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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Searching for Sugar Man wins Oscar Best Documentary

Censored News congratulates Searching for Sugar Man for winning the Oscar for Best Documentary, and the life and music of Sixto Diaz Rodriguez! Producers said Rodriguez didn't attend because he didn't want to take credit for the film, which says a lot about who he is. Censored News congratulates the people of South Africa, and elsewhere around the world, who allow censored music and thought to change their lives and the world we live in. Here's an article from Censored News on the power of music to change the world: Sugar Man, the Beatles and Buffy Sainte Marie!

Dangerous Music: Sugar Man, Beatles and Buffy Sainte Marie 

Sugar Man, Sixto Rodriquez
How music cracked open the world: Searching for Sugar Man, How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin, and the music of Buffy Sainte Marie

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Searching for Sugar Man, and How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin, tell the same story, in very different ways. Both films tell how music, forbidden and censored music, transformed lives, instilled hope, moved generations, and brought social change to two countries, South Africa and the Soviet Union.
While music instilled the yearning for freedom and liberation in South Africa and the Soviet Union, the leader of the so-called free world, President Lyndon Johnson was putting Cree singer Buffy Sainte Marie, the sound of American Indian resistance, out of business.
Searching for Sugar Man
Sixto Diaz Rodriguez didn't know he was more popular than Elvis and the Rolling Stones in South Africa. At a time when South Africa demanded an end to Apartheid, Sugar Man's music offered the hope of life in the open, life unbound, life beyond borders. Rodriguez' music brought the message to fight the establishment. 

Western Shoshone fighting new mining near Eureka, Nevada

Western Shoshone continue their fight against mining.

Citizen Groups File to Prevent the ‘Immediate and Irreparable Impacts from the Mount Hope Molybdenum Mine'

February 22, 2013
by Lisa J. Wolf, Correspondent
From a release by the Great Basin Resource Watch

Censored News

RENO -- The Great Basin Resource Watch (GBRW) and the Western Shoshone Defense Project on February 20th filed a ‘Motion for Preliminary Injunction’ in Federal Court in Reno following their filing a February 15th Complaint challenging the decisions of the United States Department of the Interior and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) approving the Mount Hope Project located some 23 miles north of the town of Eureka.

Mount Hope
According to the Motion, “The Project will have immediate, irreparable, and permanent impacts to the local ranching and farming communities and families which have lived there since the 1860s and to the critical environmental, historical, cultural and wildlife resources that will be outright eliminated or significantly degraded by the Project.”

One of the residents in Diamond Valley nearest to the proposed mine said, “We own the closest private property to the Project in two directions.  Our ranch and farm are located close enough to Mount Hope to be adversely affected by the mining caused imparment of our air, increased heavy truck traffic, and the very real damage to our business from the massive pumping and resulting drawdown of groundwater.  Our water is not infinite.  Adding to our water over appropriation problem is very wrong.  I believe it is wrong to break laws that are in place to protect us, in the name of progress.”

“The Western Shoshone that toured the Mount Hope site in 2007 all agreed that the impacts to the water resources, loss of mature piñon/juniper forest, and destruction of cultural sites to too high of a price for this mine, “ said Larson Bill, Western Shoshone Defense Project.  During the tour Western Shoshone Elder Bernice Lalo of Battle Mountain said, “I don’t understand this attitude of destruction.”  Pauline Estevez, Timbisha Shoshone said as we passed a spring, “what is important is what is here now ... that spring is our ancestor, it is a cultural site.”

Dine' Angela Davis: The Enemy Within: Navajo Generating Station

Angela Davis, Dine' writes to the Alamo Council Delegate, regarding sponsorship of lease extension for Navajo Generating Station, one of the dirtiest coal fired power plants in the US. It is fed with coal ripped from the earth by profiteer Peabody Coal, which continues the suffering of Navajos on Black Mesa, to provide electricity for the Southwest while many Navajos go without.

