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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Seattle Indigenous Kayaks Block Shell Arctic Drilling Rig

Update Monday, May 18, 2015

Broadcast Premier of 'On Sacred Ground'

Broadcast Premier of Standing On Sacred Ground Series Begins May 17, 2015
STANDING ON SACRED GROUND took nearly eight years to complete and focuses on eight threatened cultures—one fight. Using ancient wisdom and modern courage, indigenous communities around the world protect lands of spiritual and ecological significance for future generations.

This new series exposes governmental, industrial and consumer-related threats to indigenous peoples' sacred landscapes around the world.

Fourteen years after In the Light of Reverence, which featured the late tribal leader Florence Jones and her successful battle to protect Mt. Shasta from development, Toby McLeod and Jessica Abbe have released another film on the Winnemem Wintu Tribe, currently seeking to stop the US from enlarging Shasta Dam and wiping out their remaining sacred sites on the McCloud River.

The films provide extremely rare access to the wisdom, creativity and passion of indigenous elders and activists battling contemporary threats that affect us all. Whether it is global climate change, or well-intentioned but culturally destructive tourism, or the trampling of human rights in the pursuit of mineral resources—the films touch viewers deeply and offer solutions rooted in respect for traditional practices. As journalism, as education and as art, these films will have a long life.

Within the films, deep background to some of the most compelling and important environmental stories of our time are explored: tar sands and the Keystone XL pipeline, melting glaciers, and growing global resistance to mining by indigenous communities protecting sacred lands.

Heres a link to the STANDING ON SACRED GROUND trailer: 

Photo of Winnemem Wintu War Dance Courtesy of Winnemem Wintu Tribe.

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Broadcast Premiere of Four-Part Film Series, STANDING ON SACRED GROUND Timed with Asian-Pacific American Month

Series Debuts on WORLD Channel Beginning Sunday, May 17 at 9:00 PM (ET) Through Sunday, June 7 (check local listings)

Berkeley, CA - Standing on Sacred Ground, a four-part documentary series, eight years in the making, on Indigenous struggles over sacred sites, enjoys its national broadcast premiere on The WORLD Channel, Sunday, May 17 at 9 PM (ET) (check local listings).

The next three episodes will run weekly through June 7, 2015. In addition, public television stations nationwide will have access to the programming via the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA), which has also accepted the series for broadcast distribution beginning in April 2015. The WORLD Channel delivers the best of public television's nonfiction, news and documentary programming to U.S. audiences through local public television stations and streaming online. WORLD reached 35 million unique viewers 18+ last year.

Peltier on Passing of Roselyn Jumping Bull

Message from Leonard Peltier on the passing of Roselyn Jumping Bull

May 17, 2015

English, with French translation by Christine Prat 

Greetings my People, friends and supporters.
It is always hard to accept the passing of our elders, especially when it is one who has spent so many years of their life fighting for their People's survival.
For me, Roselyn's passing is very difficult because i knew her personally. She was a great friend, a loyal fighter, and a tireless supporter of my freedom.  I loved her and I certainly will miss her very much.
Roselyn fought hard in dangerous times.  America was at the point of exterminating Native People, The Termination Act was full speed forward in 1958 and she was in the thick of it.  It could have been the end for our Peoples. THERE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ANY MORE RESERVATIONS,  NO more Native Lands, NO more native Nations and, in time, no more native Peoples.  All there would have been is just very short mention of Native Peoples disappearing.   In the 50's,  they began to call US THE VANISHING AMERICANS.  Their plan was simple termination.  This is an old idea that started way back in the 1700's, a long time plan started by the British, and the end result would have been we would be gone.The Nations would have been gone and the People relocated where they would intermarry with the outsiders.  Over time, our blood line would have been gone. This is what assimilation is all about and Roselyn fought to protect us from it.
And, so we fought and in many ways we won.  Our Nations are still here.  Our Peoples  still breathe the air of life.  Roselyn  played her part in it and it was a huge.
I know the  Oglalas are very proud of Roselyn as I am, and I join you in praying for a safe journey for her, and that she'll find her family  and friends and be happy.   I know that she will.
In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,
Leonard Peltier


Publié sur Censored News
17 mai 2015
Traduction Christine Prat

Salutations à mon Peuple, mes amis et mes soutiens.

C’est toujours dur d’accepter le départ de nos anciens, particulièrement dans le cas de quelqu’un qui a passé tant d’années de sa vie à se battre pour la survie de son Peuple.
Pour moi, le décès de Roselyn est d’autant plus difficile que je la connaissais personnellement. C’était une grande amie, une combattante loyale et un soutien infatigable pour ma libération. Je l’aimais et elle me manquera beaucoup.
Roselyn a mené un dur combat à une époque dangereuse. L’Amérique était sur le point d’exterminer le Peuple Autochtone, la loi dite ‘Termination Act’ était fortement promue en 1958 et Roselyn était au milieu de cela. Çà aurait pu être la fin de nos Peuples. IL N’Y AURAIT PLUS EU DE RESERVES, PLUS de Terres Autochtones, PLUS de Nations Autochtones et, à terme, plus de Peuples Autochtones. Il n’y aurait eu qu’une brève mention de la disparition des Peuples Autochtones. Dans les années 1950, ils ont commencé à NOUS appeler LES AMERICAINS EN VOIE DE DISPARITION. Leur plan était notre fin pure et simple. C’est une vieille idée qui a germé il y a bien longtemps, dans les années 1700, un plan à long terme mis en route par les Britanniques et dont le résultat final aurait été que nous n’existerions plus. Les Nations n’existeraient plus et le Peuple aurait été déplacé dans des lieus où ils se seraient mélangés par le mariage avec des gens de l’extérieur. Au fil des temps, notre lignée aurait disparu. C’est ce que signifie l’assimilation et Roselyn s’est battue pour nous en protéger.
Et ainsi nous nous sommes battus et à bien des égards, nous avons gagné. Nos Nations sont toujours là. Nos Peuples respirent toujours le souffle de la vie. Roselyn y a joué son rôle, et il était immense.
Je sais que les Oglala sont comme moi très fiers de Roselyn et je me joins à vous pour prier pour que son voyage se fasse en paix et qu’elle retrouve sa famille et ses amis et soit heureuse. Je sais qu’elle le sera.
Dans l’Esprit de Crazy Horse,

Leonard Peltier

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