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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Russell Means Remembered 'Long Walk Song'


Pearl Means shares this video as family and friends begin the second honoring of Russell Means on Pine Ridge in South Dakota.

In fond remembrance of Russell Means ( 1939-2012 ). A fearless warrior for First Nations people. A challenging force conscience for all North Americans. I never met the man, but I always liked him. I was always humbled, enlightened, and encouraged to reflect by what he had to say. His frankness and strength of conviction evoked the same in others and served his concerns for his people well.

"Long Walk" was composed and is performed here by Lloyd Vivola. Inspired at first by sadness during the weeks after Russell Mean's departure, then by hope that a new era of treaty rights, social justice, truth and reconciliation is possible. Lyrics posted below.

The photos in the video are not the property of the video author and are borrowed here only to pay tribute to the life of Russell Means. For more information on the photos, search Google Images.

LONG WALK ( Lyrics )

So many tender tears
That gather here to beat the sacred drum

So many wounded wings
That sing and dance a circle 'round the sun

Long time we be walking
Long walk I be at your side

So many misty moons
That pierce the gloom on great horizons

So many painted skies
That train the eye on better days begun

Long time we be walking
Long walk I be at your side

Long time we be walking
Long walk nations on the rise

Drive your horse down waves of thunder
Weave your robe with rays of morning light
Raise a prayer on clouds of wonder
When lightning strikes
When eagles take to flight

So many windy trails
That dare prevail the harshest border

So many waking dreams
That flow like streams of healing water

Long time we be walking
Long walk I be at your side

So many wisdom wheels
That still reveal each true relation

So many kindred hearts
That welcome home the restoration

Long time we be walking
Long walk I be at your side

Long time we be walking
Long walk nations on the rise.

Mohawk Nation News 'War Pigs'

War Pigs

MNN. Feb. 25, 2013. The US inspired “Canada First Defence Strategy” CFDS is a profit-driven scheme to benefit career soldiers and industry. [June 19, 2008].
Prime Minister Harper points out that the military will be “supported by predictable, long-term funding…”  [tax and resource exploitation] so that industry can make money. The plan to build up Canada’s armed forces will provide opportunities for international industry, to create World War III. 
Canada soliciting war business.
Canada soliciting war business.
Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat is petitioning the UN to become involved in the ongoing resource dispute with DeBeers Diamonds. chief-theresa-spence-seeks-un-intervention
Under Attatwapiskat.
Under Attawapiskat.

Core Defence Strategy missions are: “Conduct daily domestic and continental operations, especially the Arctic; respond to a major terrorist attack; support civilian [law enforcement] authorities in Canada; lead international operations; and respond to crises”. 
“Stable predictable funding” means “A Military in Partnership with Canadian Industry”, to extract resources with no interference from the Indigenous owners. “Contributing to International Peace and Security” and “stability abroad” means unfettered access to other people’s territory and resources. 
In 2008 Canada budgeted $490 billion for the next 20 years. Defense spending rose by 2% starting in 2011, from $18 billion to over $30 billion in 2027. 
The Government plans to “increase the number of military personnel to 70,000 Regular Forces and 30,000 Reserve Forces. Their “Bold Eagle” program targets Indigenous youth, especially in the North, to exploit Indigenous knowledge of the land and weaken indigenous sovereignty at the same time. 
Underground bunker for elites.
Cheyenne Mountain underground bunker for elites.
In 1958 Canada and US formed NORAD. This was right after they blasted our riverside for the St. Lawrence Seaway for the benefit of industries. Since then they set up “Canada Command” and “US Northern Command”. Headquarters
“Failed and failing states, civil wars and global terrorism” are being created so that the military can describe the world as “volatile and unpredictable”. 
National Defense is the largest property holder in the federal government, which is all un-surrendered indigenous territory. 21,000 buildings over 50 years old and crumbling. 13,500 works including 5,500 kilometers of roads, jetties, training areas, etc. and 800 parcels of land covering 2.25 million hectares will be replaced or fixed up over the next 10 to 20 years. 
The “Strategic Investment Plan” is to coordinate all military spending. Canadians, you are the Nazis when you allow the war program to go on unfettered. You are allowing the theft and exploitation of Indigenous natural resources to continue the war problem. 
Marching off to war.
Marching off to war.
As Ossie Osbourne of Black Sabbath sang in War Pigs: “Generals gathered in their masses, just like witches at black masses, evil minds that plot destruction, sorcerers of death’s construction. In the field, the bodies burning, as the war machine keeps turning”. 

“Canada First Defence Strategy”.Harper’s plan  2. “Strategic Investment Plan”. 1st defense strategy    3. Rebuilding
3. Bold Eagle aboriginals4. “Advantage Canada”.Flaherty’s plan
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California: State Wide Action to Stop Foreclosures

California State Wide Action to Stop Foreclosures

From Quanah Parker Brightman
Censored News
State Wide Action to Stop Foreclosures

Wells Fargo: 1# in Destroying Communities and Stealing Homes
Quanah Parker Brightman with his father Lehman Brightman, Lakota, and
founder of United Native Americans.
It’s time for Wells Fargo to stop pushing hardworking families into short sales and into the streets. Keep Californians in their homes!
· Over 25% of Californian homeowners are underwater & between ’07-’10 Americans have lost some 40% of their wealth
· Wells Fargo is quick to foreclose and slow to offer loan modifications
· Wells Fargo has foreclosed on more California homeowners than any other bank·
The U.S. Department of Justice found that Wells Fargo employed brokers who illegally targeted Latinos and African-Americans for high-cost loan
· Currently, Wells Fargo has over 11,000 families statewide their foreclosure pipeline.
Enough is enough! Wells Fargo and their Wall Street cronies caused the housing crisis. It’s time for Wells Fargo to clean up the mess they made and refund California!
Join With ACCE Foreclosure and Eviction Fighters Wednesday, February 27th at 10:30am

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