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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Zapatistas: 'After the battle, no landscape will remain. (On the Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine)'

After the battle, no landscape will remain. (On the Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine)

Zapatista Sixth Commission

After the battle, no landscape will remain
(On the Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine)

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March 2, 2022

To those who signed the Declaration for Life:
To the Sixth in Mexico and abroad:
Compañer@s, brothers and sisters:

These are our words and thoughts about what is occurring now in the geography called Europe:

First: There is an aggressor: the Russian army. Big capital’s interests are at play on both sides. It is the peoples of Russia and Ukraine (and soon, perhaps, the peoples of other geographies near or far) who are suffering because of the crazed delusions of some and the cunning economic calculations of others. As Zapatistas, we do not support either state but rather those who are struggling for life against the system.

Yucca Mountain Nuclear Dump on Shoshone Land: U.S. Racism and Genocide

Photo by Gregor Gable

This is a response to the Department of Energy Request for Additional Information on consent-based siting of nuclear waste facilities. My comments are provided as Secretary of the Native Community Action Council and as an appointee in 2017 to the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission Licensing Support Network Advisory Review Panel. The Native Community Action Council is a party with standing in Yucca Mountain Licensing as a deep geologic repository with the only contention of ownership of Yucca Mountain in NRC Docket 63-001. The Native Community Action Council has provided input in 2015 and 2017 and believes the current approach by DOE is fatally flawed and should immediately stop. 

Ian Zabarte, Secretary
Native Community Action Council
Censored News
March 6, 2022

Area 1: Consent-Based Siting Process

1. How should the Department build considerations of social equity and environmental justice into a consent-based siting process?

Consultation is not consent but when done, should be according to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People with free, prior informed consent of Indigenous people affected--a right of self-determination, and in the planning and implementation of projects on our lands defined by treaty, or other constructive agreements with states. The law needs to be enforced and resources directed to indigenous communities for clean-up efforts and proper enforcement.  

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