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Sunday, October 12, 2014


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MNN. Oct. 12, 2014. Genocide is planned! It’s predictable and preventable.
Wisconsin Weasel: "Welcome to the Commission on how to legalize genocide!"
Wisconsin Weasel: “Welcome to the Commission on legalizing genocide!”
Victims are divided into haves and have-nots. The Vatican played a major role in the eradication of Indigenous in the Western Hemisphere. Today states make corporate Injuns into millionaires and the rest languish in designed poverty. Corrupt tyrants are set up and paid off to abuse their own people. To prevent genocide, the people must unite and reinforce our inherent identity as the sovereigns.
People are dehumanized and labeled. Men are called “warriors”. Women are “disappeared” and called “street workers”. The media reinforces hatred against us. We are equated with vermin and diseases to help the masses overcome their revulsion against hating and murdering us. Admiralty laws don’t protect us. Corporate leaders encourage hate speeches, false propaganda, crimes against humanity and atrocities against us.
Commissioner from Sri Lanka: "Tell me everything that happened to you in residential school!"
Commissioner, Sri Lanka: “Tell me everything that happened to you in residential school!”
Third world corporate minions meet to learn from US and Canada, the masters of genocide, about annihilation of Indigenous people. Militias or terrorist groups are organized, armed and trained to kill innocent and unarmed Indigenous people. These militias and state units should be disbanded, outlawed, disarmed and held accountable. Their feet should be put to the fire for the crime of genocide.
Extremists are trained to drive the people apart. Hate groups dominate the airwaves. Moderates are silenced rather than protected.
Victims are categorized and listed. Their rights and property are compromised. They are segregated into mental and then physical ghettoes. At this point a state of emergency is declared. The people must prepare to defend themselves from harassment and death.
Turmoil is enhanced. Extermination begins. Mass killing called genocide becomes legalized. The state sponsored mercenaries have been brainwashed to see their victims as not fully human. Factions within carry out revenge killings. The people then demand outside armed intervention and allow martial law to be declared. Safe areas such as reservations and FEMA camps are created to imprison us. Evidence, witnesses, testimonies will be destroyed to whitewash genocide. Alliances must be established between all our people to protect each other.
The final stage is denial so that more genocide will occur. Mass graves are dug up, bodies burned to cover it up and scare witnesses. The victims and witnesses are blamed. Investigations are blocked. The corporate band and tribal councils who assist Canada and US implement the genocide agenda, carry on until driven from power. They move up the corporate ladder, eg. Ovide Mercredi, protected by their corporate benefactors. The people and their communities and territories must put their feet to the fire. All evidence must be collected and kept.
Canada and US set up tribunals. The victims are invited to tell commissioners to testify on their experiences. Then the evidence is destroyed to keep it out of International Court of Arbitration. Unification of the people is where the power is, according to the Great Peace. We have to continually stand up to them. They are cowards with power.
cochabombaThe power is the people, not money or war. In 2000 The Indigenous of Bolivia protested against multinational corporation Bechtel and the IMF for stealing their water, even the rain! The police and the military eventually joined the people to kick them out. Together they took back their water. See video: Cochabomba war for water 2000. See: Even the Rain. Netflix.
Thahoketoteh reminds us that: “The power is the people not the money or the war. Let’s raise our voices so they can hear us, let them roar. No more killing of our own family, lets give peace a birth. We’re all in this together; We the people of Mother Earth” Power is the People.
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GLENDALE, Ariz: Protest Racist NFL Team Name Oct. 12, 2014

Battle Over Racist NFL Team Name Comes to Glendale, Arizona
Indigenous Organizations to Hold March, News Conference and Rally for Respect
PHOENIX, AZ – A march, news conference an rally for respectful representation of Indigenous Peoples will be held in Glendale, Arizona on Sunday, October 12, 2014. The events will coincide with an NFL game at University of Phoenix Stadium where the controversial Washington team will play against the Phoenix Cardinals.
Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry, a sponsor of the demonstrations, has issued a call for support of Native Americans, human rights activists, and others who believe Native Americans deserve the right to determine how our culture and identity is represented in media and who are concerned for the future of Native American youth. The Arizona protests are part of a series of nationwide actions at NFL games to “Change the Name & Change the Mascot!” that will be held in Texas, Minnesota, California, & Maryland. The actions in Arizona have special significance as October 13 is recognized by some as “Columbus Day”.

