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August 10, 2015

Leadhorse Choctaw 'Authority is Forever throughout the Universe'

Authority is Forever throughout the Universe

By Leadhorse Choctaw

The Royal Bloodline Head Chief and the Royal Bloodline Star Clan Mother who share and protect the universe expect a visit from Kings. The reason this is expected is that every year at this time in the universe is the time of kings the time of the lion or leo in the stars which is the authority and strength. A king sends his announcement he will visit and is a king of light and regrowth a king who cares for all life. Another announcement is sent from a royal family and the announcement is received by the royal bloodline chief and the royal bloodline star clan mother. The royal chief and royal clan mother who are the authority of the land and stars fully is aware that this king is not a king but a prince who who wishes to be a king and is of darkness is cold and starves many things of life but is still a king in his own right for the darkness of night. The royal chief and royal clan mother prepare for the visit. A fire is prepared with medicines of nature and water for life. Tobacco is gifted to the fire to acknowledge life and to set what is to come in a manor fit for kings. The grounds are also prepared and crops are harvested, natural spring water from the most pristine mountains were brought for the visit of kings.
The visit was set by the royal bloodline chief and royal bloodline clan mother to be a meeting with the sky and near the gardens. The reason for the meeting to be with the stars and near the gardens are the royal clan mother is of the stars and so speaking to kings should be with all beings, with creation and not behind closed doors as truth is shared and spoken boldly and openly the sun and moon and all creation itself. Star beings of the royal clan mothers bloodline also arrive and speak to the royal bloodline chief and royal bloodline clan mother and visit with the kings during this event and historic time. The Royal Chief of the land and life is connected and the land and gardens are symbolic of life and regrowth. Fire keepers are also busy preparing. The royal chief and royal clan mother speak to all the villagers and announce the visit with the kings.
As the village sleeps the fire keepers bring their medicines and begin to gift life to the sacred fire. Only head fire keepers are asked to prepare the sacred fire. The fire keepers light the sacred fire and use their sacred medicines and eagle feathers to breath life into flames. The medicines the fire keepers use turns the darkness into the blue light of life. The time set for all kings to arrive will be at the same time on this day. Medicines are gifted to the eight directions on the eight day on the eight month and the time set is acknowledged. Energies are sent to the chief and clan mother and all who acknowledges life. Once the fire is properly set and flowing with energy the chief and clan mother are asked to arrive. The royal chief is wearing blue and brown traditional leggins of the original people to symbolize the life of water and the connection to the land that he shares to protect, the royal clan mother is wearing green and blue to symbolize the protector of water, land and regrowth. Upon arriving the royal chief and royal clan mother acknowledge the queen or wife of the king of light. The wife who is attending this historic visit is very young and glowing with life . The royal chief and royal star clan mother sit in their place designated for the two who are one. Their place is next to the fire with the gardens surrounding the two facing the rising light of life. On this day and at this historic time the gates of the lion are open. The king and prince arrive and are at the door of the royal chief and royal clan mothers earthly kingdom. With this notice the royal chief and royal clan mother gift sacred medicines to the sacred fire and speak to creation in the original language of the original people. Opening the ceremony with respect to all creation all creation from the tree's, animals, insects, water, the two legged, the four legged, the winged people the water beings and all nature are acknowledged in respect and are also at the meeting of kings. Before she is completed the opening she gifts words to have a great meeting of truth and that nothing effects the meeting. As the royal chief and royal clan mother speak to creation light rays again shine upon the two. They return to their positions and place in the universe. The two visitors are matched although one is younger and one is older. The great king of light is brilliant, strong, mature. The energy shines bright from the king of light. The prince of the night also is brilliant, strong but is more crafty and sneaky and not mature as the great king of light. The two are welcomed and the visit begins. Exchanges of acknowledgment is given in return by the king of light to the royal chief and royal star clan mother. Shinning upon the royal chief he raises his hands as light rays enter the door. The royal clan mother stands to show respect for the visit and is also shinned upon. The royal star clan mother is clothed with the sun with light and her protective shield is shown.
