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Monday, May 11, 2015

UN: World Concerned over Racial Discrimination in US

Keith Harper, member of the Cherokee Nation, opens address from US delegation to Human Rights Council today

Watch video below: 3 hours and 30 minutes:

Countries of the world detail US human rights abuses -- while US officials paint a picture of OZ

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The world is watching, as evidenced in the concerns expressed from countries around the world during the UN Human Rights Council Periodic Review of the United States human rights record in Geneva today.

Racial discrimination; the need to eliminate the death penalty; excessive use of force by police toward minorities; hate crimes; inequality of pay for women; US torture; the need to close Guantanamo; executions by drones; spying and the need to protect children and youths top the list of US human rights concerns by the governments of the world.

The Russian Federation, Pakistan and Mexico expressed the most passion in their concerns over human rights violations in the US, including police profiling; assassinations with drones and the murder of migrants by immigration officers.

Pakistan urges prosecution of CIA officers responsible for torture.

Keith Harper, member of the Cherokee Nation and US representative to the Human Rights Council, opened the address of the US delegation to the UN Human Rights Council today, during the Universal Periodic Review of the US human rights record.

The US provided the UN with a fantasy version of how it
treats migrant children. Photo: Detainees sleep in a holding cell
 at a U.S. Customs and Border Protection processing facility, 
Wednesday, June 18, 2014, in Brownsville,Texas.
 (AP Photo/Eric Gay, Pool)
As the US attempted to defend its human rights record, Harper said that the US is not perfect, but it has made progress in Indigenous rights, particularly in the areas of Indian youths, domestic violence, and law enforcement.

At the start of this morning's review, one member of the US delegation claimed that the US has made changes to assure that torture will no longer be allowed. 

However, at the conclusion, another member of the US delegation from the Joint Chiefs of Staff assured the United Nations that everything done in Guantanamo was in accordance with domestic and international law. There was no admission of torture, kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment. He assured he UN that everyone in Guantanamo was able to get a fair trial.

During the review, the US detailed its efforts to enforce laws that protect the public from excessive force by police.

Homeland Security's assurance that the US is protecting the rights of immigrants crossing the border, however, makes one want to click their heels together, for surely this is OZ. 

The US made extensive claims about benefits and services to migrant children, without mentioning the imprisoned migrant children in the US, in violation of international law, as shown in these photos.

Migrant children detained at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Nogales Placement  Center on Wednesday, June 18, 2014, in
Nogales, Ariz. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, Pool)
The claims by the US of fair housing for people of color, the homeless, and veterans, is another venture in fantasy. 

The US also claims it has undertaken reforms in regards to sexual assaults in the US military. The US detailed an array of services available to soldiers being raped by fellow soldiers.

Further, the US attempts to make its drone strikes appear lawful. There was no mention of the number of citizens -- women and children -- murdered by US drone assassinations.

The United States made broad claims about protecting and supporting Native American rights, including the return of sacred items.

Many members of the predominately docile Human Rights Council seemed to believe that the United States has made great strides in guaranteeing the rights of Indigenous Peoples. The United States presented an array of cosmetic repairs, and typical public relations spin, without addressing the widespread atrocities being carried out across Indian country for grassroots people. 

There was no mention of Native American political prisoners. There was no mention of COINTELPRO targeting the Black Panthers, American Indian Movement and Chicanos. There was mention of the sterilization of Native American women in US government hospitals. There was no mention of the widespread abuse, kidnapping, rape and murder of Native American children in US boarding schools, or the fact that the theft of Native American children continues today illegally by social service agencies.

There was no mention of the fact that Homeland Security gave the contract to build US spy towers on the border to Israel's Apartheid contractor Elbit Systems in 2014, including the spy towers on the Tohono O'odham Nation.

The United States did not address how corporations are poisoning the air, land and water of Native Americans with coal-fired power plants and uranium mining. The US did not admit that corporations have built a prison-for-profit empire in the United States, and migrants, American Indians, blacks and Chicanos are imprisoned for profit, and denied their rights while incarcerated.

Chad's Awada Angui told the UN Human Rights Council that recent events have tarnished the image of the United States.

The US human rights atrocity that the representatives of the UN Human Rights Council were aware of was the fact that police in the United States are murdering unarmed black men.

During the review, the recommendations from countries included: The elimination of racial discrimination and excessive force in policing; halt to NSA spying; ensure the rights of women; the need to close Guantanamo; elimination of corporal punishment of children; the need to abolish the death penalty; the need to halt drone strikes; the need for access to abortions for victims of rape.

