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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wikileaks Spy Files: Global Intelligence Contractors

Image: RT
Spy Files 3

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Today, Wednesday 4 September 2013 at 1600 UTC, WikiLeaks released 'Spy Files #3' – 249 documents from 92 global intelligence contractors. These documents reveal how, as the intelligence world has privatised, US, EU and developing world intelligence agencies have rushed into spending millions on next-generation mass surveillance technology to target communities, groups and whole populations.

WikiLeaks' publisher Julian Assange stated: "WikiLeaks' Spy Files #3 is part of our ongoing commitment to shining a light on the secretive mass surveillance industry. This publication doubles the WikiLeaks Spy Files database. The WikiLeaks Spy Files form a valuable resource for journalists and citizens alike, detailing and explaining how secretive state intelligence agencies are merging with the corporate world in their bid to harvest all human electronic communication."

WikiLeaks' Counter Intelligence Unit has been tracking the trackers. The WLCIU has collected data on the movements of key players in the surveillance contractor industry, including senior employees of Gamma, Hacking Team and others as they travel through Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Brazil, Spain, Mexico and other countries.

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks' publisher, stated: "The WikiLeaks Counter Intelligence Unit operates to defend WikiLeaks' assets, staff and sources, and, more broadly, to counter threats against investigative journalism and the public's right to know."

Documents in Spy Files #3 include sensitive sales brochures and presentations used to woo state intelligence agencies into buying mass surveillance services and technologies. Spy Files #3 also includes contracts and deployment documents, detailing specifics on how certain systems are installed and operated.

Internet spying technologies now being sold on the intelligence market include detecting encrypted and obfuscated internet usage such as Skype, BitTorrent, VPN, SSH and SSL. The documents reveal how contractors work with intelligence and policing agencies to obtain decryption keys.

The documents also detail bulk interception methods for voice, SMS, MMS, email, fax and satellite phone communications. The released documents also show intelligence contractors selling the ability to analyse web and mobile interceptions in real-time.

Contracts and deployment documents in the release show evidence of these technologies being used to indiscriminately infect users in Oman with remote-controlled spyware. The FinFly 'iProxy' installation by Dreamlab shows how a target is identified and malware is silently inserted alongside a legitimate download while keeping the intended download functioning as expected. The target identification methods mean that anybody connecting through the same network would be systematically and automatically intercepted and infected as well, even unintended targets.

Organisations to contact for comment:
Privacy International: - /
Bugged Planet: -

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The Guardian: US and UK spy agencies defeat privacy and security on the internet
Image: The Guardian

-- NSA and GCHQ unlock encryption used to protect emails, banking and medical records -- $250m-a-year US program works covertly with tech companies to insert weaknesses into products • Security experts say programs 'undermine the fabric of the internet'

RT: Spy Files: New WikiLeaks docs expose secretive, unruly surveillance industry

RT was the only Russian broadcaster that collaborated with WikiLeaks in this investigation, which also brought into the spotlight other companies including Cobham, Amees, Digital Barriers, ETL group, UTIMACO, Telesoft Technologies and Trovicor.

Racism, Window Rock, Retaliation and Rebellion

Racism, Window Rock, Retaliation and Rebellion

By Christine Benally and Jack Utter 
Censored News

For larger print, with download, go to link:

Secrecy and profiteering in non-profit grants for Indigenous causes

Secrecy and profiteering in non-profit grants for Indigenous causes

'The bottom line is that grassroots Indigenous are being used, being left in desperate conditions, and are not being told of these huge sums of money being garnished in their names by non-profits.'

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

It has been really disturbing to find out about the huge non-profit grants -- hundreds of thousands of dollars annually -- going to organizations for Indigenous causes, including those where I thought the people were volunteers. 

If you are with an Indigenous organization, and using the struggles of grassroots people to receive your funding, then you should make it public that you are receiving a salary for your work. Global travel budgets should also be made public when they are based on the struggles of grassroots people.

The disturbing secrecy comes from those who enlist volunteers for their projects, and secretly write non-profit grants, and never tell grassroots Natives about the money coming in.

For instance, Yaqui women in Sonora said they were never told about the grants being written in their names in the US, in regards to traditional foods and pesticides. They said they were told to provide the food and sleep on the floor, while organizers and speakers stayed in hotels.

There are other forms of secrecy as well. 

Who does the United Nations fund directly with Indigenous funding? Why is there never a public report on this funding? What happens exactly with the funding from the Ford Foundation for Indigenous causes Several Indigenous organizations have received nearly a million dollars each from the Ford Foundation. 

The bottom line is that grassroots Indigenous are being used, and being left in desperate conditions. They are not being told about these huge sums of money being garnished in their names by non-profits.

The rule for non-profits in the US is that you can walk into their offices during normal working hours and they have to release their financial reports to you. This includes the salaries and expenses of staff and board members.

