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April 21, 2013

Behind Closed Doors on Navajoland: How dirty coal stays in business

Censored News

Andrew Curley, in his blog 'The Dine' Situation,' describes secret meetings, resulting in long mineral and energy leases. Behind closed doors is how the dirty coal-fired power plant Navajo Generating Station, its operator Salt River Project and Peabody Coal mine, continue poisoning Navajos, and draining their pristine water.
Curley writes:
"... The current use of act to keep meetings secret and exclusive from the general public creates a scenario of absolutist rule on part of appointed (not elected) government officials who enter into longstanding contracts with large corporations, utility companies, and state agencies without giving the public the benefit to voice an opinion or weigh in on these deliberations. 
Congratulations to Andrew Curley for exposing the truth. Curley's column on his blog attracting more than 10,000 readers!

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