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Monday, October 22, 2012

Honoring the Life of Russell Means Oct 24, 2012

Russell Means with Senator Kennedy photo Daniel Luna

Honoring the Life of Russell Means

By the family of Russell Means
Censored News
October 22, 2012
Porcupine, SD USA
The family of Russell Means invites you to join us in“Honoring the Life of Russell Means." The honoring will highlight his life, leadership and the eternal fire that he re-ignited throughout Indian Country.
October 24, 2012, begins at 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. MST, at Little Wound High School Gymnasium in Kyle, South Dakota USA, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
Russell Means, a self-described “Oglala Lakota Patriot and Freedom Fighter," began his journey to the spirit world at 4:44 am, with the Morning Star, at his home and ranch in Porcupine.
This Honoring will be the first of four opportunities for the people to honor his life. The next three Honorings are tentatively scheduled as follows: 2nd Honoring at Wounded Knee’73 Occupation Memorial (Feb 2013); 3rd Honoring at Wind Cave State Park, SD (June 2013); 4th Honoring on Russell’s birthday (Nov 10, 2013) at location to be determined.
There will be a designated media area at the Honoring on Wednesday at Little Wound School. Press credentials required.
Contributions of star quilts, blankets and food to feed the people will be appreciated, and may be brought on Wednesday, October 22, directly to Little Wound High School, Kyle, South Dakota.
Financial contributions to advance the visionary work of Russell Means can be sent to:
TREATY Total Immersion Educational Endowment Fund
Administrative Office
P.O. Box 110
San José, NM 87565
Paypal contributions can be made at:

'Our Friend' Leonard Peltier remembers Russell Means

Leonard's Statement for Russell Means
By Leonard Peltier
Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee
Censored News
Oct. 22, 2012

Greetings my relatives and friends

I wish I was there to talk with you in person and share with you the sorrow that I feel with the passing of Russell Means, my brother, my friend, and inspiration on many levels. Russell Means will always be an icon whenever the American Indian Movement is spoken of and whenever people talk about the changes that took place, the changes that are taking place now for Indian people.

One thing about Russell I always remembered, and I think someone else once said it, you may have loved him, or you may have disliked him, but you couldn't ignore him. I'll always remember when an elder said one time, I was at a ceremony and I asked what this half shaped moon circle on the ground meant, and he said it was a symbol of the circle of life, the never ending of the circle of life, and I said there is only half a circle, and he said the other half was unseen, it is the spirit world. For Indian people it never ends, we don't have a linear existence, so I know I will see Russell again, and I take comfort in that thought. For men like Russell Means don't come along in a lifetime very often. He was truly an inspiration for all of us younger guys at the time. He had good words to say, he was eloquent when he spoke them, and he spoke English as clearly and precisely and as articulate as any one I have ever heard speak. And he knew what he was talking about. And I know all of you out there, as well as myself, will always remember our friend, our brother and fellow activist, and how he stood with us to recapture the freedoms we've lost, and protect the ones that we still have, and bring about a better future for our people, and all people of this Mother Earth, who's nature is in peril.

I really don't know what else to say about our brother Russell, other than to Russell himself, "We'll see you again my brother Russell, in some other time and in some other place, we will always be your friend, and we will always look forward to seeing your face. Mitakuye Oyasin."

In the spirit of Crazy Horse, and Russell Means.

I'll close for now.

Leonard Peltier

Russell Means will be honored in Kyle, South Dakota, on Wed., Oct. 24, 2012, during the first of four gatherings.

Indigenous: REDD is a manipulation of the sacred


REDD is a manipulation of the sacred. Click to enlarge. Please share.
--Censored News

Gila River youths halt destructive Loop 202 plan


Under the watchful eye of engaged youth and concerned GRIC members, Pangea and the PLA's “City Concept” plan was halted by tribal council


Censored News

SACATON, Ariz. --  At the October 17, 2012 Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) Tribal Council session, Pangea, LLC and the Pecos Landowners Association (PLA) attempted to rush forward their plans pertaining to the construction of a city and freeway within the reservation. Pangea sought the tribal council's approval for a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which granted Pangea and its investors exclusive rights to develop over 5500 acres of tribal land on the reservation's western end along the route of the proposed Loop 202 freeway, which GRIC voted against last February. The PLA attempted to pressure tribal council to approve the Pangea corporation's initiative for yet another community vote on the Loop 202.

But to their surprise, Pangea and the PLA were confronted by young people wearing breathing masks and No Build 202 shirts who sought to hold both Pangea and the PLA accountable to last February's Loop 202 vote. In that vote, GRIC voters voted in favor of the No Build option for the freeway. The Gila River youth, whose breathing masks symbolized the environmental toxins that freeways bring to the land and air, were at the tribal council meeting to demand that their elected officials uphold the No Build voice of the people.

“I can't vote yet, but if I could, I would have voted No Build too. The people who want the freeway should think about what my generation will go through if all we have to inherit is freeway pollution”said 14 year old Lily Miles, of Komatke and Vah-ki, who was one of the twelve who wore medical breathing masks and No Build shirts in solidarity with the community's No Build voice.

