Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mohawk Nation News 'Black Friday'


MNN. Nov. 30, 2013. Black Friday is “owistah” on steroids! Thanksgiving is not a day to be thankful. The real story is that every massacre of Indigenous people was followed by a celebration by the murderers.  [Please See:  Susan Bates. "Real Story of Thanksgiving". Financiers Jay Fiske and Stephen Gould first organized this kind of event in 1869. In 1951 it became “black Friday”. It is carried out with military precision. Wall street watches closely and gauges this for the bigger picture. 

After we kill them all then we can a thanksgiving celebration.
“Once we kill them, we will have a thanksgiving celebration”.
The truth is everyone eats a turkey dinner to celebrate genocide. They then rush out to forage for bargains at the chain stores full of “Made in China” wares.  
It’s professionally honed mind control. Provocateurs stir up the anxiety to turn it into frenzy. Each shopper imitates another with more intensity. If something goes wrong no one is to blame because it’s all done by the mob. This conditioned group think is how millions of us were fridayThe invaders were whipped up and brought under the influence of their leaders to carry out the killings. The bankers promised them they could have everything for nothing. All they had to do was kill all the Indians who owned the land and resources. Nothing would ever happen to them. Some even became rich.  
The frenzy the consumers display at the malls, some even killing each other, is the mentality that killed us and took our scalps for cash.
"After dinner we'll head over to the mall for 'pig' friday!"
“After dinner we’ll head over to the mall for ‘pig’ friday!”
Robbie Robertson sings about the continuing Indigenous unification and survival Robbie Robertson. “Stomp Dance”“Beating hearts, beating hearts/Come as one, come as one/This is Indian country/This is Indian country”.  
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Reposted with permission at Censored News.

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