The Honorable George Apachito
P.O. Box 827
Magdalena, NM 87825

Dear Delegate Apachito,

Yah’at’eeh. It has come to my attention that you recently sponsored a resolution (004-13) that recommends that the Navajo Nation extend the lease for the Navajo Generating Station. I’m writing to urge you to put a hold on voting on this resolution to extend the lease until further study and review by all our tribal delegates. I think more time to decide on the vote can ensure that the Navajo Nation obtain the maximum amount of economic compensation for our natural resources and investments. This involves too many parties (Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power Project, Los Angeles Water and Power, Arizona Public Service, Nevada Power and Tucson Electric Power Company, for example) to make such a monumental decision in the short time frame currently allowed. I understand that there is pressure to vote quickly on the matter from many parties, but I think it is worth the wait to ensure the best outcome for everyone involved, especially our tribe.

To me, it seems that outside interest groups, mostly energy companies, will benefit most if the resolution is passed as it is currently written. Although the Navajo Nation stands to receive 43 million dollars annually through 2044 if the deal goes through, I do not think that is enough to justify extending the lease so quickly. If the proposed resolution passes and the extensions are granted without adequate research, we may never know how we could have benefited more and will be indentured to the power companies for decades. I urge you to think about the future generations and how this decision will affect them financially, environmentally and more importantly, health-wise. Investing more money into the dirty, coal-fired plants is not a good decision environmentally, financially, or physically in the long-run. Investing in solar and/or wind energy is healthier, environmentally safer, and technologically efficient. I am aware that there are 538 workers, eighty-three percent of which are Navajo, at the Navajo Generating Station. Keeping their jobs is important and that is why I encourage a smooth, gradual transition from coal mining to solar/wind energy. Perhaps they can still hold their jobs during the transition, especially since the coal industry is dying and other sources of energy are currently being explored.

In conclusion, I would like to express my disappointment in you sponsoring this bill. You are my chapter official and I thought you had more of a conscience when it came to the environment and protection of our natural resources, given that you recently opposed uranium mining in the eastern agency. Many people accuse Alamo Navajo of being traitors to our tribe and often refer to us as “the enemy Navajo”. I think that is really sad. You sponsoring and supporting this bill would truly make us just that -- the enemy Navajo; we will be regarded historically as the band of Navajo that does not care about the health of the environment, the fair and honest management of our resources and most of all, our people’s health. Let us change that negative view of our people. I know you have it in your heart to do the right thing and withdraw your sponsorship of this bill or at least table the discussion until more research and discussion can be done. Thank you very much for your time. Ahe’he’he.


Angela Marie Davis

Publié par Censored News
Dimanche 24 février 2013
See original article in English
Traduction Christine Prat

Angela Davis, Diné, écrit au Délégué au Conseil d’Alamo à propos de son soutien à l’extension du contrat pour la Centrale Navajo [Navajo Generating Station], l’une des centrales au charbon les plus polluantes des Etats-Unis. Elle est alimentée avec du charbon arraché à la terre par les profiteurs de Peabody Coal, qui entretiennent les souffrances des Navajos de Black Mesa pour fournir de l’électricité au Sud-ouest, alors que de nombreux Navajos doivent s’en passer.