Mexico points out the deaths of migrants by immigration officials and the need for reparations. Honduras urges the US to protect the rights of immigrants, especially children.

Bolivia urges implementation of the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and a halt to forced labor of migrants.

Montenegro is among the countries urging an end to the death penalty. 

New Zealand urges a moratorium on executions and an end to the death penalty.

Niger urges protections against hate crimes and hate speech.

Paraguay urges protection of migrants.

Portugal points out the cruel death by injections carried out by the US and the need for training for law enforcement. Portugal was among those urging new protections for migrants and the rights of the child.

Moldova expressed concern over the incarceration of youths in adult facilities, and the need to consult Indigenous Peoples in regards to decisions related to their lands and issues impacting them.

The Federation of Russia, Pakistan, China, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Korea, Ecuador and Mexico representatives gave passionate recommendations to the United States.
Pakistan urged the prosecution of CIA agents responsible for torture. Cuba also pressed for prosecution of those responsible for torture. Cuba also pressed for programs to reduce poverty in the US affecting 48 million people. Ecuador called for the prosecution of those responsible for torture and the use of drones for killing. Democratic Republic of Korea pressed for an end to racial discrimination and torture. Egypt called for an end to discrimination of Middle Easterners at airports.
Mexico pointed out the murder of its citizens by border immigration agents and the need for reparations. 

The Russian Federation quickly stated a long list of concerns and recommendations, including police arbitrary procedures, need to close Guantanamo, need to halt extrajudicial killings including drones, cruel treatment of adoptive children, and the racial profiling of Indigenous.

Senegal points out the need to improve the rights of immigrants.

Serbia points out the gender gap in the rights of women.

Singapore points out the need to eliminate hate crimes, including those based on religion.

Slovakia is among those urging the US to ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Slovenia expressed concern over the lack of prosecution for those committing sex crimes within the US military.

Ireland urges the US to do more to protect its citizens from police brutality of African Americans and abolish death penalty.

In response, the US delegation said President Obama has ended the harsh rendition and torture program. 

The US denies it uses intelligence gathering for the suppression of dissent, and for business advantage. 

In both cases, the facts prove otherwise. The US has used spying to infiltrate, entrap and prosecute activists. It has also been exposed that the US intelligence gathering has been used for the purpose of insider business and trade knowledge.

Even Native Americans have been lured into the US massive spy network, as evidenced by the multi-million dollar US contract for domestic and international spying to Ho Chunk, Inc., in Nebraska, owner of the American Indian news website

The US attempts to defend the US record of the imprisonment of people of color.

South Africa urged more measures to combat racial discrimination. Iran also urged the US to prevent racial discrimination and investigate claims of torture.

Thailand points out the need to protect the rights of migrants and prevent human trafficking.

Bosnia said it is encouraged by the US consultation with Native Americans.

Botswana expressed concerns over discrimination against women in the US.

Canada expressed concerns of those of forced trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Israel said the US needs to do more to eliminate racial discrimination and hate crimes.

Maldives urged the US not to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

In response, the US claims it is protecting the rights of migrant child workers. The US claims it is protecting migrant children from forced child labor.

The Illinois Attorney General makes passionate statements about protecting human rights in Illinois. Discrimination in home lending for people of color resulted in lawsuits and compensation. Twenty people on death row were exonerated. The death penalty was eliminated. Chicago police issued an apology to recent victims. Illinois provides low tuition for undocumented college students, she says.

The session was broadcast live on the web, making possible this coverage.

Brenda Norrell has been a reporter in Indian country for 33 years, beginning at the Navajo Times during the 18 years that she lived on the Navajo Nation. After serving as a longtime staff reporter for Indian Country Today, she was censored and terminated by Indian Country Today. She created Censored News in 2006. Now in its 9th year with no advertising, grants or sponsors, Censored News is approaching 4 million pageviews.

