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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Red Lake Treaty Camp -- Enbridge pipeline destroying endangered species area

Red Lake Treaty Camp screen capture Censored News

Red Lake Treaty Camp -- Enbridge pipeline destroying endangered species area

By Brenda Norrell

Censored News

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MINNESOTA -- Red Lake Treaty Camp shares their victory today, as Enbridge pipeline began destroying an area of endangered species.

"We had a small but momentous victory here at camp," Red Lake Treaty Camp said.

"Today we shut down construction by exposing they were violating Endangered Species Act by not having a tribal monitor present during a ground disturbance."

"So no work should resume in the area until a proper monitor is present and accessible to us as all times."

"Thanks to council members and our lawyer acting quickly on these observances. We are here and we are watching and we will hold them accountable to their own actions today they were willing to break Endangered species protection laws to hurry up and bury a pipe."

"It goes to show how much they care about the environment. Thank you to all who heard the call. For today, we did a job well done."

Earlier today, Red Lake Treaty Camp, in Minnesota, asked others to come out and stand with them.

Enbridge is destroying the land today where there are eight endangered species. Enbridge is working in violation of the requirement to have a tribal monitor present.

"Red Lake Treaty Camp is calling for urgent help. They woke up to movement as their digging getting closer to the river," Red Lake Treaty Camp said.

“We need people to Red Lake Camp. The equipment they moved yesterday is now moving and working on the side near the river. We need water protectors to come stand in solidarity with us to protect the water and our treaties.” 

Riverside Thief River Falls,  best GPS coordinates to follow on maps: 11750 MN-32, Thief River Falls, MN 56701.


Red Lake Treaty Camp

Live coverage by Govinda

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Native youths to Pres. Biden: 'Remove Snake River dams'

Native youth call on President Biden to remove Snake River dams

Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation Youth Leadership Council

PENDLETON, Ore.—In a letter organized by the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation Youth Leadership Council, Native youth from 10 Northwest tribes have called on President Biden to remove dams on the lower Snake River to save salmon from extinction and protect Native ways of life for generations to come.

"America made a deal and promised that we would be able to fish forever," the youth, aged 9 to 18, wrote in a letter to the White House. "We can't fish if there aren't any salmon left."

Mohawk Nation News 'UN is False Front for Corporations'

Mohawk Nation News

MNN. JUNE 15, 2021. RE: No one is surprised! The convicted murderers who plead guilty want to find the victims they killed for the cover up. The criminals, CANADA and UNITED STATES, have no defence. They must dissolve and leave turtle island immediately, so there will be no more genocide. The original murderous corporations still exist today. They no longer have any authority.

Listen to audio at Mohawk Nation News

MNN Audio


The Indian Trust Funds they are offering the traitorous band and tribal councils to shut up the true natural people is ours. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was a coverup and a fraud because these unmarked mass graves of kidnapped children was known at the highest levels of government. It was ignored in the class action suit. There was blood shed which stirred up the primal instinct of humanity against us without consequence and it was done so easily. We are in more danger because the lust for our blood is being stirred up.

Lockdowns in Minnesota as Enbridge endangers water in Hubbard County June 15, 2021


Lockdowns in Minnesota as Enbridge endangers water in Hubbard County June 15, 2021

By Giniw Collective 
Censored News 

BREAKING: (Hubbard County, Minnesota  north of Shell River) Water Protectors blockade semi loaded with drilling equipment for Minnesota rivers, 2 lockdowns in progress.

Enbridge’s drills are here for our dangerously low rivers to bore toxic tar sands through delicate ecosystems and Anishinaabe treaty territory. 

The state of Minnesota turned its back on Indigenous sovereignty and climate science, the state judiciary followed suit. The people stand strong!

Ericka, a Water Protector, said, “We have to protect the water for our children. For our children’s children.” 

Sabine, a Water Protector, said, “President Biden, you can stop this.”

Hubbard County sheriffs now arresting 30+ demonstrators across the street, on the shoulder of the public road — is Constitutionally protected demonstration not a right here in MN, Governor Tim Walz Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan Keith Ellison?


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