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Friday, August 28, 2015

Black Hills Unity Concert Aug. 28 -- 30, 2015

Govinda of Earthcycles is at the concert and will broadcast on the
Crow Voices mobile radio bus!

Aug. 28 -- 30, 2015 UNITY CONCERT GOERS: 
Dear Relatives,
There are some elements of the concert we all want you to know:

1. There is ample camping space.
2. It will be nice and warm this year, so you will not get cold at night if you are camping.
3. Pack clothes for warm weather as the high will be 92 degrees on Sunday and Saturday.
4. We will have a water station available so no need to bring bottled water. Stay hydrated for better health.
5. There will be a central tipi reserved only for prayer. Someone will be praying in there 24/7 to facilitate the whole concert. You are welcome to take a shift in there if you want. Please honor this central place by honoring the way that lakota elders are running it.
6. Please plan on mainly feeding yourself. There will be a couple food vendors there to supplement what you bring.
7. Bring an umbrella and a lawn chair if you can.
8. The opening ceremony will start around 3:30 PM on Friday. It will be a time to pray for a good few days that will help and heal all our relations.
9. There will be discussions in the tipis from 9am-12:30pm on Sunday and Saturday, and music will start at 2pm.
10. On Sunday we are having the closing ceremony around 6PM and we are hoping to have everyone break camp and leave the premises at that point.
11. For those visiting from elsewhere, we are so, so happy you are coming. Thank you for standing in solidarity for what is right and what is beautiful. Please honor the home of the Lakota, by honoring the culture and customs of the Lakota. This means many things, but part of it is to dress conservatively and to be humble. Aside from that, it is things you already know: be kind to each other, bring your prayers, and take the time to listen and observe how people do things in the home you are visiting. The seven Lakota principles are: Wacante Oganake: Be generous Wowaunsila: Have Compassion Wowauonihan: Give Respect and Honor Wowacintanka: Have Patience and Tolerance Wowahwala: Be Humble Woohitike: Be Guided By Your Principles, Disciplined, Brave and Courageous Woksape: Cultivate Understanding and Wisdom
12. This is a drug and alcohol free event with a zero-tolerance policy. Thank you for understanding. smile emoticon
13. Directions to the site are as follows: from rapid city go north on I-90W for about 13 miles. Take Exit 46 onto Elk Creek Road. Go 1.6 miles and take a left at the SECOND entrance to Elk Creek Resort. From there signs will direct you to registration. (GPS doesn't always take you far enough down the road.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful. peace, love, freedom, justice, renewal. new times are ahead.
Lakota Freedom.

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