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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Grandma Edna Hawk Elder's Broomstick Revolution

Hawk Elder Teachings for a New Age
“This book is dedicated to all the Peoples of our Mother the Earth.
I send it out like an arrow of love from my heart to YOUR hearts!
It’s FILLED with Instructions and Secrets for those who understand’m!
But always remember,
Creation itself is the biggest Secret of all!
“WE NEED CHANGES in this world,
really big BIG changes.
I’m prayin’ they’ll be peaceable changes,
not violent and bloody ones.
I’d like to see a peaceable revolution,
a revolution of broomsticks instead o’ guns.
Call it a Broomstick Revolution.
That’s right.
We the People—
pick up our broomsticks
and work together to Sweep Injustice Out!
YOU CAN’T JOIN the Broomstick Revolution.
You’re already PART of it
if you believe in peace and Mother Earth
and respect for all living things.
The Broomstick Revolution is NOT an organization.
The Broomstick Revolution is inside of each of us,
in every beating heart of humankind,
a sacred place where we listen to the Creator
and follow Creator’s Instructions
to sweep out injustice and violence.
NEVER raise a broom in violence.
Your broomstick is a symbol of PEACE.
Peace is our purpose.
Peace is our method.
Peace is our philosophy.
Peace is our Goal.
painted on the broom-heads.
Then plant’m like FLOWERS OF PEACE
in your front yards, on streetcorners,
in front o’ stores and schools and churches and banks.
Plant’m by the millions. When they rip’ m out, plant’m again!
Ain’t no end to how many agains there can be!
Love all people, even--especially--your 'enemies'.
We want to save the world, not destroy it.
Let everyone—even the One Percent—be included!
Some advice: Stay out of big crowds
that are easily turned into mobs.
They’re waitin’ for mobs.
Work alone or in small groups,
groups of Leaders.
There are no followers
in the Broomstick Revolution.
--Thanks to Harvey Arden for sharing this with Censored News
Update: Order now and help with printing!
To Brenda at Censored News,
Thank you very much for posting Harvey's press info about A Broomstick Revolution to Censored News. It is greatly appreciated. We regularly post many of her pieces of wisdom on face book at!/pages/Broomstick-Revolution/419286061443490 to create a platform for the Broomstick Revolution community. Also, if your readers are interested and able, the book is available for pre-order at We're hoping to get the 13 book sales we will need to have the book printed within the week. Once the book is printed, we will make available an ebook version that will be much less expensive to give access to Grandma Gordon's words to as many people as possible. Again, I thank you for all that you do.
Peace and Blessings,

Bolivia 'Loss and Damage and what it means for development' 2012


Un saludo hermanas y hermanos, compartimos con el mundo un documento producido por Bolivia para la COP18 sobre las pérdidas y daños que no pueden ser enfrentados con la mitigación y adaptación al Cambio Climático, y su efecto en los países en desarrollo. Aqui mostramos la urgencia de las decisiones que se puedan tomar hoy en la cumbre de Cambio Climático (COP18) en Doha. El documento está en Español e Inglés.
Un saludo

Universidad de la Cordillera
Fundación de la Cordillera
Calle Prolongación Man Césped

(591) 2799930 – (591) 2148365

Mohawk John Kane 'My Sovereignty is not the American Dream'

John Kane

My Sovereignty is not the American Dream

By John Kane, Mohawk
Let's Talk Native Pride

I often hear people say that standing on your birthright is too idealistic, to defend our sovereignty sounds good but we can't defend ourselves with sovereignty; it won't hold up in court. I don't even know how to respond to this but let me say this:

Sovereignty, our birthright, is not our defense; it is WHAT we defend! I don't fight for money or cigarettes or casinos. I fight for our right to live our lives and provide for our families and communities. I defend the right to speak and teach the truth. I defend our right to trade and work independent of state and federal regulations. I don't want to look for a loophole in state or federal regulations that a profitable Native business can slip through. I don't want to "smuggle" my belongings from territory to territory to trade with my relatives and people I share 10,000 years of history with because the recent occupiers of our lands protest it.

My birthright was not stripped by the children who escaped the oppression of their parents. Time did not erase my sovereignty. I was not conquered. I did not pledge allegiance to them. Their courts cannot make me theirs. Their legislatures cannot declare me one of them. No chief, no council, no president, no state, no province, no nation can just claim my birthright. My sovereignty comes from Creation. It doesn't come from a treaty, a handshake, the church or even a wampum belt. No army defends my right to speak or provides for my freedom. My freedom ends when I stop defending it. And just because my defense may not appear to have held once, doesn't mean I won't defend it again and again. My freedom does not give me the right to infringe on the freedoms of others nor can anyone assume the just power to regulate the metes and bounds of my freedom. My freedom, my birthright and my sovereignty may be infringed upon but it is not lost until I say so. No "deal" from the past and no other in the present or future can sell out the freedoms of others.

Nowhere in, what some call, our "original instructions" do the words "American Dream" appear. This is neither a part of our history or our future. The pursuit of this fallacy is destructive. It includes greed, fraud, racism, exploitation and the loss of everything that creation provided to us at birth. It equates wealth with success. Wealth is determined by how many more THINGS can be accumulated by one man compared to his neighbor. Quality of life is replaced by quantity of things. Disregard for the toll of consumption on the planet, our neighbors, our friends, our families shows on the climate, in the suicides, the cases of depression and on the consumption of drugs. The next shiny object is the pursuit; the gold, the diamonds, the boob jobs or the blow jobs. Isn't that right, Columbus? Ain't that the truth Governor Spitzer or President Clinton? The American Dream is not in our vessel; it's in theirs. It is not on our path; it is what leads us off it.

So the let the 44th Rahnatakaias in Washington and all those that will follow keep their "equal opportunity to pursue the American Dream" for their American dreamers. As Native people, we need to look to each other, not to defend our collective sovereignty but to defend our sovereignty collectively. No lawyer in a court, ours or theirs, can do it. A birthright cannot be won in court. It was already awarded at birth; by Creation.

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