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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

De arriba, nunca, jamás llegarán la verdad y la justicia. EZLN

De arriba, nunca, jamás llegarán la verdad y la justicia. EZLN

16 de Agosto del 2015.
A la Sexta Nacional e Internacional:
Al Congreso Nacional Indígena:
A l@s de abajo en el mundo:
A quien corresponda:
Una vez más se remarca que, de arriba, no vendrán la verdad ni la justicia.
De arriba sólo hay que esperar simulación, engaño, impunidad, cinismo.
El criminal de arriba siempre tendrá absolución y recompensa.  Porque quien lo juzga es el mismo que le paga.  Son los mismo criminales y jueces.  Son cabezas venenosas de la misma Hidra.

Dan Bacher 'Documents reveal state plans for seizure of Delta farms to build tunnels'

Photo of the Sacramento River near Clarksburg by Dan Bacher
Documents reveal state plans for seizure of Delta farms to build tunnels/Big Oil spent $6.2 million lobbying California officials in year's first six months

by Dan Bacher
Censored News
Governor Jerry Brown's Delta tunnels plan hasn't been approved yet by the permitting agencies, but documents obtained from the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California reveal that the state and tunnels proponents have identified 300 parcels in the Delta they intend to take through eminent domain.

The newly released documents obtained through Public Records actions demonstrate that water exporters and the "Delta Design Construction Enterprise," housed within the California Department of Water Resources (DWR), have already developed plans to “acquire” family farms and "right of way" in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta through eminent domain, according to a joint statement from Restore the Delta, Delta landowners and the Southern California Watershed Alliance.

Grassroots Indigenous prepare for UN Climate Summit Paris

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
English with Dutch translation

The UN climate summit will be in Paris this year, in late November and December. Although many world leaders will just waste time and money there -- there will also be grassroots Indigenous delegations focused on the land, water and air. During the UN climate summit in Cancun, there was non-stop action, learning and speakers at the La Via Campesina camp and pavilion. Bolivia President Evo Morales was among the speakers beneath the canopy. It meant that all of us without credentials, or who just wanted to be with grassroots people, had a powerful and happy time -- outside and beyond UN COP and its military forces. So, Paris isn't exactly Cochabamba, but great grassroots Indigenous are planning to be there. 

In the news today, the Obama administration gives Shell final approval for drilling in Arctic:

US EPA sends Navajo farmers contaminated water after Gold King mine spill in Animas River:

Dine' chase Arizona Sen. McCain off the Navajo Nation: Days of stealing land and water rights for corporations are over

The first statement to arrive at Censored News is from Istanbul. It is the Muslim Declaration on Climate Change.
Islamic Climate Declaration calls for fossil fuel phase out Istanbul, Turkey 
(August 18, 2015) Islamic leaders from 20 countries today launched a bold Climate Change Declaration to engage the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims on the issue of our time. Adopted by the 60 participants at the International Islamic Climate Change Symposium, (Istanbul, 17-18 August) the Declaration urges governments to deliver a strong, new international climate agreement in Paris this December that signals the end of the road for polluting fossil fuels by creating architecture that will give us a chance of limiting global warming above pre-industrial levels to 2, or preferably 1.5, degrees Celsius.
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Thanks to OurVoices Press Officer Vanya for shairng with Censored News.

UN Conference on Climate Change COP 21

Dutch translation by Alice Holemans, NAIS Gazette, thank you!

* Grassroots inheemsen maken zich klaar voor de VN klimaattop in Parijs
Vertaald door NAIS (with permission from Brenda Norrell):
De VN klimaattop zal in Parijs plaatshebben op het einde van november-
Alhoewel veel wereldleiders enkel maar geld en tijd zullen verspillen zullen er ook grassroots inheemse delegaties aanwezig zijn voor het land, het water en de lucht.
Tijdens de klimaattop in Cancun 2010 werden aan het La Via Campensina non-stop acties, en lezingen gehouden.
President Evo Morales was een der sprekers onder de huif. Dat wil zeggen dat ieder van ons zonder geloofsbrieven, of iedereen die gewoon samen wou zijn met grassroots een geweldige tijd had- achter en uit het zicht van UN COP en zijn militaire strijdmacht.
Parijs is nu niet bepaald Cochabamba, maar aanzienlijke grassroots inheemsen maken zich klaar om erbij te zijn.

