dennis Banks said, "We are going to be gathering in peaceful prayer."
Banks said if there is any violence it will be under the direction of the U.S. government.

On Monday evening, Nataanii Means said, "Spirits are good here." Listen below to songs  from camp. 

Mohawk Nation News 'Oroville. She's Kicking Ass!'


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MNN. Feb. 19, 2017. The original settlers were under the impression that when they arrived on great turtle land, our land was advertised as “INDIAN LAND FOR FREE” . It was “Available for occupation” by them.Europeans could come here and own our land. This caused over 100 million dead INDIANS. The Indian Ring gave them guns and deputized them. They could kill us, dump our dead bodies into mass graves and take everything we had.The bursting of the Oroville dam in California is a metaphor for the “truth movement”. The water is rising to the top of the dam. Then it fills the dam and is ready to flow over the cement wall to flood the valley below. The corporation tries to keep patching it up for the time being. Now the water is rising and starting to come over the dam.
Rain is the whistle blower adding more truth into the water. Soon the dam will start to crumble into torrents of uncontrollable floods.
Nothing can hold back the truth. There’s no stopping it. Once it goes over the edge, the truth will clean away everything dirty, just like water.
Like nature, truth is natural and will all come out in the end. Unnatural people are trying to avoid the truth, right to the last moment they keep mending the dam.
Water is very heavy, as is truth. The dam will wash all the lies out into the sea.
Water is life on earth. It has a dual role. Everything on earth needs water to live. Water is the most life giving and the most destructive force on earth. It can wipe out everything on earth when it moves.
Johnny Cash sings about the rising waters: “How high’s the water, momma? Well the rails are washed out north of town. We gotta head for higher ground. We can’t come back till the water goes down,Five feet high and risin'”. 
Hitlers American business partners

Mohawk Nation News 'China Has A Wall. Me Too!'


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MNN. Feb. 18, 2017. Welcome to the 525 years of military occupation of great turtle island. The Trump wall is suppose to be a symbol of the visitors who came, stayed for a while, poisoned almost every river and lake. We have to clean up the mess.
Economic disaster looms ahead. Infrastructure falling apart. Racism has always been the conscious basis of the ruling matrix. The wall is to preserve and protect the corporate matrix.
The secret military is being rebuilt. The sell-outs are lined up to help erase our existence. They will fail.
One, is the wall to keep the real slaves, American workers, inside the U.S. mind control prison? or is it, number two, to keep out the natural world, the four and two legged beings that might affect their minds and free them from their bondage?
Trump sees himself as the new warrior who will rescue those he chooses and protect the infrastructure he needs.
In the future the writers of fake history will pen a story about this wall, that goes something like; The wall started in Asia, grew legs, walked across the Bering Strait and planted itself right on the US-Mexican border.
Our mother and all life on onon’ware:keh, great turtle island, remembers everything. Donald Trump should listen again to Pink Floyd sing about building a wall: “We don’t need no education. We don’t need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the class room. Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone. Teacher, leave them kids alone! All in all, it’s just another brick in the wall”.
[Another Brick in the Wall].
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