Since the historic Loop 202 vote, many GRIC members, especially the youth, have felt their tribal leadership has not fully upheld the community's No Build stance. This suspicion is heightened since GRIC Governor Mendoza allowed Pangea to consult with GRIC's Office of General Counsel for their City Concept and freeway plans. In addition, Governor Mendoza presented the PLA initiative that calls for another Loop 202 vote at the September 26th GRIC Legislative Standing Committee (LSC).

If approved by the GRIC Tribal Council, the massive Pangea City Concept, the size of over 5000 football fields, would be the largest construction project in the history of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and the Gila River Indian Community. The GRIC No Build supporters who attended the Wednesday council session were compelled to raise their voices against Pangea and the PLA in the tribal council chambers without saying one word. Their breathing masks and No Build 202 shirts, stating “Biohazard 202” spoke to the looming desecration of Muhadag Do'ag (South Mountain) and to the negative impacts the proposed freeway would bring to the environment and overall community health.

“Our tribal leaders must be held accountable for where their allegiances lie,” said Renee Jackson of Vah-ki, who was one of the No Build supporters who wore breathing masks and Biohazard 202 shirts during the meeting. “Our representatives must be transparent in where they stand on the issue of the freeway”.

While council went to executive session to decide the merit of Pangea's MOU and the PLA voting initiative, the twelve youth engaged pro-freeway Gila River landowners in the hallways outside council chambers. The youth shared their concerns regarding the environmental, health and cultural impacts the City Concept would bring to their future while council was in executive session and closed to the public. The mere presence of these twelve helped give a voice to the 720 GRIC members who voted for No Build, and their breathing masks showed the potential danger the freeway would bring.

Today we showed where the youth stand and we showed that there are youth who care. Pangea and the PLA's city concept is a danger to our future and both are biohazards to the land and to the mountain,” said Andrew Pedro, 18 years old, from Sacaton, who printed the Biohazard shirts. “People were asking me for more t-shirts, and I believe that this is the first of more visual demonstrations to come.

“I felt like it was my responsibility to be here and get informed about what is happening around me and in my community because I will be inheriting this land too.” said Karma Miles, 11 years old, from Komatke and Vah-ki.

Despite the differences the youth had with fellow GRIC landowners, the youth presented themselves in a respectful matter, and even helped PLA elders by setting up chairs during executive session.

After nearly an hour in executive session, Tribal Council decided that eleven key points needed to be met before any MOU regarding Pangea's land use plans could be approved. The eleven points center around public safety, budgeting, jurisdiction, and land management issues that were not addressed within the MOU submitted by Pangea. Council clearly declared that all points must be met before Pangea's MOU could be brought back before the council. Additionally, the misleading Save the Mountain initiative was held to standard GRIC Community Council Secretary’s Office (CCSO) procedure regarding signatures verification. The PLA submitted their Pangea-backed initiative to the GRIC Community Council Secretary's Office (CCSO) on September 27 with the backing of 1,527 landowner signatures. Tribal council declared that each signature must be verified first before council would consider the initiative. As with the per capita initiative, a previous people's initiative in Gila River, the signatures could take the CCSO four to six months to verify, especially with reports of missing tribal enrollment numbers with the signatures submitted, as reported by Community Council Secretary Linda Andrews at the council meeting. The Save the Mountain initiative, which Pangea and PLA deemed” first ever Peoples Initiative through the People’s rights under the GRIC Tribal Constitution”, does not save the mountain because it calls for the rejected freeway to be constructed on tribal lands along the foothills of Muhadag Do'ag (South Mountain).

Despite the steps that are legally required to approve a voter initiative, a Pangea representative pressured council to move forward and approve the pro-freeway initiative. GRIC member Joey Perez of Pangea attempted to have council set a much shorter time frame for approval, by citing the 14th amendment of the GRIC constitution, which declares council has 60 days to make a decision on any initiative bought forth to them. The Pangea corporation's interpretation, as stated by Perez, was that the 60 days started on September 27, when the signatures were submitted, which would force council to possibly reconsider another Loop 202 vote by the end of the year. But Perez, Pangea and the PLA were soon confronted with standard GRIC procedures regarding initiatives: signatures must be verified before the initiative can be considered by the council.

The reason why the Pangea corporation and pro-build supporters disregard the No Build victory and are attempting to rush the tribal council to schedule another vote on the proposed freeway is because in 2013 federal land leasing regulations for tribal allotted lands become much more restrictive. Changes to Title 25 of the BIA's Code of Federal Regulations will require 100 percent of landowner consents before the BIA will approve any new leases pertaining to the use of tribal allotted lands for businesses. This would make the Pangea City Concept, which is centered around the construction of the Loop 202, subject to heightened federal regulations.

The decision by Council to hold Pangea and the PLA transparent and accountable to the process was a long overdue first step in reversing its nine months of inaction regarding the No Build vote. Pangea and the PLA were expecting to walk out of the tribal council meeting with another Loop 202 vote scheduled, and their land development plans to be unopposed. But Pangea and the PLA left the October tribal council session in defeat when confronted with the gaping holes of their fraudulent campaign to bulldoze over 5500 acres for a Pangea city, and by the faces of the young people whose future health depends on the preservation and protection of Muhadag Do'ag, and their lands.