Mega grants: $205,000 for food sovereignty workshops
The Christensen Fund, major funder of Indigenous causes, gave Andrea Carmen at the International Indian Treaty Council a grant for $100,000 in 2012 for food sovereignty workshops, including one in Oaxaca.
Were the Indigenous communities named in this grant ever informed of this $100,000?
The Christensen Fund gave Carmen another grant for $40,000 for traditional food workshops in Beaver Lake Cree, Chickaloon, Alaska, Morales, Mexico and Nicaragua in 2009. 
The funder gave Carmen two more grants for food sovereignty in 2006 and 2007 for Oaxaca and Nicaragua, $35,000 and $30,000.
What was the source? Founder Christensen was a mining engineer and served as President of the Utah Mining and Construction Company. The source was mining of course.

Search Christensen Fund and see who else received mega grants, use search words  'Indians' or 'Indigenous'
Others funded by Christensen Fund

Ford Foundation millions in grants
Here's just three of those funded by Ford Foundation. 
The Indian Law Resource Center in Montana received more than $1 million from the Ford Foundation within 3 years. In two years, American Indians for Economic Opportunity received $650,000 from the Ford Foundation. 
The Law College Association of the University of Arizona in Tucson, where UN Indigenous Rapporteur James Anaya works as a law professor, received $1.2 million from the Ford Foundation in three years for "Advancing racial justice and minority rights." Anaya said during an Indigenous summit at the university that the Ford Foundation was one of the funders of the summit. 
Wikipedia reveals that the Ford Foundation has long been a front for CIA operatives.
To search for recipients of the Ford Foundation grants, just put in the word 'Indigenous' in the search:

Dirty coal's dirty green dollars
There is another form of secrecy equally disturbing. 
The dirty industries, like dirty coal in Arizona, have been trying to co-opt Indigenous organizations by funding the so-called 'green' projects. What this does is it keeps activists quiet. Obviously people fight less against the monsters like Salt River Project/Navajo Generating Station if they are receiving large grants from them. The grant recipients become co-conspirators against the very people they claim to serve. 
Equally alarming is that they often become armchair activists, focused on the next conference and the next huge non-profit grant to keep the lifestyle going. 
In the end there is the danger of becoming the very monster you set out to slay.

World Indigenous Gathering and the CIA employee
Already during the planning for the 2014 Indigenous World Gathering near San Diego, a former employee of the CIA tried to take control of the planning. Then, she attempted to be the voice for the gathering. Some of the media didn't do their homework and fell for it. 
The source of the funding for the gathering and exactly how it is being distributed, needs to be made public as well. There has already been a planning session held in Norway. Grassroots Native Americans ask who selected the organizers and who provided the funding.

Northern Cheyenne children victims of Catholic Church profiteering and abuse
In an area where Indian children live in desperate need in southeastern Montana, St Labre Indian School has been enriching itself and the Catholic Church at the cruel expense of Northern Cheyenne children. 
St Labre Indian School was sued by the Northern Cheyenne Tribe for economic profiteering from the children's misery. Here's the court document:
St Labre's income for the year 2011 was $57 million and $30 million of this came from contributions. All you have to do is drive through Northern Cheyenne country and you will see that those millions are not going to the Cheyenne.
While enriching the Catholic Church with millions, the priests have been sexually abusing the Northern Cheyenne children at St Labre Indian School. The sexual abuse is not just in past history, it continues.

Desert Diamond Casino's charity dollars for non-Indians
Recently, a Native philanthropic group announced awards. It was disturbing to see that almost all of Tohono O'odham Desert Diamond Casino's charity contributions went to off-reservation non-Indian charities. 
That is how the Indian gaming industry was designed. It began with calling the industry 'gaming' instead of 'gambling, because 'gambling' reminds all that it results in addiction.
Non-Indians initiated the idea of 'Indian casinos' in order to financially profiteer from tribal sovereignty and keep the cash flow secret. 
Non-Indians have carried out the scheme in most areas. The non-Indian management companies control 'Indian' casinos, and the funds go to non-Indian charities, non-Indian lobbyists, non-Indian attorneys, non-Indian construction companies, and non-Indian banks. In Arizona, the state also gets a big cut of revenues from each casino. 
All you have to do is drive across Tohono O'odham land in southern Arizona to see that the Tohono O'odham people are not receiving the millions from the Desert Diamond Casino. This casino has been packed with acres of cars and people for a decade. Still the O'odham are living in desperate conditions, desperate for jobs, homes, and even heat in winter, food and clean water.

Huge grants kept secret
I've been a news reporter in Indian country for 31 years and never heard about these huge grants to Indigenous non-profits until I put the names of a few into the Google search engine, with the words "grant funding 2013." I certainly wasn't receiving press releases on this. I'm sure many Native villages would be surprised to learn of the grants that non-profits received in their names.
In many cases, grassroots Natives were told, "There is no funding for this event." Traditional Natives were told to provide the food, which they did, and told to sleep on the floor while organizers and speakers stayed in expensive hotels.

