Friday, July 21, 2017

Onkwehonwe and Chahta confront Columbus replica ships, vile history

Onkwehonwe and Chahta confront Columbus replica ships, vile history

Nina and Pinta replica ships of Columbus Foundation confronted with Columbus' vile atrocities

Article by Leadhorse Choctaw
Photos courtesy Neddie Katsitsiaionhne, Akwesasne
Censored News

Onkwehonwe (mohawks) Northern. Chahta (choctaw) Southern confront columbus captain and ships. ORDERS: DOCK SHIP FOR INSPECTION.
Akwesasne Longhouse People canoe to ships to say 'no entrance.' Speak on the people who were taken and eaten as food supply for columbus and shipmates. Documented on columbus that original people were eaten also we were called the long pig explaining we tasted almost as the short pig. (Note: Paynes doctrine) where term Indian steak comes from. It's why fish is now eaten on good Friday as to stop invaders from eating man.

Photos at Albany Yaht Club, Rensselaer New York

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