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Monday, June 21, 2021

Three Water Protectors Arrested at Ceremonial Prayer Lodge: Stop Enbridge Line 3


By Honor the Earth 

Censored News

June 21, 2021

PALISADE, Minnesota -- On Monday morning, law enforcement officials arrested three water protectors at a ceremonial prayer lodge protected under treaty law and federal order at the Mississippi river crossing of the Line 3 tar sands pipeline route near Palisade, Minnesota.  Law enforcement officials are seen in a live-stream threatening more arrests as they lead workers through the protected area. 

AIM West KPFA Radio: Percy Casper Survivor of Kamloops Residential School

"My heart is tattooed forever."

Percy Casper, Shuswap Nation, was incarcerated before he was five years old. Percy describes the holocaust and genocide of 10 years in Kamloops Residential School, where 215 Native children were found buried in a mass grave. Percy said it was a labor camp and children were abused at night. The children who never made it home come to him in his dreams. Listen to Percy's interview with Tony Gonzales, AIM West, on KPFA Radio. -- Censored News

Duane Chili Yazzie 'The World Does Not Hear'

The World Does Not Hear

By Duane Chili Yazzie, Dine'
Shiprock, Navajo Nation
Censored News

Before the pandemic, the world was in trouble. The climate crisis was choking the life out of the planet, the racial dynamic between White people and people of color was bad.

Now, as the world struggles to get past the pandemic, these troubles have become more critical and dangerous. The climate crisis seems overwhelming, and across America, the fervor of White supremacy is metastasizing.

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