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April 15, 2013

Mohawk Nation News 'Les Sauvages'



MNN. Apr. 13, 2013. Quebec and Canada pretend to fight each other, although they’re owned by the same shareholders. Canada’s Prime Minister Harper and Quebec Premier Marois are actually working closely together to try to eliminate their common enemy, the Indigenous land and resource owners. The recent public attack of a Mohawk speaker by the separatist students at Champlain College in Sherbrooke shows that their brain programming is working well to promote racism and hatred toward the Indigenous. She was questioning their history and  legal position as settlers. The other students and teachers were unapologetic over the mistreatment of the 73-year old speaker.
False teeth, pretend sovereignty!
False teeth, pretend sovereignty!
The bankers set up the confederation; fraudulently forced indigenous people under “federal” jurisdiction; and then set up sub-corporations called “provinces” to carry out the theft of our lands and resources. All land and resource revenues go into the ever growing $60.5 trillion Indian Trust Fund which has been hijacked by the bankers. The profits from of the extraction of our resources is divided up between the federal and provincial governments. 
Canadians watch Quebec separatists trying to viciously dislodge us from our land, resources, funds and rights. They turn away and are thus complicit in the genocide. Quebec propaganda mills threaten those who question their made-up history, false news and opinions.    
LOST treatyCanada is not a state. It has no land. It is a foreign corporation established under the Admiralty “law of the seas” designed for commerce on the ocean. Quebec is a by-product. Indigenous Kaianerekowa is the law of the land of Great Turtle Island. The Indian Lands Acts of 1924 are illegal non-ratified corporate by-laws giving our resources to Quebec and other provinces. They have no right to sit at global forums selling Indigenous resources. All newcomers and their corporate entities should be petitioning our nations on access to our possessions.  
It is not Canadian nor Quebec territory. The Great Peace of Montreal Treaty 1701 allowed the newcomers a right to live here according to the Two Row Wampum. They could set up their communities and never own our land. This treaty was breached. Their occupation became illegal. The occupiers must renew their visas with us. Their agreement and fiduciary responsibility to Indigenous is affirmed by the Royal Proclamation 1763. 
harper claims PQCanada is a colony. Agreements on their settlement on our land is between Indigenous nations and the crown representing the colony of Canada and its sub-colonies. 
Nations within nations is not legal. Like Canada, Quebec cannot be a nation as both have no land. We won’t ever give up any. Canada on behalf of Quebec has to renew their commitment to the Two Row/Guswentha if they want to remain here. Otherwise they have no permit to stay and must leave forthwith. In Frank Zappa’s song “Magdalena“, he sings about the incestuous Canada-Quebec relationship: “My daughter, dear, do not be concerned when your Canadian daddy comes near. I work so hard. Don’t you understand? Making maple syrup for the pancakes of our land. Do you have any idea of what that can do to a man?”
pauline Marois: "You 'sauvages' want something, ask in French!"
Pauline Marois: “You ‘sauvages’ want something, ask in French!”
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