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March 5, 2013

Mohawk Nation News 'Falling Down'


Falling Down

MNN. Mar. 5, 2013. Panic is setting in? Prime Minister Harper’s inner circle is cracking. Queen Beatrix and the Pope ‘resigned’, him over covering up the crimes of his priests. Queen Elizabeth suddenly comes down with vomiting and diarrhea and lands in the hospital. The hierarchy is collapsing in upon itself. Canada is in a hurry to put the final nail on the coffin they made for us, in a desperate attempt to try to get our resources and funds by eliminating us. They are brazenly going for it! We’ve seen these serpents slithering underneath. Their media continues to create misinformation and fear of us to turn the world’s public opinion against us.
Queenie: Wah, what? The Indians won't let us have the trust fund!!
Queenie: Wah, what? The Indians won’t give us the trust fund!!
Journalist Doug Cuthand writes *[link] about the demonizing and personal attacks of our people. 20 nations have presented their concerns in Geneva to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Abundant evidence has been provided of racial hatred and misinformation by Corporate Canada and it’s media hounds.
“Seeing Red”, a history of natives in Canadian newspapers, states: There’s been a “consistent policy of degrading and marginalizing First Nations”, portraying us as morally depraved, inferior and resisting progress.
Ezra Levant of Sun Media called protesters “terrorists” committing crimes against Canada. He said, “It’s dangerous enforcing the law, especially against Mohawk Warriors who dress in camouflage, carry an assault rifle, some of whom have served in the Canadian or U.S. military.” lying press
Lorne Gunter, of Sun Media, belittled the treaties with the Crown and particularly the “Two Row Wampum” which is the basis of all valid treaties on Great Turtle Island. He ignorantly called it “rubbish” and asked, “How come non-aboriginals largely paid for both canoes and do most of the paddling in each too?”
Christie Blatchford, of The Star Phoenix and National Post, belittles  us at every chance and hopes we are doomed. She asks, “whether there’s enough of aboriginal culture left to even dream of that lofty status [legal nation to nation relations], … Smudging and drumming do not a nation make.”dekanawida talks
Belittling the genocide is a longtime strategy. Dekanawida warned about the time we are in and the serpents we are dealing with right now. As the Temptations sang in their song: “Snake in the grass, he will surely bite you. Watch out!” Temptations: Snake in the Grass
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StarPhoenix, by Doug Cuthand “Racism Tarnishes Canada’s Leaky Squeaky Clean Image”. Mar. 1, 13.

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