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March 12, 2015

Fraud 'chief' exposed in Europe

NAIS Gazette Dutch version Part I
Part II in English at Censored News:



Anonymous said...

The article mentioned all the research done by NAFPS, but did not link. Here's 15 pages and years of background research on this guy:

He's been doing this for so long he's spun off other frauds in the US and Europe.

Alice said...

Thank you Anonymous,
You're right about the NAFPS link. I will correct that.
I will read the 15 pages and the results of your research asap.
We do what we can to stop that critter.
NAIS - activist news

Unknown said...

Thanks for showing me the other side of someone that performed many sacred ceremonies. Its good to know.

Anonymous said...

I live in Indiana and sadly was taken on the fictitious Sundance ride by this fake. I’ve seen him publicly humiliate weak people. He has banished anyone who challenges his lies. He has been accused of sexual misconduct with several women who follow this fake shaman. At least two of his followers have started their own Sundances for economic gain. AIM needs to shut this man down and should make this a priority for 2022.