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March 25, 2013

Indian Country Today continues plagiarism and copyright violations

Photo © Rebecca Sommer
Corporate Profiteering and Deception:
Armchair journalists steal the hard work of others

International writer, photographer, filmmaker and activist Rebecca Sommer exposes the fact that Indian Country Today continues to plagiarize and violate copyrights.
Indian Country Today currently relies primarily on armchair journalists who plagiarize the hard work of others, relying on the theft of photos and videos, while refusing to give credit. 
While the writers at ICT are paid, many of those carrying out the difficult work in remote areas, like Rebecca Sommer, are carrying out unpaid labors of love, work that is not intended for commercial profiteers or red-light journalists.
Censored News, created because of the censorship at ICT, maintains a boycott of Indian Country Today and encourages its readers to maintain this boycott.
From Rebecca Sommer
Dear Indian Country Today.

You published online a screenshot of my video as well as a playback link to my VIDEO ,  and use a copyright infringing link (, 
and you also give the wrong credit. 
I am the filmmaker, and it is my video (which is also watermarked with "Sommerfilms"  can be found here:
Please change the credit,  as well as correct the link to the video:
The correct Title: Indigenous Peoples Alto Xingu: River poisoned by soy plantations despite complaints 
The correct credit:  Video by Rebecca Sommer, Sommerfilms, for Earth Peoples
The correct link to the video:
GreenCollegeOnline had no permission to steal and publish my video under their name and on their site.
They haven't contacted me, haven't asked for my permission.
I notified GreenCollegeOnline to remove my video.
Dear Indian Country Today,
You are using photos of mine, that I donated for the sole purpose of Barbara's article for Indian Country Today, but I also made very clear that I wish to be credited as the author and owner and copyright holder to my photos.
I have written to you several times, and asked that you kindly correct that my photos are not credited online.
They are flying around in the Internet. It comes up as the very first picture entry at google search images, and is credited to Indian Country Today, which is infringing on my rights as the 
copyright holder.
I am upset, as you got my images for no costs, but you do not have the courtesy to do the right thing !
I find that shameful.
Please ensure that you correct that, and that you include my copyright credit in text attached to both of my pictures (see below) :
"Photo © Rebecca Sommer, Earth Peoples" 
Kindly ensure that you correct this in the article, as well as in your photo gallery:

Thanks, Rebecca

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By Brenda Norrell, Censored News

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