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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Terrance Nelson urges Aljazeera to voice truth about US gas exploitation

First Nations Terrance Nelson urges Al Jazeera to reveal the sharp edge of real news

By Terrance Nelson
Anishinaabe Roseau River

I have reviewed the story put together by Wab Kinew on Elsipogtog.The link you sent me is as follows
Canada online: 
I am sorry to say that I view the story as told by Wab Kinew as lacking focus and context. I understand that in order to be an objective reporter Wab is restrained from telling the truth in a manner that we who as hard core activists can. Al Jazeera America must be seen as objective in order to continue to have access to North American markets. It is pretty clear that Al Jazeera has to be careful when it is held hostage to Canadian Broadcast system rules and regulation.
In a few sentences, the issue is about oil, the need of Americans to get foreign oil. Shale gas and fracking is about Americans taking what they need from other countries. 

The American get 2.5 million barrels of oil a day from Canada. Canada sends 100% of all exported oil to Americans, and that oil is sold under the North American Free Trade Agreement below world price. Under NAFTA Americans have security of energy exports.
There are over 60 metals and minerals mined in Canada and in the last ten years, Canada has sent $2.5 Trillion dollars worth of exports to the American market and in those same ten years Canada has purchased $2 Trillion worth of American exports. Over 80% of the foreign investment in Canada comes from Americans. SWN is a Texas based company that received licenses and permits from the New Brunswick provincial government.
Elsipogtog has 80% unemployment as a direct result of the Canadian Indian Act. Many who view the Wab story in Al Jazeera English television would ask why the Mi kmaq with 80% unemployment oppose development. It is simple, only the American and Canadian immigrants benefit from the Shale Oil and Gas. The Mi kmaq will not receive any royalty or payment for their natural resources. The same for the Indigenous people in the Tarsands of Alberta where it takes 2 to 4 barrels of water to produce a barrel of oil. When the Americans no longer need the oil, they leave and the indigenous people will be left to sue the Government of Canada for the pollution left behind.
I was in Iraq in April 1998. I saw first hand the price that the Iraq people paid for opposing oil theft. In December 1995, a United Nations study found that 567,000 Iraqi children had died in the first five years of Economic Sanctions. I was in Iran in October 2012. I saw first hand why the United States covets Iranian oil. Weapons of Mass Destruction was a ruse in Iraq and it is a ruse in Iran. In Canada, the burning of police cars is just another ruse, it was done by or allowed by the police to make the Mi kmaq look bad. Nothing new.
It is too bad Wab wasn't allowed to use the footage from the Burnt Church Mi kmaq lobster wars in 2000. It is the same issue, the immigrants disregarding the law. The Supreme Court of Canada recognized in a decision that the Mi kmaq never gave up their natural resources or lands in treaties. The only law breakers today are the immigrants who refuse to abide by the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada, the Mi kmaq are the owners of the land and gas/oil, they have the legal right to oppose SWN. SWN received license and permits from people who don't legally own the property. The Government of New Brunswick must seek the legal rights that the Supreme Court of Canada decided belonged to the Mi kmaq. The trespassers were armed RCMP, armed white people, who refuse to accept that the Mi kmaq have every legal right to say no to the exploiters and thieves.
Terrance Nelson
Vice Chair American Indian Movement

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