Friday, October 26, 2012

Comcaac (Seri) honored as 'Pillars of the World'

Article, photo and video by Brenda Norrell
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BE' CHUK' (HERMOSILLO, Sonora, Mexico ) -- Today, Amalia Astorga and Adolfo Burgos, Comca'ac (Seri) were honored as Pillars of the World during the Second Reunion of the Spiritual Guides of the Region.
Indigenous People in Sonora are struggling to maintain their language and culture. The discussions center on the spiritual well being of Sonora, including water, land, medicines, and all that is part of the culture, said Sonoran Studies Professor Alejandro Aguilar Zeleny.
The issues include water diversion of Rio Yaqui; the dam project that will relocate the Guarijios, drug trafficking impacting the Los Pimas; gold mining and mega agricultural development in the O'odham ceremonial community of Quitovac; and tourism development along the sea coast of the Comcaac (Seri.)
 Indigenous Peoples of Sonora, located south of Arizona,  are Yoeme (Yaqui,) Yoerme (Mayo,) Los Pimas, Guarijios, Comcaac ( Seri,)  O'odham, Cocopah (Cucapa,) Kickapoo, and Raramuri (Tarahumara.)
Seri Amalia Astorga celebrates with dance, to the Sonoran Indigenous music,
during the Second Reunion of Spiritual Guides, Friday, Oct. 26, 2012.

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