Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lakota Alex White Plume challenges UN on treaties and genuine Native representatives

Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

GENEVA -- Lakota Alex White Plume challenged the United Nations to honor US treaties and bring genuine traditional Indigenous Peoples to the UN, those who speak their own language, and will speak out for their people against colonization.

Speaking at the UN Third Seminar on Treaties, White Plume explained the Lakota Oyate position. He represented Chief Red Cloud and nine traditional societies. White Plume said he doesn't want to wait another 20 years for the Treaty of Fort Laramie to be upheld.

"There is no solution in this room," White Plume said, questioning if the people present are Americans.

"Americans are known for being lying, stealing, thieving people."

White Plume said, "I'm just tired of hearing all of this talk."

White Plume said the Lakota people have gone through genocide, suffer historical trauma, and are tired of the talk.

"We went through genocide and historical grief and trauma. It is not the easiest way to live."

White Plume said if the people in the room do not speak their traditional language, then they have no business representing traditional people.

White Plume was given three feathers so that he could go out of his area and speak on the treaty.

"If I have to come back next year, I want to see some real traditional people in here."

White Plume said he will no longer speak English in these discussion. He will speak Lakota next time, and bring a translator.

"Do you really represent your people in a traditional way?"

Speaking out against the takers, and colonizers, he said, "'Wasichu' means the taking of the fat, or American people."

"We are not going to keep living in this colonized way."

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