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April 17, 2013

Lakotas Elders Truth Tour: Genocide Complaint to US Government

Charmaine White Face, Lakota

By Naomi Archer
Censored News

Thursday Press Conference Highlights Movement to End Genocide

WHO: Representatives of the Indigenous Lakota Sioux Nation from Pine Ridge Reservation, members of the Lakota Truth Tour, and DC supporters.

WHAT: Press conference detailing Official Genocide Complaint against the U.S. Government and next steps of history making, international movement to end ongoing genocidal policies and practices. An action will also be taken relating to the Cobell lawsuit settlement.

WHERE: White House at Lafayette Park

WHEN: 1:00 pm Thursday April 18, 2013

MORE: The Indigenous Lakota Oyate (Nation) is a sovereign Indigenous First Nation of the Northern Great Plains that is on the verge of extinction because of ongoing policies of the United States Government and state governments. Less than 6000-8000 language speakers and culture holders remain – most as freedom fighters for their people. On April 1st, a Lakota delegation began the Truth Tour to raise awareness and build support for ending this genocide within the International Community.

Following two days of Truth Tour activities in Washington DC, on Wednesday April 17th, an Official Complaint of Genocide was delivered to the United States Department of Justice with a promise to also notify the State Department. While the Lakota await an official response from the U.S. Government, they are pursuing all avenues to get accountability within the International Community.

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