What: March, rally, news conference, & for respectful representation of Indigenous Peoples.
The protest and news conference will coincide with the controversial Washington NFL team’s game versus Phoenix Cardinals.

When: Sunday, October 12, 2014
9:00am - March
11:00am - Rally & News Conference

Where: University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona.
1 Cardinals Dr, Glendale, AZ 85305
Rally & news conference to be held directly north of University of Phoenix Stadium corner. March start location & route to be announced.

Who: Sponsored by Arizona to Rally Against Native Mascots, Eradicating Offensive Native  
Mascotry, and Indigenous Action Media.
Speakers at the news conference will include:
Amanda Blackhorse, DinĂ©, lead plaintiff in Blackhorse v. Pro-Football, Inc. Simon OrtizAcoma poet, writer, & professor.
Amay Tadits (Kenrick Escalanti), Fort Yuma Quechan Tribal Member. President, Kwatsan Media, Inc.
Nicholet Deschine Parkhurst, Hunkpapa Sioux/Diné, Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry, doctoral student of public administration & policy
Native Youth United
More TBA

More information:

Nicholet Deschine Parkhurst
Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry

VIDEO: Protest against Columbus Day in Houston 2014

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By Cheryl and Steve Melendez
American Indian Genocide Museum
Censored News

HOUSTON -- Indigenous activists and supporters came together in Houston for an educational protest against Columbus day. The group of brave souls gathered for a walk (some wearing shackles and bound together with chains) in the refreshing rain to Bell Park in the Texas Medical center. 
A statue of Christopher Columbus erected by the Italian Culture Center as a gift to the City of Houston was symbolically draped in chains as a way of giving back the chains of oppression to the oppressor. The event was organized by the American Indian Alliance of Greater Houston with American Indian Genocide Museum providing the historical information for the banners and posters. The protesters vow to return every year at Bell Park until this holiday is abolished. 

Photos: Dine' awarded Justin Willie Humanitarian Award

Photos by Shannon Francis, Dine'

Congratulations to Aretta Begay, Shannon Francis and Roberto Nutlouis, awarded the Justin B. Willie Humanitarian Awards, honoring traditional agriculture.

LEUPP, Navajo Nation -- Honoring the legacy of traditional Dine' agriculture and human rights, Aretta Begay, Shannon Francis and Roberto Nutlouis were awarded the Justin Willie Humanitarian Awards here on Saturday, Oct. 11, 2014

Shannon Francis said, "Congratulations to Roberto Nutlouis and Aretta Begay for your hard work! I am so proud to know you both! and know that I am not alone in doing the agricultural work! Sharing the Leupp Justin B. Willie Humanitarian Awards ceremony captures today. So awesome to share a meal with all these awesome leaders and relatives! Thank you to Leupp Chapter house, and all who cooked such a wonderful meal! I really miss homemade tortillas and mutton stew! We are so honored and grateful to our elders and folks who nominated us! Thank you with the bottom of our hearts to the Willie family for having this event every year! I am your humble worker bee, so let me know what you need at North Leupp Family Farms, Inc.

In honor of Dine' traditional farmer Justin Boyd Willie
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Supai Waters 'Time to feed your spirits'

From Supai Waters
Havasupai land
Censored News

Good morning Brenda,

Sending success at front line in the morning. Three stars appear each day. Those are the ancient elders gathered again to send honor and triumphant, success. The north node represents accomplishment now that the three feather nations have united. In unison to honor the winged ones in the center star. It's time to retreat and feed your spirits and it's not defeat, it is to appease your foreboding god centered beings.

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