August 2020

Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Friday, July 3, 2020

'Trump Go Home!' Live from Mount Rushmore 'Honor the Treaties'

Lakotas arrested at Mount Rushmore as they blocked the road. Arrested in the Spirit of Crazy Horse, defending the Black Hills from Trump and white supremacy.

Trump ignored Oglala and Cheyenne River Lakota leaders, violated the nation to nation relationship, disrespected Lakota and Treaties, lashed out at those opposing him at Mount Rushmore, as his #coronavirus-spreading rallies continue across the U.S. fueling white supremacy.
Lakota women arrested at Mount Rushmore roadblock now. "You stole this land!" one Lakota woman yelled. One Lakota man yelled, "In the Spirit of Crazy Horse. In the Spirit of Russell Means." Arrests underway now. -- Censored News
Anyone who doesn't disperse will be arrested in 30 minutes. "We will not disperse. We will defend our land." Mount Rushmore roadblock. "Today has been a proud day to be Lakota. We put this place on lockdown for three hours. We found that power from our Ancestors."

"The land doesn't want you here! You've already spilled enough blood colonizers!" Native woman yells, holding the line at the roadblock to Mount Rushmore. Pepper balls and mace or pepper spray have been fired. Police putting on gas masks now.

Watch live below.

Police now spraying Native resisters at roadblock with mace or pepper spray.

National Guard are putting gas masks on. Police are firing pepper ball pellets at Native Women blocking road to Mount Rushmore.

"This is our land!" Lakota Dakota women yell at police.

Native women standing strong for stolen sisters, holding back police in riot gear, road is blocked to Mount Rushmore. Trump expected here by 8 pm.

"This is our land! You stole our mothers! You stole our land!'

Road blocked by Native women. Police threatening arrests.
Screenshots by Censored News. Livestreams from Mount Rushmore.

Live by Unicorn Riot:

Live from Johnny Dangers

NDN Collective calls for closure of Mount Rushmore and for the Black Hills to be returned to the Lakota

Indigenous/Lakota youths in Rapid City July 2, 2020. Photo NDN Collective.

NDN Collective calls for closure of Mount Rushmore and for the Black Hills to be returned to the Lakota

By NDN Collective
Censored News

“Mount Rushmore is on stolen Lakota land and its very existence is a symbol of white supremacy,” says Nick Tilsen, NDN Collective President and CEO. “In opposing the ongoing desecration of our sacred land and asking for return of Lakota lands where Mount Rushmore is situated, we’re not saying anything that our parents, grandparents and great grandparents haven’t already said– The Lakota have opposed Mount Rushmore since the very beginning.”

Oglala Lakota President to Mr. Trump: 'The people are angry, it is in our DNA to fight for these lands'

Oglala Lakota President to Mr. Trump, 'The people are angry, it is in our DNA to fight for these lands'

"It is not just a threat to my people, but a threat to the land and it is a threat to mankind in general and to human life." -- Oglala Lakota President Julian Bear Runner

Article by Brenda Norrell
News coverage by MSNBC
Censored News

Oglala Lakota President Julian Bear Runner sent a letter to Mr. Trump and advised him that he is not permitted to enter the Treaty Territory at this time because of the lack of consultation with the Great Sioux Nation and the lack of correspondence with the Great Sioux Leaders.

Speaking on MSNBC television news, Bear Runner said that Trump made no effort to sit down with the Great Sioux Leaders to seek a plan to go about celebrating his Independence Day at Mount Rushmore.

"It is very hard to remain diplomatic due to the lack of consultation," Bear Runner said of Trump's plans at Mount Rushmore today, July 3.

"For my people, it is in our DNA to fight for these lands, to defend these lands, and to protect what is sacred. Mount Rushmore is carved on one of our most sacred mountains within the Black Hills."

"The people are angry," Bear Runner said, adding that he will stand with them and help them in every way that he can to do what is right.

Bear Runner said the mountain represents six of his people's grandfathers, six of their ancestors, and had a sacred and significant meaning prior to the carving of these presidents.

As for the gathering today, July 3, Bear Runner said his people and people from across America are reaching out to him who want to come and stand with the Great Sioux Nation, and exercise their Amendment Rights to protest and to demonstrate.

With the worldwide pandemic, he said they are encouraging members to exercise safety and wear protective gear.

Bear Runner said he frowns on Trump coming here because the governor of South Dakota has said there will be no social distancing, and masks will not be required.

Bear Runner said across America and the world these precautions are advised for protection during this pandemic.

"It is not just a threat to my people, but a threat to the land and it is a threat to mankind in general and to human life."

Natives helping Natives in Rapid City: Meals for Relatives COVID-19 Rapid Community Response

By Natalie Stites Means
Photos by Chantelle Blue Arm, Bobbi Jean Jarvinen
Karissa Ortman Loewen and Natalie Stites Means
Censored News

We serve COVID19 positive families committed to quarantine. Especially the families whose matriarchs are sick and cannot cook for their families for 14 days. While need is not necessary for aid, we ask that people who can physically cook for themselves do so and we will assist with groceries.

Since May 10th, we have provided a homemade meal a day to 26 households, providing over 1100 meals and at least 32 aid packages+ to families in quarantine and isolation in Rapid City. We have also distributed 2400 cloth and disposable masks.

Half of Pennington County COVID-19 cases are Native American people. We are not seeing the relief on the ground that families need to isolate, survive and heal from the virus. We believe our numbers will continue to rise if families are not properly and directly assisted to quarantine with basic necessities and humanitarian aid.

We aim to provide an aid package for each family, supplemental supplies as necessary for two weeks, and a daily cooked meal for the whole household.

We need more volunteers to drive, make drop deliveries, procure food, procure medicines, procure supplies, and prepare, cook and package food for households in quarantine.

When we get more resources, we are interested in food aid by purchasing fresh, organic, nutrient-rich groceries for families for at least 2 weeks, prevention and more PPE, aftercare, and financial assistance for survivors and their families.


We are Natives helping Natives. This is an entire gift and volunteer-driven project. #FoodisMedicine #MealsforRelatives #MniLuzahanTiospaye #MealsAidRelief

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