A l’Honorable George Apachito
P.O. Box 827
Magdalena, NM 87825

Cher Délégué Apachito,
Yah’at’eeh. J’ai appris que vous avez récemment soutenu une résolution (004-13) qui recommande que la Nation Navajo prolonge le contrat de la Centrale Navajo. Je vous écris pour vous presser de suspendre le vote de cette résolution jusqu’à ce qu’elle ait été étudié plus avant et passée en revue par tous nos délégués tribaux. Je pense que prendre plus de temps pour décider peut assurer que la Nation Navajo obtienne un maximum de compensations économiques pour nos ressources naturelles et nos investissements. Cette question implique de trop nombreuses parties (le Projet d’Energie et Amélioration Agricole de Salt River Project, l’Energie et Eau de Los Angeles, le Service Public d’Arizona, l’Energie du Nevada et la Compagnie d’Energie Electrique de Tucson, par exemple) pour prendre une décision si monumentale dans le cours lapse de temps accordé actuellement. Je comprend qu’il y ait des pressions de tous côtés pour que le vote se fasse rapidement, mais je pense qu’il vaut la peine d’attendre pour assurer le meilleur résultat pour tous, spécialement pour notre tribu.
Il me semble qu’en dehors des groupes d’intérêts, ce sont surtout les compagnies d’énergie qui profiteront le plus de la résolution dans son texte actuel. Bien que la Nation Navajo doive recevoir 43 millions de dollars par an jusqu’en 2044 si l’accord est passé, je ne pense pas que ce soit suffisant pour justifier l’extension du contrat aussi rapidement. Si la résolution passe et les extensions sont accordées sans étude adéquate, nous pourrions ne jamais savoir comment nous aurions pu obtenir plus d’avantages et nous serons liés aux compagnies d’énergie pour des décennies. Je vous demande instamment de penser aux générations futures et de vous demander comment cette décision les affectera financièrement, écologiquement et, plus important, sur le plan de la santé. Investir plus d’argent dans l’énergie sale des centrales au charbon n’est pas une bonne décision à long terme, ni sur le plan écologique, ni sur le plan financier ni sur le plan physique. Investir dans l’énergie solaire et/ou éolienne est plus sain, plus sûr pour l’environnement et techniquement efficace. Je suis bien consciente que 538 travailleurs, dont quatre-vingt trois pourcent sont Navajos, travaillent à la Centrale Navajo. Il est important que leur emploi soit préservé et c’est pourquoi j’encourage une transition graduelle et en douceur du charbon à l’énergie solaire/éolienne. Peut-être peuvent-ils conserver leurs emplois pendant la transition, d’autant plus que l’industrie du charbon est mourante et que d’autres sources d’énergie sont actuellement explorées.
En conclusion, je souhaite exprimer ma déception de vous voir soutenir cette proposition. Vous êtes le représentant officiel de mon chapitre [­circonscription] et je pensais que vous feriez preuve de plus de conscience lorsqu’il s’agit de l’environnement et de la protection de nos ressources naturelles, étant donné que vous vous êtes récemment opposé à l’exploitation de mines d’uranium à l’est. Beaucoup de gens accusent les Navajos d’Alamo d’être des traitres à notre tribu et nous sommes souvent nommés « le Navajo ennemi ». Je trouve très triste que le fait que vous souteniez cette proposition risque de faire de nous justement cela – le Navajo ennemi ; nous serons considérés dans l’histoire comme la bande de Navajos qui ne se soucie ni de la santé ni de l’environnement, ni de la gestion juste et honnête de nos ressources, ni, par-dessus tout, de la santé de notre peuple. Changeons cette vision négative de nos gens. Je sais que vous pouvez trouver dans votre cœur ce qu’il faut pour faire le bon choix et retirer votre soutien à cette proposition ou au moins geler la discussion jusqu’à ce que des recherches supplémentaires puissent être faites. Merci beaucoup pour le temps que vous m’accorderez. Ahe’he’he’
Angela Marie Davis
Artiste, écrivain

Mohawk Nation News 'License to Kill'


License Bureau Director.MNN. Feb. 24, 2013. Freedom of speech is guaranteed in Section 2 of Canada’s Constitution Act, 1982. Everyone has the fundamental freedom of “thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication”. An honest state presents the facts for public discussion.

Bureau Chief who hands out licenses to kill.

Canada Secret Service on the job.
Canada Secret Service on the job.
The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 2008 that CSIS, Canadian Secret Intelligence Services, cannot destroy evidence. This happens every day to us about our history, rights, funds and the ongoing genocide of our people.

Canada does not respect its own laws. It has a propaganda mill to control the media. It suppresses and rewrites historical facts, trying to make us invisible. Many vital documents are being destroyed. 
We all have minds, the capacity to see and hear, to think and feel. Every person’s ability to sense and understand is important. Each of us has a unique insight to contribute, no matter how big or small. We can’t just drift along following orders without thinking or questioning. 
Execution no longer legal!
Riel: Execution no longer legal
The appetites of the colonizers are insatiable. They do not maintain sustainable economies. They depend on the exploitation of stolen non-renewable resources and funds. They are conditioned to want more. Their children are force fed fascism and call it democracy. They have no control over their appetites. Their common sense is shut down. They cannot access the natural principles of self-determination found in the Kaianerehkowa, the law of Great Turtle Island. 
All the weapons of war belong to the Canadian state. The army and police try to scare people into submission, legal or not. It’s not working. 
Secret genocide at first thanksgiving.
Indians invited to First Thanksgiving, then all murdered.
A century ago Louis Riel was hung for treason because he defended Metis rights. Today the death penalty has been banned in Canada. Canadian government officers are trying to implement death sentences by other means such as excessive use of force and extraordinary threats and abuse. Our people are put under so much stress some die in or following custody. Ronald “Lasagna” Cross was so badly beaten by the SQ and military he died not long after the Oka Crisis of 1990. Matt Fisher was killed in Whitehorse prison while being held on fake charges. The Officer beat him to death in the cell until he died. He thinks he got away with it. 
Canada gives its agents a license to kill Indigenous people with impunity. South Africa, Nazi Germany and other totalitarian regimes have followed the Indian genocide model of Canada. Everything they did to us here they are now doing to the general population because they think they got away with it. 
Thahoketoteh wrote a song about his murdered brother. Anyone who has lost a brother can relate to this song: “My brother, this song is for you. In your memory and your honor. To help us when we feel blue. When always we think of you.” Brother
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Photos Journey of Nishiyuu camp Waskaganish Feb 23, 2013

