Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

March 25, 2013

Schedule: Journey of Nishiyuu arrives in Ottawa


7:00 AM Walkers leave the overnight stay at Chelsea
8:30 AM Walkers reach Hwy 105 and St Joseph Blvd
11:30 AM Ottawa Police close the Portage Bridge for Walker’s entry to Victoria Island
12:00 NOON Sacred fire at Victoria Island lit by Algonquin Firekeeper Peter Decontie
12:00 PM Arrive at Victoria Island for Traditional Menu Please bring own bowls, spoons.
12:30 PM Algonquin Elder Josee Dewache Whiteduck & Welcoming Ceremony The Elder will say when it is okay to take pictures.
1:00 PM Ottawa Police Service officers close northbound traffic at Wellington & Victoria Island off Portage Bridge. Head south/east on Wellington. Crowd and Walkers assemble on Closed Wellington Street
1:45 PM The last person leaves roadway at the Metcalfe gate at Parliament Hill
1:50 PM Chief Gilbert Whiteduck and Algonquin Elder will welcome us to Algonquin on the steps Parliament.
1:55 PM Cree Elder Matthew Natachaquan
2:00 PM
2:05 PM Performers Chisasibi Drummers
Chief Stanley GeorgeWith singers from all Cree Nation communities
2:10 PM David Kawapit 18 yrs old Whapmagoostui First Nation
2:12 PM Geordie Rupert 21 ysrs old Whapmagoostui First Nation
2:14 PM Raymond (Bajoo) Kawapit 20 yrs Whapmagoostui 1stNation
2:16 PM Stanley George Jr. - 17 yrs Whapmagoostui First Nation
2:18 PM Travis George - 17 yrs old Whapmagoostui First Nation
2:20 PM Jordon Masty - 19 yrs old Whapmagoostui First Nation
2:22 PM Johnny Abraham - 19 yrs old Whapmagoostui First Nation
2:24 PM Isaac Kawapit - The White Wizard Whapmagoostui’s Head Guide
2:26 PM Abby Masty Whapmagoostui First Nation
2:28 PM Mary Tuckatuk Kuujjuarapik Inuit Youth Rep.
2:30 PM Drumming
2:40 PM Philip Rupert - 26 yrs old Chiasasibi - First Nation
2:42 PM Shayna Wesley - Wemindji - First Nation
2:44 PM Alice Gilpin - 21 yrs Eastmain - First Nation
2:46 PM Jenny Ann Blackned – 22 yrs Waskaganish First Nation
2:48 PM Tera Diamond Jolly - Nemaska - First Nation
2:32 PM Benjamin Capissisit – 22 yrs Ouje-Bougamou - First Nation
2:34 PM Darren Loon – 17 yrs old Mistissini - First Nation
2:36 PM Patricia Ottereyes Waswanipi - First Nation
2:38 PM Drumming
2:48 PM Bianca Mapachee Wasa Sibi / Pikogani - First Nation
2:50 PM Steve Papatie Kitsa Sikik - First Nation
2:52 PM Tyranne Ratt (speaker) / Martin Ratt (support) Rapid Lake / Maiigan Ajiki 1st Nation
2:54 PM Sokayna Jerome - 14 yrs old Lac Simon - First Nation
2:56 PM Ryder Cote - 12 yrs old Kitigan Zibi - First Nation
2:58 PM Natalie Mathias - 42 yrs old Winneway - First Nation
3:00 PM Announcement school children buses on Wellington westbound No street crossing for safety
3:01 PM Michael Polson Kawawachikmach - First Nation
3:03 PM Edmond Etherington Moose Factory - First Nation
3:05 PM Drumming
3:15 PM National Chief Shawn A-in-chut Atleo
Assembly of First Nations
3:18 PM Matthew Coon-Come, Grand Chief Grand Council of the Crees (Eeyou Istchee)
3:21 PM Ghislain Picard, Vice-AFN Quebec Regional Chief
3:34 PM Romeo Saganash, NDP MP Abitibi-Temiscamingue
3:37 PM Chief Teresa Spence Attawapiskat First Nation
3:40 PM Elder from Council of Elders Prayer - Cree Elder
3:45 PM News conference for walkers on the Hill
Make room for media for Q & A
5:00 PM Event is over. Permit expires.

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