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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

MINNESOTA: Sheriff Illegally Blocks Private Property at Namewag Camp

Top photos by Unicorn Riot

Hubbard County Sheriffs Barricade Access to Indigenous-led Private Property, Falsely Imprisoning Dozens of Water Protectors

Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News
June 29, 2021

Update: Water Protectors file for restraining order against sheriff

PARK RAPIDS, Minnesota -- Hubbard County Sheriff’s Department escalated state repression when it served a notice to Namewag camp, located on private property, stating that the sole entrance to the property will be barricaded with no one allowed in or out, Giniw Collective said on Monday.

“This is a blatantly unlawful attempt to target and repress Indigenous-led efforts to defend our land and water. The state of Minnesota appears to not understand treaty law, it also seems Minnesota doesn’t understand U.S. property law either,” said Tara Houska, Giniw Collective, after the notice was served at 6 am on Monday.

'No Man Camps' Enbridge Line 3 Subcontractors Arrested in Human Trafficking Operation

Two Enbridge Line 3 Subcontractors Arrested in Multi-Agency Anti-Human Trafficking Operation

State Senator Kunesh: “They were told it would happen. They were warned by the victims themselves.”

By Honor the Earth
Censored News
June 28, 2021

BEMIDJI, Minnesota -- Today, the Bemidji Pioneer reported that “six people, including two men from Bemidji working under subcontractors on the Line 3 replacement project, were arrested during a recent human trafficking operation in Beltrami County over the course of two days.”

In response, Minnesota State Senator Mary Kunesh released the following statement:

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