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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bahe at Big Mountain: Sheep Dog Nation Rocks

Dineh's Narrow Attitude, Its Growing Dishonor to Tradition, Uncertain Future

U. S. In High Tech Era But Culture Still Rely On Old English Militarism & Dominance Whereas, Indigenous “America” Defy Its Ancient Culture Instead Rely Soley On Foreign Materialistic-Social Attitude

By Bahe Naabaahii Y. Katenay Keediniihii, July 2012

Big Mountain Dineh Territory, Black Mesa / Northern Arizona – These times of the early 21st Century show more of how we indigenous Dineh (Navajos) are completely defying the old disciplines of social norms and the strict religious intelligence. The current political world which is a state that are basically artificial influences derived from the U.S. Constitution and its Bill Rights or the “white men’s patriarchal laws” are the controlling mechanism for modern Indian perception. This influence are shouted out loud in Indian country, today, and in places where the U.S. federal policies are aggressively executing attacks upon indigenous identity of religion and indigenous natural resource withholdings. But the Indian do not want to hear reminders about what their ancestors and elders have warn them of about the coming futures. No more do we hear of Chief Seattle, Chief Sitting Bull and Chief Black Hawk’s warnings or words of wisdom. Nor does the modern activist Indians mention existence of their current, traditional elders or even try to think of reverting back to the teachings of recent elders like Hopi Mana Lansa, Hopi Dan Katchongova, Dineh Violet Ashke, and my mother, Dineh Zhonnie Chii Katenay.
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MNN: An Officer and a Murderer

Mohawk Nation News: An Officer and a Murderer

By Mohawk Nation News

MNN.  July 24, 2012.  This film is about real life serial killer and attacker of women, Col. Russell Williams, the Commander of Canadian Forces Base in Trenton, Ontario. [CBC, July 23, 2012]. 
He started out with break-ins, sexual assaults and then started murdering women.  He stole women’s lingerie, wore them and took pictures of himself.  He looked ridiculous in their bras and smelling their underwear,  while he jerked off in the mirror.  He videotaped and photographed the murders and attacks.  In October 2010, a police interrogator asked him why.  He said, “It doesn’t matter”. 
He was just appointed to one of the top positions in the Canadian military.   Someone was needed to create maniacal killers to send out to the battlefield.  He headed up one branch of it, the Air Force. 
Williams needed constant orgasms, but not with his wife.  He channeled his sexual needs to coolly carry out evil. 
As a soldier, his job was to kill people and to lead others to do it.   He learned how to create fantasies for his arousal.  Eventually he directed his sexual needs to killing women.  Imminent danger of being caught increased his sexual desire.  Trained troops are expected to do anything they are ordered to do.  Drugs enhance sexual drive and mind control, to carry out the killings. 
Researchers constantly develop ways to create lethal soldiers.  Drugs enhance sexual drive that overrides the natural drive to protect people.  Once trained, they need wars and people to kill.
War is artificial, not natural.  Are police being trained to become unremorseful murderers today? 
The artificially stimulated sex drive needs an outlet.  It is being deliberately directed toward killing people, as demonstrated in the Wikileaks video.  US soldiers in helicopters shot defenseless people from the air.  They reveled and celebrated the kills and then rushed to their barracks to masturbate. 
Training today is intensified.  Direct commands are shouted to kill, kill, kill. Long range weapons are created so they don’t have to look their victim in the eye.  Propaganda is tailored to dehumanize the enemy.  Was Russ doing research for the Department of National Defense, his employers?
Russell Williams was sent away for life.  His colleagues feared their training methods would be exposed to the public if there was a full scale trial.  Williams had let it get out of hand.
In Indigenous society, there are purification rituals for warriors who comes back from the battlefield to bring them safely back into society.
Should native families conflict each other, they will go to a certain point without killing each other.  Otherwise this would wipe out our species.  In white society, they fight until there is no one left, brag about it and have monuments set up in their memory.    James Holmes, the mass murderer at the Bat Man movie theatre in Aurora Colorado, would be a hero in Afghanistan and Iraq for his calculated brutality.  It seems this might have been his assignment. 
As Irving Berlin wrote in, This is the army, Mr. Jones:  “A bunch of frightened rookies were listening, filled with awe.  They listened while a sergeant was laying down the law.  They stood there at attention, their faces turning red.  Their sergeant looked them over, and this is what he said.  This is the army, Mr. Williams.”
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PHOTOS: New Federal Police on Sovereign Tohono O'odham Land

New federal police on sovereign Tohono O'odham land: 'It is a police state'
By Brenda Norrell
Copyright Censored News

SELLS, Arizona -- A new federal police vehicle of the Bureau of Indian Affairs was seen on the sovereign Tohono O'odham land making a traffic stops this week.

"I'm wondering who is behind the tinted windows. Are they O'odham or non-O'odham," said an O'odham member. "Many of our tribal police are non-O'odham and do not know about our culture. They can not communicate with our people who are non-English speakers, and don't understand about the sacredness of Tohono O'odham land."

"O'odham living on our land do not know who these new federal police are, with these new vehicles."

"The land is over-run by Immigration, Customs, Enforcement (ICE,) US Border Patrol, Department of Homeland Security, tribal police, tribal rangers and now the BIA federal police."

"We have all this enforcement on Tohono O'odham land and innocent people get harassed, innocent people get pulled over and held at gunpoint. It is a police state."

"The abuse of sovereignty now extends to our own people. Tribal police are coopted by Homeland Security and carry out their abuse," the O'odham member said.

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