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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Music funds KXL Resistance 'A Mother's Letter to TransCanada, Big Oil'

"A Mother's Letter to TransCanada & Big Oil" from Phyllis Cole-Dai on Vimeo.
Fast for the Earth Co-Founder Creates Video, Sells Music to Fund KXL Resistance

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Fast for the Earth co-founder Phyllis Cole-Dai  has just released "A Mother's Letter to TransCanada & Big Oil" < a video inspired by a conversation with her 10-year-old son about the  Keystone XL pipeline and tar sands mining.

Cole-Dai is selling the video's sound track  (her solo-piano single, "Circling") through a variety of digital  musical outlets. Every penny earned will be donated to Keystone XL  pipeline and tar sands resistance, with a special focus on native efforts such as Protect the Sacred and Owe Aku (“Bring Back the Way”).

Buy "Circling" for 99₵ at CD Baby and you'll donate 90₵ to the resistance. Visit the link, scroll down to track  #10 on the album playlist, then click to buy.

Please check out the video, then consider buying this single-piano tune to support Mother Earth. Every dollar helps!

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