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Friday, November 8, 2019

Native American Music Awards Winners 2019! Congratulations!

Congratulations from Censored News to all of this year's winners!

Native American Music Awards 2019

Artist of the Year

Shelley Morningsong

Simple Truth

Duo/Group of the Year

The Cody Blackbird Band and Connor Chee

Live From White Horse Black Mountain

Debut Artist of the Year

Alex FireThunder

Makȟóčhe Kiŋ Theȟíla (Love For The Land)

Debut Duo/Group of the Year



Best Female Artist

Shon Denay

On The Rocks

Flutist of the Year

Vince Redhouse

A Distant Star

Best Male Artist



Record of the Year

One Earth World Fusion Music

Various Artists

Song of the Year

Walk In Beauty

Joseph FireCrow, Thomasina Levy, David Darling

Best Indie Single of the Year

We Will Rise Up

Joanne Shenandoah

Best Independent Recording By A New Artist

Heaven’s Window

Ava Rose Johnson

Best Blues Recording

Simple Truth

Shelley Morningsong

Best Country / Americana Recording

A Miner’s Prayer

Matt James

Best Folk Recording

Two Trees Standing


Best Gospel/Inspirational Recording

No Greater Love

Robby Cummings

Best Historical/Linguistic Recording

The Kindness Project

Stl’atl’imx Friends

Best Instrumental Recording

We Belong To The Music

Crazy Flute

Best New Age/Ambient/Soundscape Recording

Sacred Spiral

Painted Raven

Best Pop Recording

Women At War: Warrior Songs

Various Artists

Best Pow Wow/ Drum Recording

Red Dress Special

Young Spirit

Best Producer/Engineer

Ed Stasium

Fight Like A Woman - Sihasin

Best Rap/Hip Hop/ and RB Recording

Native Pride

Nick Lone

Best Rock Recording

Fight Like A Woman


Best Traditional Recording


Spirit of Thunderheart

Best Waila/Chicken Scratch/ Recording

Music In The Soul

Native Thunder

Best World Recording


The Spiritual Warriors

Best Music Video Recording


Michelle Thomas

Best Concept for a Music Video


Twin Flames

Best Music Video Narrative

We Are Love

Kelly Derrickson

Best Music Video For A Live Performance

Children On The Rez

Blue Mountain Tribe

Best Rap Hip Hop Music Video

Break These Chains

Just Jamez

Native Heart Award

Jonny Lipford


Best Radio Program

Harvey Arden and Wisdomkeepers

Jim Thorpe Sports Award

Mickie James

Legend Award

Portugal. The Man

Rising Star

Niijii Singers and Ogiichidaa Singers

Hear Our Songs

Lifetime Achievement

Deborah Iyall

Hall of Fame

Wes Studi

Best Music Video by Live Performance, Children On the Rez by Blue Mountain Tribe

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Brenda Norrell publisher Censored News

Mohawk Nation News 'The Peace Song'


Mohawk Nation News

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MNN. 6 NOV. 2019. “wasaseh” is sung when something is damaged and it has to be fixed. Singing songs is a language. Once the tone comes from inside our consciousness, we activate our attitude, love, appreciation, desire for information. We can communicate with everything that exists. We can sing to the sun, earth, water, each other. 

Dineh Michelle Cook in Paris: Spiritual Currency in the Age of Capitalism

Photo by Hartman Deetz

Michelle Cook's speech in Paris, Annual Day of Solidarity organized by the Committee in Solidarity with Indigenous in the Americas, CSIA-Nitassinan.
Transcribed by Christine Prat
Censored News

I think in terms of Divest, Invest, Protect, I don’t consider myself so much a lobbyist as a reality check, and someone who is merely delivering facts and truth.
And ultimately, I think that one of the important things we are doing is that we are not there to ask these banks to pity us, we are giving them a very clear warning that their time of dominating this earth is coming to an end.

Terry Tempest Williams: Castle Rock is alive. It has a heartbeat.

As a child, Mormons told Terry Tempest Williams that she had no authority to speak. Today, she spoke to hundreds of great thinkers and she told them of the heartbeat of the Earth. 

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The extraordinary speakers today at Bioneers included author Terry Tempest Williams, who spoke passionately of her homeland Utah and what has happened to Bear Ears and the Navajo land at Aneth, Utah, invaded and eroded by oil and gas drillers.
Williams also spoke of the Mormons who told her as a child that women and Natives have no right to speak. Today, Williams spoke out. She spoke out about a heartbeat at home, in the red rock canyonlands of Utah.

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