When the protocols are completed the queen is also acknowledged. The young queen is attractive and distracts the attention of the visit. The more the royal chief and royal clan mother speak to the king of light the prince of night begins to slowly make his appearance not as noticeable as the king of light begins to show his brilliance and forms a halo above the beings who are speaking. This is truly a show of power to acknowledge the royal chief and the royal star clan mother. During the visit a young sky being arrives and is instructed by the royal chief on the game of war. This game is also called little brother of war and is used to deter conflicts between universal tribes of the earthly kingdom and the stars. Impressed by the war game the king of the light who has been watching enlarges the halo and is seen world wide, the queen shows her self in acknowledgment and is smiling. Tobacco is also given by the visiting sky being and gives acknowledgement and gratitude for the gifts of knowledge of life, the universes and the game to settle conflicts. The royal chief informs the sky being that we do not kill our people, if we have a dispute or conflict we will play the game. The young sky being expresses he has to return to his land but will return often to the kingdom and the sacred fire. The visit as it progresses the king of light begins to express he has other obligations to attend but will return very early right after the blue light medicine time. The royal chief and royal clan mother are conversing with the the king and his wife speaking of life and things to come and build an alliance to protect all from harm and to keep each others kingdoms in tact forever. As the visit continues the young prince of the night it not speaking much but seems to have given the attention to the wife of the king of light. Although the queen of the king of light is young many have given the name of grandmother or mother as she watches over the waters and all children in the light and the night. The king and his wife depart as she also has to take care of her needs and responsibilities for the people.
All the attention of the great visit takes away from the young prince and his attentions have become more aware than just a visit. The prince of night does not think to much of others but only of power and that if a chance is given he would take the wife of the king of light to seed her to produce a bloodline to not only be of the night but also of the light, in both kingdoms to seed and rule the universe. To bring the world and universe under one rule and order, his order. The prince knew of this time in the universe and came to deceive. He knew the queen would be at the meeting of kings and so invited himself as a prince. The royal chief already has the knowing of the prince of night and attentions and speaks with the royal clan mother. " We have to watch the young prince of night as darkness approaches, the prince of night is under our sign and so he is our responsibility for this historic time and visit" , he stated. The royal clan mother also expresses she has spoken to the young wife and that she is able to conceive until the new moon but only has a few days and would be very happy if this was to be. The young wife also expressed the king of light is very busy and cares for many beings. She expresses she does not have his attentions fully. The royal clan mother agrees and expresses to the royal chief that if a union is produced it would be devastating to the universe and would effect all the people with war, famine, disease and death. The attentions of the prince and the royal family he is associated with would put an end to a game that has been played for many generations and become ruler of the universe. The royal chief and royal clan mother agreed this will not happen. The earthly kingdom of the original beings have authority in tact to this day and forever. Unity of the beings of the earthly kingdom and the beings of the stars have traditional councils which protect all. Authority is forever throughout the universe. Man made fraud authority given by prince of the night is not Authority but merely people of greed who are easily controlled. The royal chief and royal clan mother know the prince of the night can use fraud authority to his benefit and uses beings who are not aware of the stars and care nothing for the land, water and air or life itself as creation is.
The royal chief and royal clan mother bid the king of light and queen to have a great rest and will visit again as the visit is scheduled for four days. On the fifth day the fire keepers will close the fire and circle out the ashes so the door or gate can not be opened or found by anyone other than the fire keepers. The prince of night is not with the four but is still in the kingdom of the royal chief and the royal star clan mother. The two look at each other and know they have to keep all bad things from happening and know exactly how to do so.
