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March 21, 2013

International Day of Solidarity with Lakota Grandmothers

On April 9th, we are asking the world to join us in an International Day of Solidarity Action in support of Indigenous Lakota Elders as they visit the United Nations in New York City to demand an end to genocide.
Mass gatherings, protests, blockades, street dances, non-violent direct action, and other forms of culturally appropriate support are welcome! If 80 and 90 year old Grandmothers can take back their strength – so can you! Join us!
If you are planning an event, please let us know by messaging movement [at] lakotagrandmothers [dot] org.
Check out this information and more from the developing movement at
 To All of Our Friends and Relations From the Four Directions,
The growing movement to end Lakota genocide and renew the customary matriarchal system within the Lakota Oyate is a history making event, and Lakota Elders are asking people around the world to stand behind them to make these things possible. Your solidarity and support is both valued and needed. Please join us! 

Visit the movement website at and share it with your friends!  Read our International Call to Action and learn about the situation of the Lakota Oyate. Grow solidarity by reading our Points of Unity.

** Please indicate your support by signing the Declaration of Solidarity.  You can download it here to share with your groups and organizations. By signing, we can build an international grassroots movement to leverage pressure on the United Nations and U.S. Government, and also show the Elders they are not alone.

On April 1st, the Lakota Elders Truth Tour  begins in Rapid City and continues on a 12+ city journey of awareness and action to the United Nations in New York and U.S. White House in Washington DC. The Truth Tour will also premier the groundbreaking Lakota documentary Red Cry.

The first International Day of Solidarity Action is April 9th, corresponding with the Elder's visit to the United Nations in New York.

Want to hold an event in your own community?  Download the Community Toolkit for organizing educational events or fundraisers.  After April 1st, toolkits will include a DVD of the Red Cry.   We are also building local solidarity networks in support of Lakota Elders so they can no longer be coerced by intentional neglect and blacklisting of basic services necessary for life.

Learn more by visiting! Pilamaye! Thank you!

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