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December 28, 2013

Big Foot Riders Photos by Pte San Win

Photos by Pte San WinPublished with permission at Censored News(Above) This photo was at the Cheyenne River by Bridger the first day the OGLALA's joined with Standing Rock and Cheyenne River relatives for the Big Foot Ride 2013. 12-23-13

Oglala Akicita Ronald Cross Dog - Little, the morning of 12-23-13 the first day he joined with relatives from Standing Rock and Cheyenne River on the Big Foot Ride 2013.

Bigfoot riders 12-23-13 between Bridger and Wall, SD

12-23-13 Bigfoot Riders coming into Lunch between Bridger and Wall, South Dakota

12-24-13 Bigfoot Rider Duran Thunder Hawk, Oglala Lakota
12-25-13 Bigfoot riders coming into Red Water, Pine Ridge Indian Nation

Big foot riders leaving Red Water, South Dakota - Pine Ridge Indian Reservation 12-27-13 for Red Owl Springs, SD - Pine Ridge Indian Nation

Riders at Wounded Knee on Dec. 28, 2013

By Pte San Win

The riders are moving swiftly. I just love our sacred horse nation. They are so beautiful and powerful. Our babies are so strong and sacred for handling this cold cold wind. Just think relatives our young boys used to go out and do their first hunt on horse back by about 12 years old. Sometimes in the midst of winter. 
Today it is a good day to be LAKOTA and know that we are going to always live. 

Mitakuyapi tonight the riders are camped at Wounded Knee District School. We will be here having speakers and songs throughout the evening. Tomorrow we will be riding to Pine Ridge in remembrance of our relatives who were taken there and left to die at 3 Moccasin Park. We will be riding to Pine Ridge and meeting at Billy Mills Hall to eat. We have relatives who rode all the way from Standing Rock. They are beautiful and strong mitakuyapi. 

Update Riders arrive at Wounded Knee
On December 29, 1890, the Seventh Cavalry massacred Miniconjou Lakota leader Big Foot and 150 of his people at Wounded Knee, South Dakota. In the days leading up to the massacre, Big Foot and his followers rode 300 miles, hoping to find refuge at Pine Ridge.

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