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Friday, March 8, 2013

Robert Free 'Remembering Hugo Chavez' Part II Amazon

Delegation Alex Loiu, Robert Free, Casey Camp, Sarah James
 and Clan mother of 
Piaroas Tribe. 
Second journey to build Indigenous Friendship and Solidarity Jan 2006

By Robert Free Galvan
Censored News Exclusive!

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Sharing more stories of the development of solidarity and friendship with Venezuela

Friendship dance with Mission Guaicaipuro
medical students of 33 tribes.
After the World Youth and Student Gathering in Caracas in August 2005, on my first trip to Venezuela, it led to the heating oil to tribes and poor people in December 2005.
Shortly afterward, Caracas hosted the World Social Forum in January 2006. This would be my second trip to Caracas. I tried to get a delegation of indigenous people from the north continent to establish friendship and cultural exchanges and to share our struggles before the World Social Forum. After approaching indigenous organizations ( IITC, AIM, IEN, etc), tribes, all seemed focused on other things or with no resources and declined to join. But I was determined to make this gathering. My interest in the social system of the country under President Hugo Chavez was growing deeper. President Hugo Chavez had re-directed oil wealth from a few hands and pockets, to addressing the needs of the people. I had to see how it was being implemented.

Debra White Plume 'Moccasins on the Ground to Protect Sacred Water'

Moccasins on the Ground to Protect Sacred Water

by Debra White Plume
Censored News

Lakota know we love Unci Maka. All of Unci Maka. Our ancestors were free, to follow the Star Nation Path (the Good Red Road), to roam, to hunt, to be happy, to have sacred water. Then one day, FAT TAKER came thru camp, and stole the fat that many women prepared to get their lodges through the harsh prairie winters. From then on, it was the beginning of a war our ancestors waged in defense of their children, their babies, their, and our, sacred path of life. The gunfire may have ended at Wounded Knee in 1890 on that day when the 7th Calvary massacred unarmed women, children, old people, and men. But the war continues.

Mohawk Women rallied with Hugo Chavez against Colonial Oppression

Mohawk women were among the Indigenous gathered in Venezuela, organizing against colonial oppression, in 2007. Today, in honor of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Censored News, with permission from Mohawk Nation News, republishes the Mohawk women's statement.

"Our perception is that the material world is to be shared and distributed equally. Our ancestors knew that when a hunter went into the woods and brought back a deer, the entire community shared in that bounty. This is common to all Indigenous peoples of the world. Those who have fallen away from these simple concepts and now practice colonialism must be brought back into the human family and saved from themselves."

Video Journey of Nishiyuu March 2013

The inspiring Cree youth trekkers, with their guide and friends, continue trekking to Ottawa, in solidarity with Idle No More.

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