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December 29, 2013

Big Foot Riders arrive at Wounded Knee Photos by Pte San Win


By Pte San Win
Published with permission at Censored News
Sunday, Dec. 29, 2013


After making that long and enduring sacred horse ride from the place where Chief Sitting Bull was lured and murdered on the border of South Dakota and North Dakota to Wounded Knee, South Dakota Chief Spotted Elk aka Chief Big Foot was murdered our sacred horse nation and sacred riders of the Standing Rock, Cheyenne River and Oglala nation all stood at the mass grave site today an prayed, sang, cried and remembered the TRUE HISTORY of OUR direct ancestors. It is okay to feel this today and every year on this day; DECEMBER 29, 1890. It is okay to embrace OUR truths and we shall do so until we are healed. We cannot heal in one generation or in two or three, maybe not even four. It will take at least seven (so the elders say) to completely heal from what happened to our CHIEF, our NACA, our headsman and his relatives on that cold day in December 1890. 

Today, December 29 the riders all circled around the memorial of the mass grave to which our ancestors were thrown into and buried on that cold day in 1890. Tears were overflowing from cante' (heart) as I witnessed and felt the spirit of our ancestors an today our young relatives and horse nation. I am thankful to be lakota...

The riders all circled up this morning remembering our relatives who suffered and died by the hands of the US CALVARY on this cold December day in 1890. We remember GRANDPA SPOTTED ELK (Chief Big Foot) today. He was sick with pneumonia yet fled from up North because of what happened to Sitting Bull and his mitakuye. It is a hard day to remember the pain and the hurt that our ancestors endured YET it is good to suffer today knowing we are still ALIVE. (Crying) my heart is full of LOVE for our ancestors today. I am here and I am alive. Maybe that is why they suffered in the manner to which they did???? So that we will always remember who we are and always remain connected to the heart and the spirit of our ROOTS. I love you Grandpa Spotted Elk and I am sorry for what you endured by the hands of those seeking to annihilate our sacred race of people....

More photos and reflections by Pte San Win, thank you for sharing with Censored News:

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