“It was a wonderful day, a small victory once again,” said Lori Thomas, of Gila River Alliance for a Clean Environment. “The youth who were present were awesome. It was good to see them engage in the issue. A small battle was won but the fight still rages on.”

For the youth who attended this round of the bigger fight to completely stop the Loop 202, it showed that their involvement will be crucial for the future of the community, and that a new form of expression is needed so that their voices can be heard by the Pangea corporation, the PLA, as well as by the GRIC tribal council and Governor Mendoza.

“We made an impact by representing all the No Build supporters who can't be here, to go to these meetings and be heard,” said Ana Morago, 18 years old, of Stotonic. “We aren't bused in, like the way Pangea brings in their people. And even though we didn't speak, our actions and how we presented ourselves spoke louder”.

Apache woman terminally ill evicted from home in Orange County

Censored News

According to Niko Black, Apache Nation and terminally ill with cancer, she was illegally evicted from her home by the Orange County Sheriff's Department on October 10th, 2012. Listen to her testify about the Orange County Sheriff's department violation of the federal court order posted on her front door and in her possession during the home invasion. In addition to the Orange County Sheriff's Department damaging her property, one Sheriff stuck a gun her in face indicating she would be leaving. When she called the Garden Grove police on 10/10/12, the Garden Grove police refused to talk to her that day and they did not take a police report. Subsequently, the Garden Grove, CA police department has repeatedly refused to take a police report from Niko Black as of 10/21/12.

Take the time to watch and listen to the entire testimony. The sound quality is poor, but the message or narrative is instrumental and powerful.

Wells Fargo and Keefe Roberts & Associates are the "prime movers" setting in motion the eviction process of Niko Black. If fact, people dressed in civilian clothes entered Niko Black's home on 10/10/12 along with the Orange County Sheriff's department according to her testimony.

Due to Niko Black's deteriorating health, her home is the only medically sanctioned environment where she can live. Each day outside her home could result in her experience of moving beyond the physical world in an expedited manner - caused by Wells Fargo, its partner or agents, the Orange County Sheriff's Department, and others who supported and continue to support her eviction.

Some responsive strategies: request the Orange County District Attorney's Office to investigate the matter as well as the deputized officers involved with eviction, request that the internal affairs departments of the Garden Grove police department and the Orange County Sheriff's Department investigate the police offers who abused the civil and human rights of Niko Black.

Contact Wells Fargo and Keefe Roberts & Associates and demand that immediate action be taken to place Niko Black back into home, safely, and permit her access to medical supplies and medication as well as living in her only medically sanctioned environment.

Request the FBI immediately investigate these civil and human rights abuses.

Whomever folks speak with request that Niko Black be immediately permitted to return back home.

Sign the petition:

Facebook Niko Black and/or the Internet for more information

Contact the Garden Grove Police Department, Citizen Complaints/Commendations line at (714) 741-5704
Contact Garden Grove Mayor, William J. Dalton at (714) 741-5000

Contact Orange County District Attorney's Office, Tony Rackaukas, and demand an investigation into OC Sheriff's Dept. activities and Garden Grove Police department: 714-834-3600

Contact the Well Fargo President and CEO,John G. Stumpf at 866-249-3302 and ask for him.

Contact Wells Fargo's Legal firm, Keefe Roberts & Associates (888) 857 4270

Mail letters to:
John G. Stumpf, Chairman, President and CEO
Wells Fargo
420 Montgomery St.
San Francisco, CA 94163

Cara Heiden, Co-president
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
P.O. Box 10335
Des Moines, IA 50306-0335

Mike Heid, Co-president
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
P.O. Box 10335
Des Moines, IA 50306-0335

Warrior Russell Means Passed to the Spirit World

Russell Means on the Long Walk 1978
by Daniel Luna

Russell Means was a warrior for his people

Russell Means will be honored in Kyle, South Dakota, on Wed., Oct. 24, 2012, during the first of four gatherings.
See article:

The tribal flag at the Oglala Lakota Nation office is flying at half mast today, Tuesday, in honor of Russell Means, whose lifetime of resistance has inspired a generation of Indigenous rights warriors.

From his wife and children

October 22, 2012

Hello our relatives. Our dad and husband, now walks among our ancestors. He began his journey to the spirit world at 4:44 am, with the Morning Star, at his home and ranch in Porcupine. There will be four opportunities for the people to honor his life, to be announced at a later date. Thank you for your prayers and continued support. We love you. As our dad and husband would always say, “May the Great Mystery continue to guide and protect the paths of you and your loved ones.”

Mitakuye Oyasin,
The wife and children of Russell Means

444 Crazy Horse Drive
Pahin Sinte, Republic of Lakotah

From the Russell Tribunal on Palestine:
Rest in Peace Russell Means, co-founder of the American Indian Movement and dear friend of the Palestinian people. Russell very much wanted to join us in NYC for the hearings but was too ill to attend. Russell présenté.

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