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March 7, 2013

Mohawk Nation News 'Hugo Chavez, El Libertador'


MNN. Mar. 6, 2013. In 2007 President Hugo Chavez held a large conference of Indigenous people in Caracas Venezuela. The MNN Editor attended. So did Vernon Bellcourt of AIM and others. We stayed in a 5 star hotel. Top officials mingled with us daily. The Venezuelan dynamic socialist movement was proudly displayed. They had returned to the natural path that was always there for everyone. Chavez and his people accomplished so much without a war or global interference. 
The last days of the colonial system are at hand. Venezuelans had suffered for hundreds of years from military and civilian dictatorships. Local and global forces held them and their resources in economic bondage. Chavez helped free his people from the clutches of the International Monetary Fund and US Corporate greed. 
The new society is based on peace, power and righteousness, the natural law in action. Predatory capitalism is on its way out. 
Chavez headed the Social Democratic Agenda that built an egalitarian society from the ground up. Regional federations of Communal Councils dealing with local issues were set up. Billions were distributed to these Councils. State of the art health centers were established throughout the country. Literacy jumped to almost 100% in a year. After building safe and healthy environments the people could chose to put their money into the “National Development Fund”.   
Using the oil funds, the economy was taken out of private control, giving the people controlling shares. Energy sectors and public utilities, drinking water and fresh air were top priorities. Social structures were reorganized. All officials, economy, finance, banking, transportation, security and public safety had to be transparent. 
Distribution of national wealth is the foundation of the economy. Science and technology has to benefit all people. Education, health, environment, biodiversity, industry, quality of life, financial sectors, including banking and insurance, has to conform to the Bolivarian social philosophy of equal distribution to all. 
Chavez created an innovative musical education program called “El Sisterna”. 500,000 children from all strata of society are trained at more than 120 centers. More than 200 youth orchestras have been formed. Training in music is known to develop math skills in the young. 
For years Venezuela donated 40 million gallons of heating oil to the indigenous and poor of the US. 
Outpouring of love, tears for Hugo Chavez.
Outpouring of love, tears for Hugo Chavez.
This movement will make US and Canada irrelevant. Colonial nations are on the edge of fascism. Corporatism, nationalism and the delusion of an almighty-directed capitalism based on military force are openly fighting to stay alive. Sour grapes Prime Minister Harper offered condolences, saying he hopes, “the death of Chavez brings a more promising future for the Venezuelan people”!! He knows his coffin wouldn’t be surrounded by a tearful populace in an epic farewell. 
Morales and Chavez always remember their roots.
Morales and Chavez always remember their roots.
Chavez is no longer here. His vision is. He lead the opposition to Western influence in the region. President Evo Morales of Bolivia said, “Chavez is more alive than ever”. Chavez and five other South American leaders were infected with various forms of cancer. Some are in remission. The most vocal and dynamic died. 
Listen to “Glory to the Brave People”,  in honour of a great national hero: Hugo Chavez. Venezuelan National anthem
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