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March 2, 2015

Goshute Shoshone Hero Margene Bullcreek Passes to Spirit World

In Memoriam by Ian Zabarte, Western Shoshone

Also see: 'Remembering Margene Bullcreek: Goshute's Nerve Gas Neighbors' by Brenda Norrell, Censored News:


Tom Goldtooth said...

The Indigenous Environmental Network sends its prayers to Margene's family, friends and relatives. Margene, thank you for what you taught us - to follow our teachings and to stand up strong in defense of Mother Earth. You will always be with us.

For close to a decade, starting in 1996-1997 or so, and going to 2006, Margene provided leadership with other Skull Valley Goshute tribal members fighting the siting of a high-level nuclear waste dump on their Utah reservation. They formed a group called Ohngo Gaudadeh Devia (OGD) that provided the base of resistance in fighting a consortium of some of the largest nuclear power utilities in the country, including Xcel Energy in Minnesota.

It was a long battle, with IEN, Honor the Earth, Citizens Alert, Western Shoshone Defense Project, Native Community Action Council, Nuclear Information and Resource Service, Prairie Island Coalition, Greenpeace Indigenous Lands-Nuclear Free Future Campaign, and many others helping Margene and OGD in a precedent setting victory in 2006 with the Department of Interior – Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) rejecting a Nuclear Regulatory Commission granted lease to Private Fuel Storage (PFS) to use Skull Valley Goshute land for nuclear storage. - Tom Goldtooth, IEN

Anonymous said...

My Mother's friend and a sweetheart to me. I LOVE YOU MARGENEUS(my mom's nickname for an awesome person), May THE GREAT CREATOR pour HIS finest blessings upon your family and your people. THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE, we will meet again...

Sincerely, Graham Duncan MacDonald V (Tig to you)