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Sunday, October 26, 2014

'Halt impoundments' says Navajo Hopi Land Commission


By Brenda Norrell

The Navajo Hopi Land Commission's letter to Hopi Chairman Herman Honanie states that the Hopi Tribe should desist from the impoundment of Navajo sheep due to the traumatic impact on Navajos with sheep on Hopi Partitioned Lands. The Commission says that the Hopi Tribe should work with the Commission in a spirit of cooperation to resolve the issues in a reasonable manner.

Day 3 Boarding School Tribunal!


Day 3 Live at the Boarding School Tribunal in Green Bay, Wisconsin
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Bill Means: "We are rebuilding our nations, because we have treaties"

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
More testimony from Day 3:

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin -- The Boarding School Tribunal began its third and final day with speakers on Language Revitalization and the testimony of Bill Means, Lakota. Madonna Thunder Hawk shared the story of a Lakota elder from Cheyenne River in South Dakota. At four years old, he was thrown against the wall repeatedly until his bones were broken for wetting the bed in boarding school. His back is still scared from the beatings there.
Bill Miller center photo Brenda Norrell
Bill Means, the brother of Russell Means, said the boarding school concept began in prison. It was Fort Marion in Florida where they kept Indian leaders who fought against the US.
Richard Henry Pratt began to teach the prisoners and transform them. He later created Carlisle, and the concept, "Kill the Indian and save the man."
In the Dakotas was the boarding schools where Means parents met.
One of the common punishments was for speaking your language.
"The most severe punishment was if they heard you singing songs in public."
Means said his mother didn't talk about it until she was older.

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