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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Frontline Warriors at White Clay Feb. 28, 2013

White Clay, Thurs., Feb. 28, 2013. Photo by Joey Feaster
Sheridan County Sheriff accused of being drunk at the scene, as protesters demand an end to liquor profiteers on the border of Lakota land at Pine Ridge, S.D.

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Photo by Joey Feaster
Lakota warriors and allies stand in unison against police tonight, Thursday night, Feb. 28, 2013. Oglala President Bryan Brewer, still in a wheelchair after his accident, was present to support the action against the liquor profiteers at the border of Lakota land.
President Brewer vowed to shut down liquor stores in the bordertown. Read his statement:
An Idle No More style Round Dance was held during the gathering to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Wounded Knee, "Liberation Day!"
As usual, police arrived in force to protect the abusive business practices of the bar owners in White Clay, Nebraska, at the border of Pine Ridge, South Dakota. 
Sheridan Co. Sheriff Terry Robbins at White Clay, Feb. 28, 2013
Photo credit Joey Feaster
Jerry Feaster said, "Remember these cops protect the right of the bar owners to sell alcohol not to protect the members of the community."

"This is Sheridan County Sheriff Terry Robbins (on left.) Sheriff Robbins was accused of being drunk by the Lakota warriors and relatives while performing a round dance on the north side of White Clay, Nebraska. Sheriff Robbins was on duty, operating a state vehicle, and carrying a firearm. Robbins was given a breathalyzer by his own state trooper in front of all community members present at the direct action protest. Robbins passed the breath test, but in my opinion, it was botched."
Protesters said videos posted reveal Sheriff Robbins was slurring his speech.

VIDEO White Clay Round Dance Idle No More by Joey Feaster

Video Wounded Knee Liberation Day 2013

Thanks to Clarence Rowland for sharing!

First Nation Terrance Nelson 'Rigged Election!'

Rigged Election!
How Canada controls First Nations, and keeps the 'scouts' on councils
Statement by Terrance Nelson
First Nation Roseau River
Censored News
February 28th 2013
In middle east countries, drones kill anyone who opposes the west. In Canada it is much more subtle, it is done with divide and conquer and helping the "good Indians" the scouts to knock of the "bad Indians."

Mohawk Nation News 'Political Paranoia'


"See! The church never did nothin'." MNN. Feb. 28, 2013. Political paranoia is being considered a mental disorder. Those who question everything and especially conspiracy theorists, are considered to suffer from political paranoia. Every social disaster or political movement has its loonies: Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot. Jim Jones, Duncan Campbell Scott, Steven Harper, Tom Flanagan, Crusty the Clown, Federal Court of Canada, etc. What conditions have to exist before the paranoia is believed? As soon as it appears on mainstream TV or media, everybody believes it. If it’s not, they don’t believe it. Take the test to see if you are paranoid.

“If you do not read the news, you are uninformed. If you do, you are misinformed.” Mark Twain

Mohawk Nation News 'Corporatist Usurpation'



MNN. Feb. 27, 2013. Cayuga chief of the Iroquois Confederacy, Deskahe, was sent to the League of Nations in Geneva in 1922 to apply for membership and to try to influence it to become an egalitarian system. The bankers wanted one world government with a hierarchy controlled by them. We were sponsored but usurped by the bankers.

Video Wounded Knee 40th Anniversary Celebration

Thank you Chase Iron Eyes for sharing the video!

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