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MNN. Mar. 27, 2013. The theft of the savings accounts of the people has begun, starting in Cyprus. The bankers “royal economists” created the current fractional reserve system based on debt. They are squeezing the people “so tight against their chest that the people can hardly breathe”. [Dekanawida].
dekanawidahSo who are these bankers that presume to rule over us all? They are the descendants of the 13 royal bloodlines of the European monarchical, hierarchical system. The European people thought they had gotten rid of their kings and queens, through revolution. They went underground and emerged as the bankers. 
In their secret covenant, they state: “We shall create a money system that will keep them and their children imprisoned in debt forever’. The Secret Covenant

Old bank run.
Old bank run.
Their system is dependent upon bribery [Owistah]. From that they created the fractional reserve banking system. In the US a bank needs $10 on deposit to loan out $100. In Canada there is no cap. They can loan out as much as they want. Hmmn! Our $50 trillion Indian Trust Fund is on deposit in the five big Canadian banks. That’s why the media purports “They are too big to fail”. 
Gold wampum only!
Gold wampum only!
Every Indigenous person shall demand our share of our Indian Trust Fund in gold bullion. The MNN editor has already started the process, Demand Payment The other people in the world should be starting to think like John Dillinger or Baby Face Nelson regarding the bank that is stealing your money. You need to withdraw all your savings from the chartered banks and put it in your local credit union or under your mattress. 
American way.
American way.
American lore is filled with tales of hero bank robbers. The people might need to go into the bank with their own “guns a’blazing” as Merle Haggard sang in The legend of Bonnie and Clyde: “Two years of runnin’ was ended that day. For robbin’ and killin’ they both had to pay. But we’ll always remember how they lived and died. So goes the legend of Bonnie and Clyde.”
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