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May 29, 2015

Protect Oak Flat Native Youth Concert May 30 2015

OAK FLAT, Ariz. -- On Saturday May 30, 2015 to Sunday May 31, 2015 The Apache Stronghold will host a two day camp and conference to discuss the future actions and protection of sacred Oak Flat, Arizona entitled “Protect Sacred Oak Flat Conference & Apache Stronghold Spiritual Gathering.” Saturdays Protect Oak Flat events will begin at 11 a.m. with traditional Apache Songs and will then be lead by master of ceremonies Naelyn Pike and Raleigh Dewey who will introduce Wendsler Nosie Sr., San Carlos Apache and Tribal Councilmen from Peridot District, will give an official welcome and kick off a free concert with national leading Native American artist Nataani Means and Frank Waln recently featured in Mtv’s new series Rebel Music. DJ. ScapeGoat, Che Christ, Indigenize, Standing Fox, and Quese IMC are also scheduled to perform. Each Native American artist comes from diverse independent sovereign nations that are also lending their support in the protection of Oak Flat. The evening finally at 5pm will host the Apache Mountain Spirit Dancers and will give blessings for all participants. This free event is open to the public and all faith base organizations.

On Sunday May 31st Protect Sacred Oak Flat Conference & Apache Stronghold Spiritual Gathering will resume with registration from 7am- 8am. At 8am a traditional Apache Holy Ground ceremony will be lead by San Carlos community leaders and spiritual advisors. At 9am the conference will commence and will feature four tracks of education and action in protecting sacred Oak Flat area. An Art Project in the Oak Flat Camp Site will be a focus on artistic talents and provides a positive outlet for youth and those artistically inspired to share their work. An Eco Tour will be given to participants and will focus on the natural environment of sacred Oak Flat and introduce participants to the land being threatened and under attack. There will also be a Spiritual Tour that will focus on the spiritual identity and significance the land of Oak Flat has to the Apache and other Native American cultures. Apache Community meeting in Oak Flat campground with the San Carlos community will discuss future work and present an action plan for protecting Oak Flat. A free camp Dinner will be provided both days for all participants by The Apache Stronghold organizers to protect Oak Flat.

For more details or questions please contact:

Peridot District Council Office Manager Janet Casoose at (928) 475.2930

Vansler at (928) 961.0035 or E-mail (

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