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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Havasupai message, spiritual encouragement from two elk brothers

For all freedom fighters at the front lines, spiritual encouragement from the two elk brothers

By Damon Watahomigie, Havasupai
Censored News
Two white elk brothers visited just before I came to Flagstaff for walking, Flagstaff Idle No More, drumming on the seventeenth. At the same place I saw their leader, these brothers had a different color coat of fur, kind of yellowish brown. Standing looking to the east, telling of  the cleansing hours that is yet to come, now the two Kachina Brothers have passed by already two times, they have traveled, dancing sparkling as they sang songs of races whose life ways are but spiraling to it's end on civilizations just as it  brought down, epics of rule and dominion in former precultures, of Mesoamericas.
The two elk brothers speak of new people, new adaptions new plant life, new water songs, new species, more ships coming. The elite are inferior race to these that are coming.
They were telling of a women pouring water to the earth, and a white wolf, and the buffalo at battle in the stars. The elite religion and natured centered sacred holy traditions are at battle. Their color spoke of the number 777.34 and 94 man based beast, no longer complete. That's the reason why the higher beings are coming to help restore first humans to be complete in his holiness again.
It is not a war ordinary humans are going to see but to us who are the seventh eye and sixth eye clans. The tribes in Canada must drink of the snow. The tribes in America must learn to survive on the new plant life that is coming. The tribes in south America must learn to fly again, sky warriors. Lightning warriors, fire gods are yet to come .
When the planets are in straight line it will be time for me to bring the corn man and corn women so they can teach me how to plant nine thousand year old seeds that will help the eagle and condor warriors to be complete.
Tonight I will pray for all nations in all three continents for peace counsel, PEOPLE FOR ENVIROMENTAL AWARENESS AND CULTURAL EXCHANGE.
Peace, love and unified equal justice.

Mohawk Nation News 'Don't Join the Military'


Don't Join the Military

MNN.  Feb. 7, 2013.  Do not join the Canadian or US military.  Europeans have a strategy of putting Indigenous People in the galley of the ships to seek their fortunes and world domination agenda.  You should not help these monsters make holes in the hulls of our ancestral canoes to try to get control over the whole river of life.  
APTN recruitment ads for $DND.
APTN recruitment ads for $DND

First, corporations create poverty and desperation among our people.  The youth have to either commit suicide with drugs and alcohol. Or the government suggests an honorable way out.  “Defend your country”, “Be a hero”. They need cannon fodder for their illegal wars.  

Once you slap on that uniform, you belong to them. They are recruiting  you to commit the same crimes that they committed against us.  Middle Eastern people are not our enemies.  
You will be made to kill dark skinned people and steal their land and resources.  The weapons you fire are designed to kill the victims and to contaminate you so you have an early death.  They want to cut down on medical bills and pensions.  You don’t even know the greedy bankers you are fighting for. 
US recruitment of Buffalo Soldiers to murder Indians.
US recruitment of Buffalo Soldiers to murder Indians.
After centuries of genocide they want you to fill up their armies to die on their sinking ship.  You may be ordered to kill your own people, men, women and babies!  Our mind, body and energy are tied to our land.  You are going to be told lies to make you hate the people you are going to be ordered to slaughter.  Many of you will die.  

The cartels have decided that some of us are meant to die.  We will need you during the hardest times that are coming.  
You are needed at home.  We are helpless without our protectors.  Our nationalism is to care for our families and lands. 
The bankers” motto is: “Your life is yours to give and for us to take”.  
Our grandfather’s said that each boy, inside their minds, has two wolves constantly fighting each other. One black one. One white one. The grandson asks, “Which one wins, grandpa?” The grandfather says, “The one you feed”.  
As Buffy Ste-Marie sang “He’s the Universal Soldier, and he really is the blame.  But his orders come from far away no more.  They come from him and you and me. Oh, brothers, can’t you see, this is not the way we put an end to war”. 
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Mohawk Nation News 'Zap the Councils'



All are equal and have a voice. 
MNN.  Feb. 6, 2013. We can get rid of band and tribal councils.  They are artificial colonial systems of oppression that have been illegally forced on us? It’s as easy as one, two, three.
1. Put the question to the community for a decision:  Do you agree to be governed by the foreign imposed tribal band council system? 2. Vote “no”. 3. Inform the federal corporations of both Canada and the US and the UN of the result of the vote.
All are equal and have a voice.

The drums speak.We were never asked if we wanted to be governed by this corporate system of control by the bankers of Europe. International law provides that everyone has a right to self-determination.  We will control our lives and govern ourselves as we have done since time immemorial. The settlers have no choice but to acknowledge our sovereignty and obey their agreements with us.
The drums speak.
As the international Court of Justice in the Western Sahara case affirms, “No people can be absorbed by a foreign state unless it is the result of the freely expressed wishes of the territory’s people, acting with full knowledge of the change in their status, their wishes having been expressed through an informed and democratic process, impartially conducted and based on Universal Adult Suffrage”.
When the band and tribal councils are voted out, Canada and US must conduct relations with us through the Queen who represents the people of Canada and the President who represents the people of the US. The illegal band and tribal council systems were imposed in Canada in 1924 and in the US in 1871. 
We will activate our Indigenous system. We will not be tricked. We will use our Indigenous consensual decision making process. The true will of the people will be validly expressed. Anything else is a fraud.   
A sign of the times!Nothing changes the legality of the informed decision to remove them. Only we can decide who represents us.
The band councils take an oath to follow the corporate business plan which is to assimilate and eliminate the Indigenous. Canada and US assume jurisdiction over us through them, as registered corporations of Canada and the US.  
International law confirms our rights. The band and tribal councils can join their accomplices in their own Admiralty Court system, which is the law of the seas. On our land, the Kaianerehkowa, is the law of Great Turtle Island. 
A sign of the times!
The WHO agreed when they sang, “We won’t get fooled again”:  “Tip my hat to the new constitution. Take a bow for the new revolution.  Smile and grin at the change all around. Pick up my guitar and play, just like yesterday. Then I’ll get on my knees and pray. We won’t get fooled again”.


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