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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

In Rapid City, hate crimes are only 'disorderly conduct'

In Rapid City, the good old boy system protects those who commit hate crimes

Photos by Jean Roach, Lakota
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RAPID CITY, South Dakota -- Today in Rapid City, Trace O'Connell did not appear in court, but his lawyer entered a plea of not guilty. O'Connell was charged only with disorderly conduct after throwing beer on Lakota students, and verbally abusing them with racial slurs, at a hockey game. Today's protesters said O'Connell should be charged with a hate crime. The charge of disorderly conduct reflects the good old boy system of justice in Rapid City, a bordertown where racial violence has long been fueled and protected by the media, police and judges.

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Trace O’Connell of Phillip, South Dakota was charged with disorderly conduct. "Mr. O’Connell is the fine gentleman who, while drunk, taunted and racially assaulted several Native American children at a Pro-Hockey Game at the Rapid City Civic Center by spraying beer on them and shouting 'Go Back to the Rez' and possibly other racially motivated attacks against any number of the reported 57 American Horse students who were there as a reward for good behavior and academic achievement."
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Minneapolis AIM spied on via Facebook by Mall of America

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MINNEAPOLIS -- The Intercept exposes how the Mall of America in Minneapolis spied on the AIM Interpretive Center, Black Lives Matter, Idle No More and others using fake Facebook profiles in a scheme known as 'catfishing.' As a result, arrests resulted from peaceful gatherings at the Mall.

The fake Facebook account “liked” Facebook groups associated with Ferguson activists, the American Indian Movement Interpretive Center, Occupy Minneapolis, SumOfUs, the SEIU Minnesota State Council, and Communities United Against Police Brutality, among others, The Intercept reports.
Jim Lukaszewski, a crisis communications expert at Risdall Public Relations, profiled efforts by mall security to carefully track political protesters. In a case study posted on the Risdall website titled “Fulminating Flash mobs,” Lukaszewski explains how mall security responded to a flash mob dance by Idle No More, a Native American rights group. “Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus were being aggressively monitored using Topsy, Monitor, and Kurrently,” the case study claims, noting that arrest kits were prepared in an area “hidden from public view to avoid antagonizing the crowd.”
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Gaza Flotilla Three to Sail

Dutch translation at NAIS Gazette

Hi all,
boat logoWe are using the Gaza Flotilla 2 US Boat to Gaza email list to let you know of another Gaza Freedom Flotilla---Number 3--that will sail in the next few months.

Ann Wright has written the following article about the lack of international attention focusing on the terrible conditions in Gaza and the rationale of sailing another flotilla to bring attention to Gaza. She also mentions that the last boat project from the international community, Gaza's Ark, a renovated fishing/cargo boat in Gaza had been completed and was about ready to sail, when it was targeted and destroyed by the Israelis.

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