US lies to UN about spying on activists

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Update: 'World concerned over racial discrimination in the US'

The United Nations Human Rights Council reviewed the United States human rights record today. The US lied about its spying. The US responded that the US "doesn't collect intelligence to suppress dissents or to give U.S. businesses a competitive advantage ..."
In both cases, the facts prove otherwise.
It is a fact that the US spies on activists and stalks them, imprisons whistleblowers, and uses provocateurs and entrapment to jail activists. Further, the US uses intelligence gathering for business and trade insider knowledge.
During the Universal Periodic Review of the US Human Rights Council in Geneva, the response of countries proved that the world is watching.
Foremost, the US was pressed  by many countries to halt police violence toward ethnic minorities.
The United States admitted its failures in regards to civil rights, in response to the murder of unarmed black men by police. However, the US did not admit its role in torture and kidnappings in violation of the Geneva Conventions. The US did not justify its drone assassinations or its widespread prison-for-profit scheme, where corporations enrich themselves from the capture and imprisonment of migrants at the border, including women and children.
The United States did not explain COINTELPRO which targeted Black Panthers, American Indians and Chicanos. The US did not explain why it selected Israel's defense contractor Elbit Systems to build spy towers on the US border in Arizona, including spy towers on the Tohono O'odham Nation. Elbit is responsible for Apartheid security surrounding Palestine.
Further, the issue was not raised of the US ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) which has been arming the drug cartels in Mexico since 2005, in Project Gunrunner, Operation Wide Receiver and Fast and Furious. There was no mention of the hundreds of US Border Patrol agents and ICE agents arrested for drug smuggling and serving as "spotters" for the cartels to cross the border with their loads. The US did not discuss how US Border Patrol agents have committed rape, and the murder of teenage rock throwers.
Earlier, after the UN review of the United States human rights record in 2010, the United States rejected the recommendation to "Recognize the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples without conditions or reservations," as recommended by Bolivia.
After the review in 2010, the US accepted 171 recommendations and rejected 71.
As for denying the facts at the UN today about NSA spying regarding activists and spying to benefit US trade and business,
AP reports: Several countries including Brazil and Kenya voiced concern over the extent of U.S. surveillance in the light of reports about the National Security Agency's activities.
David Bitkower, a deputy assistant attorney general, responded that "U.S. intelligence collection programs and activities are subject to stringent and multilayered oversight mechanisms." He added that the country doesn't collect intelligence to suppress dissents or to give U.S. businesses a competitive advantage, and that there is "extensive and effective oversight to prevent abuse."
Read more:
In fact, the US not only targets activists with spying, but also targets world leaders.
While Sec. of State, Hillary Clinton ordered US Ambassadors to collect DNA and iris scans on world leaders and activists from the Americas and Africa, as exposed by Wikileaks.
Indigenous activists in the Americas, including Mohawks and Mapuche, were targeted by US State Dept. spying. Bolivian President Evo Morales and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez were constant targets of US spying.
The US was questioned on the widespread imprisonment of migrants, including children, and drone assassinations.
The United States was not honest about its treatment of migrants. The U.S. delegation said that every effort is being made to protect their rights, including those to avoid the exploitation of children.
As Al Jazeera points out, international law bars the imprisonment of children for immigration purposes, and the US has not been held responsible for torture.

Mohawk Nation News: Attempted Corporate Hostile Takeover of '6 NAY'


mnnlogo1Please post & distribute. Nia:wen.
May 11, 2015. Haudenosaunee Development [HDI] is the administrative arm of Haudenosaunee Confederacy Council of Chiefs [HCCC]. It is the Masonic longhouse at Six Nations. Two secret Engagement Agreements were made with Samsung for wind and solar power on Rotinoshonni land in 2013 and 2014. Onondaga beaver clan asked for copies of contracts and were refused. They demanded the dismantlement of HDI and for Aaron Detlor, Hazel Hill and Brian Doolittle to be removed and investigated. At the last meeting, recorded by Two Row Times, Cayuga wolfs, snipes and beaver clans opposed the attempted implementation of foreign laws. [HDI 519-445-4222].

War room at Indian Affairs: Think they get scared of our tanks  and drones going down Chiefswood road.
Indian Affairs war room planning a reason for the Operational Response Team to invade: “We need more chaos!”  

