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March 11, 2013

Mohawk Nation News 'Surviving Sieges'


MNN. Mar. 10, 2013. It’s an art! Canada has attacked us many times, Gustafssen Lake, Ipperwash, Six Nations, Oka, Burnt Church NS, etc. We’ve studied and learned their Modus operandi. For the 1990 crisis in 3 Mohawk communities, Canada brought in Col. Musgrave, Britain’s foremost expert on psychological war tactics. He was the brain behind the failed tactics against the Irish. He failed with us too. He arrogantly announced that in 3 weeks we would break down mentally and psychologically.

Musgrave's teacher.
Musgrave’s teacher.
Baby, It'll stop soon!
Baby, It’ll stop soon!
Helicopters were flown over our heads all night long. Blinding bright lights were shone through our windows to disturb our sleep. Fighter jets flew low over our heads, that were supposed to cause pregnant women to miscarry. Misleading news reports were televised, showing us with big bunkers, 50 caliber machine guns and weaponry we never knew we had. We were being provoked to take the first shot. Our communication with the outside world was cut off or interfered with. A doctor’s phone remained which could not be disconnected. Water and electricity were turned on and off. Food was not allowed in. Sometime old and rotten food was allowed in. Soldiers peed in the juice. We threw the rotten eggs back at them. Snipers were stationed to take out anyone they thought was a leader. The kids learned to put wet cloths on their face for tear gas bombs. Bayonets and other weapons were used against unarmed non-combatants and children. Criminal charges were laid against us for defending ourselves.
OPP took out Dudley George 1995.
OPP took out Dudley George 1995.

Some of our people were banished, separated from spouses, children, family for long periods of time. A lawyer showed up ready to help. 
The false media stories incited violent attacks against us by red necks and psychologically unstable. Quebec Police organized hooligans to attack a convoy of elders coming out of the community. The crowd stoned, beat the people and crushed the cars. One man died the next day. When we came out of the siege, we all got badly beaten. One 14 year old was stabbed in the chest. 
Col. Musgrave.
Col. Musgrave.
False alarms were constantly set off. Like the cry wolf tale, false alarms were sent out so many times that no one listened. Then the wolf moved in for the kill undisturbed. We asked the troops to withdraw, raise the white flag and talk to us. Canada will do anything to get out of respecting the law, their fiduciary and international law obligations. 
Settler behavior was silly and dangerous. We thought about our ancestors, continued our ceremonies and concentrated on the faces that were coming to us in the next generations. Everyone has a right to self-determination under international and natural law. 
JTF2 attacks Gustafsen Lake BC 1995.
JTF2 attacks Gustafsen Lake BC 1995.
Brothers, sisters, friends and allies, when we are under siege, we need your help to keep up the pressure to save our lives. Now and after, thank you. As Mick Jagger sang: “War children, it’s just a shot away. Rape , murder, it’s just a shot away. Love, sister, it’s just a kiss away. A kiss away. A kiss away”. Gimme Shelter

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