Non-profit grant writers profiteer in secrecy
Something everyone is learning the hard way, is that when a non-profit organization offers to help you with your struggle, you will have to investigate carefully to see if they are secretly getting non-profit funds for themselves based on your efforts. 
They are often not honest about this, including those organizations associated with the United Nations. Even if they don't get the funding for a current project, they may use their involvement with you to get money for the next grant, and never tell you. 
Conferences and global travel are often used by the frauds and wannabes to attract money from the non-profits. The wannabes often claim to be Yaqui, or they suddenly become Cherokee.
Indigenous elders may never even realize that an oppressive grant writer is receiving a salary from based on the elders' needs, or the elder may go along with the person because they receive a trickle of funds from an abusive grant writer.
In other cases, less than honest grant writers have become dependent on the cash flow and develop new schemes to profiteer from non-profit grants. They work hard to silence those who expose them.

Ask for their financial records
When the non-profits want to help you, ask in the beginning for their financial records, including staff and board salaries and expenses for the past three years. 
Right off, ask about their plans for fundraising in relation to anything they will do to help you and make it clear that you want all financial records related to your struggle. 
Ask non-profit staff directly: 'Do you receive a salary, expenses and extra benefits such as a car or home?'
'What did you receive annually for the past three years?'
Tell them you want to see it all in writing. You'll still have to research it to see if they are telling you the truth.
In some cases non-Indians, making false claims about being Indians, have taken control of longtime Indian organizations by writing grants. They have seized control of the organization by seizing control of the funds and in some cases even created their own boards. Ask the founder about the current situation.

Non-profits designed to keep power in organizations, not people
Indigenous Action Media in Arizona said, "There is much more to the 'Non-profit Industrial Complex' and Indigenous organizing. 
"Many Indigenous Peoples who become 'career activists' also exploit issues for a pay-check. Check out 'The Revolution will Not be Funded,' it's a great resource that further exposes how the non-profit industry is designed to keep power concentrated into organizations rather than the people."

Dutch translation by Alice Holemans, NAIS Gazette

Mohawk Nation News 'Threesome'


mnnlogoMohawk Nation News
MNN. Sept, 4, 2013.
 MNN, Sept, 4, 2013. Nameless, Faceless. It is immoral to kill and steal? In a two-party theft, one person steals from or fatally injures the victim. The thief or killer could get caught, arrested, put on trial, imprisoned or executed. The criminal might argue they need food, shelter, clothes, a flat screen TV, or a cell phone.  They beg for all charges to be dropped on compassionate grounds. They are victims of inequality!
Curtains are drawn. We know who you are!
Plunderers! Curtains are open. We know who you are!
A third party joins in, known as a “threesome”. The artificial corporate hierarchy is a third party system. They carry out the theft of our property, give it to another or even kill us for it. We are the victims of the other two parties. Fake corporate by-laws are passed. Their enforcers can kill us the natural owners with impunity.   
Yale Threesome.
The two-part “menage a trois”.

We constantly object and are branded as enemies of the state, selfish, greedy, uncaring criminals and terrorists.  The corporate by-laws portrays these receivers of stolen goods as not committing a crime. The enablers call it the ‘budget’ on how our ever-growing $375 trillion Indian Trust Fund is spent.
We are pushed out of the way so government [controllers of the mind] can survive. Genocide eliminates us and our voices. The  bankers carry it out with the help of their ”subjects” who have signed on. Canadians don’t see themselves as criminals as government is supposed to provide for them. No one asks where the funds come from.   
hitlers policiesThere is no limit on stupidity! Stealing is stealing. The statute of limitations never expires. It doesn’t magically become moral when the government carries out the crime for its subjects who want to avoid direct responsibility. Turning away from responsibility for the continuing genocide of our people makes them guilty and complicit in the crime. They just ‘vote’ or kiss the corporation. Even if they don’t vote, we never hear them pronouncing that they are going to return one inch of stolen land.     
The Great Law of Peace gives us the tools to maintain ourselves and others. Dekanawida and Jigosaseh saw that we could exist as self-directed people living in the best interests of everyone. Government is not enforcement so one has more than everybody else. Letting corporate rulers distribute our stolen possessions has created the tyranny of the Fourth Reich, the merger of corporation and state on Great Turtle Island.  
The German Nazi anthem could be revised and sung by Americans: Germany, Germany above everything,
 Above everything in the world’, The True Fuhrer Adolph Hitler.
MNN Mohawk Nation News For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go  More stories at MNN Archives.  Address:  Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0  For free download of Mohawk music

Photos Long Walk 4 Cahokia Mounds MO by Mark Swain

Longest Walk 4 at Cahokia Mounds, Monk Mounds, and Black Bear Bakery in St Louis 
Photos by Mark Swain


Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz: Thank you Mark Swain for sharing photos with Censored News!
Top photos: Long Walkers at Cahokia Mounds, Missouri, Sept. 2, 2013. Next: Fellowship at Black Bear Bakery. The Proclamation was by St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay. In the bottom photo, walkers trek to Monk Mounds for all night ceremony.

Update Thursday Sept. 5, 2013
Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz. Left the St.Louis area yesterday. They are now at Graham Cave State Park in Central Mo. Hwy 70 mile marker 170. They got a small break in the heat. High temps will be back next week. Support these walkers as they sacrafice for all. Support needed along their route. Check out for more info and donations directly to them.
More photos of Long Walk 4 in St Louis by April Rhodes:
Peltier inspires Long Walk 4, statement to walkers:

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