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Friday, October 28, 2011

VIDEO: Who shot Scott Olsen at Occupy Oakland?

Update Oct. 12, 2012
Oakland police chief wants two officers fired, 42 disciplined, for abuse of Occupy protesters

UPDATED FEB 24, 2012:

(Above) Police video used to identify Oakland police officer R. Roche. Watch video:

Video reveals San Francisco Sheriff officers on front line when Marine
    Scott Olsen was shot at Occupy Oakland. An Oakland officer can be heard
    on the loud speaker giving commands. More photos below.
Center police line when Scott Olsen was shot: San Francisco Sheriff Emergency Services Unit (ESU) officers Ceciel Yambao, Scott Bergstresser and Hugo Aparicio.
Officers on the far right, unidentified, appeared on the police line moments before Olsen was hit.

Marine Scott Olsen and Navy Joshua Shepherd, Veterans for Peace, face police minutes before tear gas
canisters were fired directly at them. See video below. Screen capture by Censored News.
UPDATE: Video shows riot police firing shotguns where Marine Scott Olsen was shot:
Update: Nov. 4, 2011: The following video shows the unidentified officer above moving down the police line when Scott Olsen was shot. The riot shotgun he is holding can fire rubber bullets or bean bags. In this video, police are shown firing riot shotguns at head level into the crowd, on the far right in the video, minutes after Olsen was shot. New photos and videos show that several Sheriff's Departments were positioned in the area when Olsen was shot:
Censored News
San Francisco Sheriff's officers on center front police line, during shooting of Marine Scott Olsen have been verified, by way of an official list of officers.
They are San Francisco Sheriff Emergency Services Unit (ESU) officers Scott Bergstresser, Ceciel Yambao and Hugo Aparicio.

OAKLAND, Calif. -- US Marines are gathering evidence to prosecute the officers who shot fellow Marine Scott Olsen, member of Veterans for Peace, at Occupy Oakland on Tuesday night. Scott was standing in front of police to protect the people behind him, when police fired directly at him.
Scott suffered a skull fracture when a police projectile struck him in the head. After Scott was down, and people rushed to help him yelling for medics. Police threw a flash grenade at Scott after he was unconscious and bleeding from the mouth and head.
A video reveals that the San Francisco Sheriff's Emergency Services Unit (ESU) were on the front police line at Occupy Oakland when the tear gas canisters were fired. The video below shows San Francisco Sheriff ESU team member Scott Bergstresser, (whose uniform has two stripes) next to officer Ceciel Yambao.
"Multiple copies of the videos used to ID Yambao, Bergstresser and officer Hugo Aparicio are on servers. Too late for YouTube takedowns," according to a Twitter message today.
"Two questions that Bergstresser should be asked under oath: Did you fire directly at Scott? Did you throw a grenade?" At minimum, Bergstresser is a witness.
The video reveals one of the officers striking his baton at a disabled woman before the gas attack began. An Oakland officer in the background can be heard giving commands on a loud speaker.
Also see: Video: Officer shows flash bang at Olsen after he was hit:
A separate series of photos details the events when the teargas was fired:,-Scott-Olsen-Shooting

Photos below of additional San Francisco Sheriff's Emergency Services Unit (ESU) on the front police line when tear gas canister was shot at Scott Olsen. See also top photo of Bergstresser.
Screen captures from above video. Double click on images to enlarge.

Officer on the right strikes baton repeatedly at
disabled woman being helped to stand.

Video from KTVU TV news reveals this teargas shooter, standing with San Francisco Sheriff ESU officers:
Officer in center with pepperball gun
shortly before Olsen was hit
Occupy Marines Statement:
OccupyMARINES Have Watched Closely The Response From The OPD, The Mayor, The Governor, And All Others Involved In The Oakland Attack On Peaceful Demonstrators; We Have Observed These Pathetic Cowards Refuse Responsibility For Their Actions That May Very Well Alter The Course Of Our Brother’s Life. Additionally, Many Other Police Departments Nationwide Deploy Similar Riot Tactics Against Demonstrators Honoring The OWS 8, A Peaceful Declaration Of Assembly; We Will Organize Peacefully Against These Departments.
In Response To The Oakland Shooting Of Scott Olsen OccupyMARINES Request The Following:
The GOP Cowards Responsible For Influencing This Event Be Brought To Justice. Track Names And Photos Of Each And Email Them To Us
Identify The 300 OPD Riot Officers By Name, Photo, And Badge Number With Boots On The Ground Engaging In Illegal Excessive Force Acts Against Peaceful Americans For Prosecution.
Identify The Officer Responsible For Harming Scott Olsen By Name And Photo For Prosecution.
The Honorable Resignation Of Oakland Mayor Jean Quan And Acting Police Chief Howard Jordan.
A Public Apology From California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. For The Unlawful Injury Of Our Brother Scott Olsen.
We Fully Intend To Make An Example, Legally And Peacefully, Of The Cowards Associated With Harming An American Veteran. We Will Not Stop Until Our Aforementioned Demands Are Met In Their Entirety.
God Be With Scott Olsen, We Pray A Speedy Recovery For Him And His Mother.
Semper Fidelis Scott Olsen
Keep Pushing Forward America We Support You.