Journey of Nishiyuu photos Feb. 23, 2013
At 2 Camp- km 48 in Waskaganish territory
Young and old trekkers, about 60 First Nation walkers, continue on their journey to Ottawa, in solidarity with Idle No More.

Mohawk Nation News 'Populaton and Resource Control PRC'


MNN. Feb. 24, 2013. Special agents such as the CBSA Canadian Border Services Agents are trained in psychological warfare and state brutality. They wear black fascist uniforms with Kevlar vests. They try to humiliate, demoralize and injure those who question and complain about mistreatment.

According to Wikileaks, PRC methods devised by the US are designed to confuse, destroy and terminate. “Low level psychological warfare” is mixed with high tech violence on target groups, like Indigenous, followed by the homeless, welfare, pensioners and then the general population. 
Tax dollars at work.
Discussion on how to kill
The US Department of Defense “Foreign Internal Defense Tactics Techniques and Procedures for Special Forces” manual describes 3 types of insurgency. The third, “Traditional Insurgency”, refers to Indigenous resistance. Onkwehonwe are engaged in centuries of resistance to regain full sovereignty. We are “dangerous criminals” and are harassed at border crossings. 
The  manual allows the suspension of habeas corpus. They can kidnap and disappear us without notice or right. CBSA can force a confession. 
“PRC measures also include curfews, blackouts, travel restrictions, and restricted residential areas such as protected villages or settlements”, like Indigenous communities, refugee camps, detention centers, prisons and FEMA Camps that can hold millions of people.  They maintain “Registration and pass systems and control of resources and critical supplies such as weapons, food and fuel.”
Indigenous internment camps.
Indian reservations!

When we defend our land, the military poiice use: “Checkpoints, searches, roadblocks; surveillance, censorship, and press control; restriction of activity of selected groups [like Indigenous, labor unions, political groups and the like].” We are classed as members of “organized crime” and fake charges are filed against us to create assumptions. When one resists or questions, a profile is created with their background, car model, family and associations. The file is flagged red, green or yellow. Any adherents to the Great Law are classed as “high risk” or “extreme”. Agents are sent to the School of the Americas where “death squads” are trained. 
Another deadly Special Forces strategy is “infiltration” of communities. Agents gather information about individuals and disseminate demoralizing and false information to cause suspicion and divisions. Since the COINTELPRO of the 70s in the US against A.I.M., many have become aware of DISINFORMATION campaigns. 
They get turncoats to train the military and police in their work against us. When we are arrested, we are handed over to the RCMP, CSIS, SQ, CBSA, OPP and the new “Provincial Organized Crime Enforcement Team” POCET set up June 25, 2008. OPP POCET

Knowledge is power!
Knowledge is power!

The integrated enforcement teams of cops, correctional services, parole officers, social services, informants, courts and other controls, are a fine example of state organized crime. They breach peoples’ rights, freedoms and lives. The Indian Act corporate band and tribal councils are part of the hierarchical control grid. They feign resistance but in fact sign over Indigenous jurisdiction to their masters, to get their paycheck. 
As Axel Rose from Guns and Roses sang  : “Look at your young men fighting. Look at your women crying. Look at your young men dying, the way they’ve always done before. Look at the hate we’re breeding. Look at the fear we’re feeding. Look at the lives we’re leading, the way we’ve always done before” Civil War
 PRC Manual D of D , Israeli manual
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