Night approaches and the prince of night is shinning bright throughout the darkness. This is his time to shine to rule and to do as he likes. Darkness is abound as another sky being arrives and shares medicines and tobacco for the sacred fire. The queen has not arrived when expected so the sky being begins to sing into the night to the queen and to the stars. A large star streaks through the night and acknowledges the sky being and his rattle and songs. With the king of light busy in other areas the queen is restless and begins to dress and wears light into the night. The door is open and she is not restricted nor confined as the stars in the night sky call her to play. She begins to venture from her resting place and as she feels the warmth from the sacred fire and is surprised to see the royal star clan mother at the sacred fire. The royal clan mother acknowledges the queen and calls her grandmother out of respect for respect. The royal star clan mother expresses to the beautiful and shinning queen that she will be watching and protecting her for the duration of her visit and that nothing will distract her for her responsibilities of keeping her safe while she visits the earthly kingdom. Grandmother acknowledges the royal star clan mother and a mutual respect is given and the two speak of honor and responsibilities while standing between the two pillars of authority. The royal chief of the land is also present and nods in acknowledgment of what is being spoken of. "I too will protect you grandmother as all will in the earthly kingdom and stars". Grandmother shines into the night and visits with the royal chief and royal clan mother until the return of the king of the light. The prince of the night is not pleased with so many beings at the sacred fire speaking to the wife he wished to seed. He is there waiting for a chance to be alone with the queen of the king of light. Grandmother speaks and expresses the king of light will be here very soon and she will wait for him to arrive. There is a certain time set up for the kings to return and visit, this time is also set for the prince of the night. The time is six in the morning right after the blue light time and will progress one minute later each day as a cycle. As the blue light time approaches the prince of the night wants to shine brighter than the king of the light and therefor arrives early and begins to rise which is not his place to do so.
When the prince of the night arrives early and is shinning he catches the attention of the young queen. A minute later the king of the light arrives and outshines the young prince of the night. The queen again is focused on the king of the light. The prince of the night is very upset as the four acknowledge each other at the time set for the arrival. Sacred tobacco is gifted to the sacred fire and will be so for the duration of the visit and ceremony. The tobacco had been brought to the royal chief from an alliance he had gathered on his journeys. The tobacco brought as a gift is sacred to the people he visited in his earlier years. There are times set for the arrival and the departures and if anyone who are here for the visit is late or early then acknowledgment is not given at that time but only at the time set.
The four speak and the visit continues all the while the prince of the night vanishes and does not want to be apart of the visit any longer but had arrived at the time the kings are to visit on eight day of the eight month of the eight year so he is inclined to be present during the four days. He the prince of night still plans on being early every morning and to shine brighter than the king of the light to get a chance to catch the young's queens attention. The prince knows he only has a short time while in the kingdom to have his plan work to his benefit. As the visit begins acknowledgment of the prince and his attentions are brought forth into light. This is not the place the prince of the night wanted to be. The veil of deception is lifted and with deception there are lies. The royal clan mother expresses after the visit the prince is to return to the night and will never become a king. She also states that any announcement of the prince to become a king in any generation or age will not be accepted as only the royal clan mother, royal chief, king of the light and queen can give such an announcement. He is restricted from speaking but can be in attendance for the duration of the ceremony and visit. He is to listen to protocols and how to care for life and if so he chose to become under the royal chief and royal star clan mother's earthly kingdom and the universe itself he would not be banished or put through a gauntlet and whipped for his deception to cause harm to all living life beings. As all seven bodies who have attended the visit of kings agrees in council and have consented with creation and the universe to protect life beings from harm, the prince of the night is commanded to stop his hunger to purge all into destruction and harm. The seven bodies have agreed that life itself is precious and a gift and is to be honored and a date and time is set for the councils earthly bodies to celebrate life. This time and date is set for the equinox time. This date will be set for four days as the visit of kings is also of four days. September 20-23 will be known as Universal Earth Protectors Four Day Ceremonial Days. The queen acknowledges the unification and unity of all creation and sends many stars to light up the night sky in celebration for the completion of the visit of kings. The king of light and the queen acknowledge Authority is Forever throughout the Universe. We will sing one song so all connected and sing as one.


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