Non-ongwe’hon:weh Bar lawyer, Aaron Detlor, represents the CROWN. In 2006 during the Caledonia uprising at Six Nations, Detlor interfered with our young men from guarding the line according to the Men’s Council. He appeared to have a separate agenda. Detlor was scamming other communities. Detlor scams other communities.
Hazel Hill, of HDI, is an Ontario notary public and signs on behalf of  HCCC chiefs. Band councils and Haudenosaunee “collaborators” that sign on with HDI in effect pledge to support the destruction of the Great Peace, the genocide of our people and waive our sovereign immunity, traditional law and customs over all our land. They agree to help stop all un-HDI sanctioned commercial projects “by all means”.
HCCC is the incorporated Iroquois Confederacy “and all its member nations”, attempting to replace, tribal councils and longhouses. Corporatism gone INDIAN is the height of fascism. On their website, HDI claims to be the administrative arm for all Haudenosaunee communities on our territories. Allegedly, all INDIAN enterprises, development or trade must be sanctioned by HDI. Financial audits, projects and reports have been removed from the website.
Detler reassures Haudenosaunee.
Detler continues to advise his clients. 
This is a corporate hostile takeover bid of every Rotinoshonni community in Canada. The Great Law/kaia’nere:kowa is being turned into a hierarchical pyramid based on the Vatican model.
“Member nations” must go through HDI and support their illegal usurpation of the Rotinoshonni/Iroquois. Otherwise they will be banished by an “independant” HDI board. Clans have no power. The hierarchical corporate government is directly answerable to the CROWN, with payment of taxes and fees. HDI will regulate all businesses that generate an income, such as tobacco, gas stations, gift shops, restaurants, and so on. GRE have made their own arrangements with Canada and US.
Detlor has played the divide and conquer card to our people, dealing it from the bottom of the deck.
HCCC corpo board-room.
HCCC corpo board-room, “Who’s gonna tell the people, Alan”?
GRETI Inc. will control all our money on behalf of HDI and its affiliates. Apparently Detlor incorporated HCCC and HDI under the Corporation of Canada to protect the chiefs. Allegedly, elders and clan mothers have been massively abused. Detlor is not on any paperwork. Hazel Hill, Jock Hill and the elders could be prosecuted and held responsible for any malfeasance.
Many agents and provocateurs have been infiltrating our communities. Tom Solowski uses the alias “Tom Keefer”. His family invested in Two Row Times, where he works. Aaron Detlor got control of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Council of Chiefs. Both attended university in Toronto and arrived in Six Nations in 2006. Detlor was an energy lawyer for Power Bud in Toronto. Detlor gave workshops to energy lawyers on how to win law suits against ongwe’hon:weh [see link]. The owner was disbarred and the firm disbanded. Both Detlor and Solowski were well briefed on Iroquois issues. They tried to psychologically usurp authority by twisting some of the principles of the Great Peace. Amid creating turmoil at the Two Row Times, Solowski was removed in April 2015. This scenario appears to be following the same blueprint that was done to us in Onondaga in 1997.
caledoniaDetlor purports that HDI has authority over other Rotinoshonni communities without their authorization. The supposed incorporated Haudenosaunee Confederacy Council of Chiefs and Haudenosaunee Development Institute are pretending to be the Great Law of Peace, in order to complete the final solution to the INDIAN problem by 2024.
Bob Dylan reminds us of what happens to those who betray: “How does it feel, To be on your own. With no direction home. Like a complete unknown. Like a rolling stone?” 
MNN Mohawk Nation News more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go  More stories at MNN Archives.  Address:  Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] for original Mohawk music visit

Gaza Sweden Norway Ship Embarks: Freedom Flotilla III

Marianne is headed for Gaza today

Marianne of Gothenburg left her home port at 7 pm on Sunday 10 May. The trawler, which has been jointly acquired by Ship to Gaza Sweden and Ship to Gaza Norway jointly, departed for a voyage of almost 5000 nautical miles towards the eastern Mediterranean and the blockaded Gaza Strip.
Marianne will join other ships to form "Freedom Flotilla III", a peaceful, nonviolent action to break the illegal and inhumane blockade of the Gaza Strip.
On it's way  Marianne will call at many European and will serve as a focus  for demonstrations and manifestations against the blockade. The first three ports will be Helsingborg, Malmö and Copenhagen. Subsequent ports will be announced at a later time in Media Releases.

Marianne is not a cargo-ship, but she will bring a limited cargo including solar panels and medical equipment.
The solar panels are a gift from ETC-El. In the blockaded Gaza Strip, where the infrastructure has been demolished, solar cells can provide an independent local production of clean energy as the sun can not be blockaded.

In addition to five crew members, Marianne will have up to eight delegates as passengers in each section of the route. The names of these individuals  will be announced during the course of the voyage. Trawellers on the first leg include:
  • Maria Svensson, pro. tem. Spokesperson, Feministiskt initiativ
  • Mikael M Karlsson, Chairperson, Ship to Gaza Sweden
  • Henry Ascher, Professor of Public Health, paediatrician
  • Lennart Berggren, Filmmaker
  • Dror Feiler, Musician, Spokesperson of  Ship to Gaza Sweden

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