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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pacific Standoff Begins: Warriors arrive in canoes to halt coal ships


Live coverage by Aaron Packard, 350 Pacific: 

NOW! Pacific Islander Climate Warriors in Canoes Halting Coal Ships
See update at Censored News:
AUSTRALIA: After the stand off with the first coal ship, which inched it's way through, there's been no other ships coming through when they're were 6 scheduled for this time. Dancing on the beach now! Two of the warriors were arrested and then released with move on notices. Half way through the day. So still a ways to go yet!

The Vanuatu canoe being unloaded at the beach today.

Incredible kapa haka performance at the 350 Pacific Sydney Climate Warrior fundraiser. Amazing support for the warriors from the Sydney Pacific community!

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O'odham Border: Sometimes we need to hear their voices

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Sometimes we need to hear their voices, again.
Listen to the Indigenous Border Summit of the Americas on Tohono O'odham land 2007, and the voices of Kahentinetha, after the Mohawks saw the abuse of the US Border Patrol, spy towers, and cage for migrants on Tohono O'odham land at the border. 
Listen to Angie Ramon, O'odham, whose son was run over and killed by the US Border Patrol on O'odham land. Listen to Mike Wilson, Tohono O'odham, who has put out water for migrants and rescued migrant children for years, while being threatened by the tribal government. 
Listen to Jay Johnson from the Texas border who passed away in South America after this summit. Listen to Lenny Foster, Dine' and Professor Dr. Julian Kunnie. Listen to their voices and more. 
Thank you Govinda of Earthcycles for being there.

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