Lakota Media Project Photos: A Day with Daryl Hannah and Tom Weis

Copyright Lakota Media Project

Copyright Lakota Media Project
Copyright Lakota Media Project

Copyright Lakota Media Project

Copyright Lakota Media Project

Copyright Lakota Media Project

Lakota Media Project photos
Published with permission at Censored News

LAKOTAS JOIN TOUR OF RESISTANCE: Actress Daryl Hannah and climate activist Tom Weis, crossing the country on his pedal-powered Rocket Trike, join Lakotas on Pine Ridge in South Dakota. They oppose the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline and the Tarsands mining that is destroying First Nation land in Alberta, Canada. The pipeline of dirty oil would go through the Ogalalla Aquifer, which provides drinking water and water for crops in the region. Tarsands activists will circle the White House on Nov. 6. Debra White Plume, shown in photos, was among those arrested on Sept. 2, when Native American activists engaged in civil disobedience in front of the White House in opposition to the Tarsands and Keystone pipeline. (Debra White Plume is on Hannah's left in photo five.) Read more about Tom Weis' Rocket Trike:
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Occupy Oakland Solidarity in Egypt

Egyptians march from Tahrir Square to support Occupy Oakland protestors

By Egyptian blogger Mohammed Maree
Reposted at Censored News

As they vowed earlier this week to do, Egyptian pro-democracy protesters marched from Tahrir square to the U.S. Embassy today to march in support of Occupy Oakland—and against the type of police brutality witnessed in Oakland on Tuesday night, and commonly experienced in Egypt.
In this post, photos from Egyptian blogger Mohammed Maree, who is there at the march live-tweeting these snapshots. He is a journalist with, a human rights activist, and a veterinarian; all photos are his.

Lehman Brightman Benefit Dinner

Lehman L. Brightman's Dinner Benefit for Recovery
By Quanah Parker Brightman
Censored News
Mills College, Graduate School of Business Gathering Hall
5000 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94619
Nov. 10,2  011
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
As many of you are aware, Indigenous Scholar, Korean War Veteran, Professional Football Player and Resistance Leader Lehman L. Brightman suffered a stroke this past July 22, 2011 and is currently recovering in the hospital.
Dr. Brightman is in need of financial assistance in paying his medical expenses, back taxes, and his mortgage. Any monetary gift is generous and is greatly appreciated.
Benefit Dinner Itinerary:
Opening Blessing: Lakota Medicine Man Richard Mooves Camp
Introduction: Son, Quanah Parker Brightman
Slide Show Presentation Of Prof. Lee Brightman
Including Singing Groups The Sweet Lodge Sistahs
Community Dinner
Honor Song by Drum
Closing Prayer
Mills College, Graduate School of Business Gathering Hall
5000 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94619
Nov. 10,2 011
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
For Event Details Contact:
Melinda Mills
(510) 430-3324
Facebook Page:
All other info regarding Prof. Lee Brightman or UNA Inc.
(510) 672-7187
Dr. Brightman's bio:
Lehman L. Brightman is a Sioux and Creek Indian who was born on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota. Professor Brightman is the founder and National President of United Native Americans,Inc. an Indian organization formed in 1968, to promote the progress and general welfare of American Indians. In his capacity as President of UNA, Mr. Brightman has testified in two U.S Senate Hearings on the deplorable conditions of Indian boarding schools and hospitals on reservations. He led investigations of seven Indian boarding schools and three Indian hospitals due to the poor service and abusive treatment of Indian people. He is a former football and track star at Oklahoma State University where he earned a B.A. degree, and he has an M.A. degree from the University of California at Berkeley. Mr. Brightman is an ex-Marine and served one year in the Korean conflict where he was wounded inaction. Professor Brightman established and coordinated the first Native American Studies Program in the United States at UC Berkeley in 1969, and has since taught at the University of California in San Diego, Sacramento State University, D-Q University, and Contra Costa College in San Pablo, California. Brightman is the author of numerous articles on the history of Indian education and federal boarding schools. He is the former editor of the first International Indian newspaper called Warpath, and was involved in the occupation ofAlcatraz, and the takeover of Wounded Knee, and led the takeover and occupation of Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota in 1970. He was one of the national coordinators of the Longest Walk in 1978, and the Long Walk for Survival in1980. At the present time, Mr. Brightman is writing a book on the history of the Indian Civil Rights Movement from the 1960's to the present.

*Kindly mail your donation to:
UnitedNative Americans, Inc.
2434 Faria Avenue
Pinole, California 94564.
The entire U.N.A. family would like to personallythank you for assisting us in helping Lehman Brightman during this difficulttime.
Your continued prayers for his health and welfareare greatly appreciated.
For more information, please contact or (510) 672-7187
United Native Americans, Inc.

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