Vandaag in het nieuws, Obama geeft Shell de definitieve goedkeuring voor boringen in Arctica:

US EPA zendt Navajo boeren besmet water na Gold King Spill in Animas Rivier:

De eerste verklaring die Censored News bereikte komt van Istambul.
Het is de Moslim Verklaring over klimaatverandering.
Islamic Climate Declaration calls for fossil fuel phase out Istanbul, Turkey
18 augustus, 2015-08-19
Islamitische leiders uit meer dan 20 landen hebben vandaag een krachtdadige klimaatverandering verklaring gelanceerd om de 1.6 miljard Moslims van over de hele wereld te betrekken op de problemen van onze tijd.
60 deelnemers aan het ‘International Islamic Climate Change Symposium’ (Istanbul 17-18 augustus) hebben de verklaring aangenomen.
In de verklaring manen zij de regeringen aan dat zij in Parijs tot een nieuw internationale klimaat overeenkomst moeten komen die een einde maakt aan de vervuilende fossiele brandstoffen.
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Thanks to OurVoices Press Officer Vanya for shairng with Censored News.

UN Conference on Climate Change COP 21

Climate express, Belgium
Move the Climate
De klimaattop is hét moment om massaal op straat te komen en de wereld te eisen waarvan we weten dat ze binnen ons bereik ligt: een wereld met een economie die werkt voor mens en planeet.
Wij geven het startschot met een gigantische klimaatmars en sluiten de top af met een straf staaltje creatief verzet.
Met de trein, de fiets en de bus brengen we minstens 10.000 Belgen naar Parijs!
Voor meer info:

Mohawk Nation News 'Being Curious'


Please post & distribute. Nia:wen.
MNN. Aug. 17, 2015. To get a good education we are told to always ask “why?” and “can you prove it?” about everything. In 1884, Canada, a corporate franchise of Europe, illegally passed the Indian Advancement Act.  [] In 1924 all of our communities were turned into POW camps administered by the military. Kahnawake is #IR 14. Today, violating our sovereignty, illegal secret structures and businesses are flooding kahnawake, without our knowledge or consent. Complaints unheeded.
Chief Joe Norton lost 3 casino referenda.
Get rich quick by scamming your people: Joke Norton.
Get rich quick by scamming your people” by Joke Norton.
It seems he purchased our land to build a casino anyway, using our sovereignty and funds to make himself and his foreign investors rich. A road off the bridge from Montreal leads to a locked gate with the sign “L.A. Hebert” [commercial & industrial projects, possibly military. 450-632-7973].
what's being weighed?
The road leads into the bush to a weigh scale and then to a 300-acre cleared landfill. Along the road are empty poles. Further on electric boxes are attached to the poles with heavy black covered wiring buried into the ground. Further along stands a large empty square structure about the size of a 3-storey Wal-Mart, without windows.
Joke casino in the bush. Ha ha ha!
Ol’ Joke casino in the bush. Ha ha ha!
A 13 ft. high fence with barbed wire at the top surrounds the entire property to keep people out, not in. 10 large cooling systems are on the roof. The property could be a casino, a military installation or a prison/holding pen/labor camp. Warning notices abound. The only security was a monitor on a table inside the front door. Further down the road is a 300-foot tower with huge thick black wires coming from it. 350 Wal-Marts closed.

Until we take direction from the kohtihon'tia:kwenio
Until we take direction from the kohtihon’tia:kwenio.
Strangely no one in Kahnawake seems to know when this structure was built in the center of our territory. Just like in 1994 Joke Norton bought a Jesus toast  for $1.2 million of our funds without our knowledge.
Looks a bit like Joe.
Looks a bit like Joe.
According to Wampum 44 of the Great Peace the kohtihon’tia:kwenio, women titleholders, are responsible for all land and community issues. Each woman has the duty to bring all issues regarding our land before the people. Using Admiralty law to set up corporate businesses and structures on our land is illegal. The colony of Canada and their corporate puppets must immediately cease and desist their violations of our authority. They must deal only deal with us as required under both our law and international law. Anyone wishing to discuss any issues must provide full information through proper diplomatic channels, the Governor General.
Joe's off-shore casino on the S.S. Concordia!
Another option: off-shore casino on Lachine Rapids.
We, the kohtihon’tia:kwennio, of the rotino’shonni:onwe, maintain that violations of our inherent rights and laws, by Canada and its corporations and agents, like the MCK, cannot be tolerated. They violate the Great Peace and Two Row, the first laws of ono’ware:geh. The women titleholders of Kahnawake have full rights to seize all of these structures and businesses that have been illegally built in our community. Govern yourselves accordingly.
Due to the immense secrecy, we are speculating and entitled to full transparency. Alice Cooper sees the CROWN’s role in this Admiralty matrix . the band councillors help the CROWN spin its web: “I’m your lover. I’m your brother. I’m your killer. I’m your friend. I’m your teacher. I’m Your preacher. I’m the reaper. In the end. I am the spider.” 

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CROWN agents plan takeover.
CROWN agents MCK plan takeover of Kahnawake.

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